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But isn't this suspicious?

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Marmozet3 Thu 21-Jan-21 03:58:59

I live opposite a construction site for new flats and I've just been woken up around 03:44 by heavy construction machinery that sounded potentially like an excavator. I couldn't see clearly out the window as it's dark but just a bright light. But whatever machine it was it sounded like material was being moved around and possibly crushed.

Now I'm not sure if it's just the crime junkie in me but surely this is weird and suspicious? It can't have lasted more than 20 minutes but why an earth would you be using that machinery at this hour for a short space of time and then just leave? It's all quiet now..

Rules in the UK are Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 8am to 1pm for noisy work permitted.

AIBU to think that someone is possibly using their work machinery at this hour to hide something?

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Soulstirring Thu 21-Jan-21 04:03:54

I’d log it with 111 as it does sound suspicious

soggyandwet Thu 21-Jan-21 04:16:08

Is part of it a listed building that isn't allowed to be demolished ?

Mothersruin1 Thu 21-Jan-21 04:18:36

It’s possible but very gutsy to use very loud machinery in the middle of the night. Maybe they need to get that part of the job done urgently. Think you have been watching too many documentaries!!!

Marmozet3 Thu 21-Jan-21 04:22:42

I have since reported to 101 who seemed to take it seriously. They were concerned it may have been as a result of a break in and are sending some officers over there to take a look.

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Calmandmeasured1 Thu 21-Jan-21 04:23:49

I would report it to the police.

Calmandmeasured1 Thu 21-Jan-21 04:25:02

Cross posted. Glad you reported it. I hope it is nothing untoward but you never know.

custardbear Thu 21-Jan-21 05:02:57

Sounds very dodgy to me - are you watching out the window still 😉

Torvean32 Thu 21-Jan-21 05:05:06

I'd be worried that ppl are stealing from it. Unlikely to be actual work staff.

Alexindiamondarmour Thu 21-Jan-21 05:06:04

I’ve read far too many crime novels and watched far too many crime shows. Totally something dodgy happening over there. Good on you for reporting it OP.

Idroppedthescrewinthetuna Thu 21-Jan-21 05:09:42

Currently reading 'Talking with Psychopaths and Savages'
My head went straight to hiding evidence! Glad you reported!

AllegedlyChaos Thu 21-Jan-21 05:20:09

Wouldn't you not want to attract the inevitable attention that using noisy machinery brings at 3.45 am though, if you were up to no good? I know when I've had to get rid of the bodies of my enemies (evil laugh) stealth is very important.

migmogmash Thu 21-Jan-21 05:28:51


I’d log it with 111 as it does sound suspicious

I'm not sure potential crime is part of their remit...grin

FunkBus Thu 21-Jan-21 05:40:43

glad you reported it. I wouldn't be worried about people hiding evidence but more about people stealing stuff.

Ch3rish Thu 21-Jan-21 05:41:18

Sounds like someone stealing something from the site, I'd have rung the police too

Report back if you find out what was going on smile

Jeremyironseverything Thu 21-Jan-21 05:45:19

Marking my place.

midnightstar66 Thu 21-Jan-21 05:45:53

Are the police going to update you OP?

Sinful8 Thu 21-Jan-21 06:12:18

Anything obvious you can see nowthe sun is up?

Sinful8 Thu 21-Jan-21 06:13:19

Oh wait actually depending where you are last night with the storm they may have been moving something to keep it safe from mud/flood or taking something like a digger to pull a car out.

KatherineJaneway Thu 21-Jan-21 06:19:20

Probably vandals playing with the machinery for 'fund.

wildraisins Thu 21-Jan-21 06:39:25

It will be vandals or someone panicking about having to get the job done quickly

hashbrownsandwich Thu 21-Jan-21 06:44:28


speakout Thu 21-Jan-21 06:45:09

A leak perhaps?
We had a rupture to a trunk gas supply locally and diggers had to start work at 3am to access the burst pipe.

BeyondFrustrated Thu 21-Jan-21 06:49:07


Anything obvious you can see nowthe sun is up?

It’s still pitch black here in London.

Nutrigrainygoodness Thu 21-Jan-21 06:57:10

I vote hiding a body. If a little white tent appears- you will know. grin

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