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To not really want to go to flatmate's dinner party?

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miceymie Wed 20-Jan-21 16:04:12

My flatmate/landlord is having a dinner party and I'm invited. There is a curfew where we are so I don't really have any other option but to go (unless I just awkwardly stay in my bedroom). Am I being awkward to not want to go?

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unmarkedbythat Wed 20-Jan-21 16:05:54

Idk, why don't you want to go?

PersonaNonGarter Wed 20-Jan-21 16:06:02

What a weird thing - who throws a dinner party in a pandemic

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Wed 20-Jan-21 16:06:50

What's the reason you don't want to go?

miceymie Wed 20-Jan-21 16:09:02

Because it's a pandemic and I don't really have anything in common with the flatmate or guests

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Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Jan-21 16:09:44

Unless my presence is required, I don't go to anything I don't want to go to. Say you're tired, order a takeaway and relax in your room.

Weebitawks Wed 20-Jan-21 16:10:21

Unless they're utter arseholes I'd just go

Stompythedinosaur Wed 20-Jan-21 16:11:47

I think that part of communal living is sucking it up and being polite on situations like this.

Bluntasduck Wed 20-Jan-21 16:13:29

I wouldn't go. You are under no obligation to.

peak2021 Wed 20-Jan-21 16:13:41

There should not be guests from outside your property. If there are not, then go.

katy1213 Wed 20-Jan-21 16:14:18

He's probably only asked you out of politeness. No obligation to go and he'll probably be glad if you say hello and retire to your room.

miceymie Wed 20-Jan-21 16:16:07

I think in normal times it would be fine because I could just go out or find something else to do. But the fact there are restrictions make it a little more awkward. Oh well. Will see how I get on.

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Aquamarine1029 Wed 20-Jan-21 16:16:20

I think that part of communal living is sucking it up and being polite on situations like this.

Totally disagree. Just because you share living space with someone does not require you to socialise with them and their friends.

jgjgjgjgjg Wed 20-Jan-21 16:17:56

Where are you that dinner parties are allowed??

miceymie Wed 20-Jan-21 16:20:45

It's also a tiny apartment so if I did stay in my room I'd be on the other side of the door while they're eating and I think there's a certain awkwardness to that. Not sure if I'm being unreasonable to not be super enthused about it.

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CoRhona Wed 20-Jan-21 16:22:41

The events I went to that I truly couldn't be arsed to go to ended up being the best nights...

So YABU, give it a chance!

fabulousathome Wed 20-Jan-21 16:27:16

I think you have a headache and are going to rest quietly in your room.

You could always feel better and come out later. Wear appropriate clothing (lounge wear).

Fuckitsstillraining Wed 20-Jan-21 16:30:44

How are they having a dinner party if there is a curfew? Are the guests staying overnight? I don't see how its possible otherwise.

miceymie Wed 20-Jan-21 16:32:10

The curfew is at 10pm or 11pm so I guess they will just leave by then.

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theDudesmummy Wed 20-Jan-21 16:55:33

Is it allowed where you are? Even if it is, I personally would not come out of my room and i would sanitise the common areas of the flat after they leave.

SunshineCake Wed 20-Jan-21 16:57:10

I'm assuming you are an adult and in a place where the virus is infecting people. Do the right thing. Stay in your room. Say you don't want to mix when it isn't allowed.

LagunaBubbles Wed 20-Jan-21 17:00:07

I take it you're not in the UK? I wouldnt be happy with people coming into my home just now.

CleverCatty Wed 20-Jan-21 17:00:32

As it's a tiny flat and he/she is your landlord I'd just suck it up and go but maybe make excuses and 'leave' early.

MaelyssQ Wed 20-Jan-21 17:05:23

You're obviously not in the UK.
I'd grit my teeth and go, be polite, eat the food, drink the wine and be grateful there's a curfew so it won't go on all night.

DumplingsAndStew Wed 20-Jan-21 17:08:02

"I don't live in the UK but I won't say where I do live, because it would be outing."

If the curfew is at 10 or 11 o'clock (is it too outing to say which one?) then stay out til then, they'll be leaving to go home before then anyway, surely?

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