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DH and DS are pair of wussies.

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Oneeata Mon 18-Jan-21 23:55:07

I made a huge pan of soup yesterday and IMHO may have been the nicest I've made in years. DH and DS both agreed. We had it with crusty buns for late dinner yesterday, they both took some for lunch in food flasks at work today and then DH warmed the whole pan back up and made some huuuuuge dumplings for dinner tonight - I can't make dumplings for love nor money and his are delish. I then made the schoolgirl error of saying "not bad going for a pan full of mouldy old veg" now they're both not speaking to me, both retching, saying I'm disgusting, I've poissened them etc and both convinced they're going to be ill with d&v. DS has even taken the "sicky" bowl and a towel up to bed with him.
I'm not going to be able to make my beautiful mouldy veg soup ever again hahaha.
They are both drama queens with best before dates and I often hide dates from them, I'm of the mind if it doesn't smell rancid then it's fair game you're not going to die.
Wished I'd said not bad for a pan full of slightly on the turn veg instead 🤣😅. In all seriousness though I have to give myself props for stretching a few odds n ends over 3 meals - it's mid skint month after all.

YANBU - They need to grow a pair, you're a wonderful wife and mother feeding your family.
YABU - Your an evil witch forcing both to eat scraps from the bottom of the fridge.

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TheoriginalLEM Mon 18-Jan-21 23:57:49

Really? Well they can cook their own soup with Waitrose finest fancy veg next time eh

Notimeforaname Tue 19-Jan-21 00:01:11

Mouldy veg - yabu

Slightly on the turn veg - yanbu 🤣

WalkersAreNotTheOnlyCrisps Tue 19-Jan-21 00:03:00

😂 mine would have done exactly the same.

MaggieFS Tue 19-Jan-21 00:05:31

Completely depends if it's as just on the turn or actually past it and starting to get furry.

Hurtandupset2 Tue 19-Jan-21 00:08:36

Shouldn't have told them, lol.

In a similar vein, I made a lovely tuna pasta bake yesterday that my fussy dd was really enjoying. I was worried the sauce might be a bit spicy, but she said it was lovely so I made the mistake of telling her I had a confession to wasn't actually tuna or pasta, but konjac 'pasta' and sardines as they needed using up.
2 seconds later she tells me that despite eating over half of it already and telling me it was yummy, she now doesn't like it and can't eat any more!!!

AppleJane Tue 19-Jan-21 00:08:46

😂 yabu if you don't immediately post the full recipe so we can all make dodgy veg soup!

StillCoughingandLaughing Tue 19-Jan-21 01:49:04

Have they taken you slightly too literally when you said ‘mouldy’? Actual mould would make me boak, but if you just mean going a bit squashy and limp (oo-er missus) then it’s fine. Scrag end stew/soup is a classic dish.

briebuiltthiscity Tue 19-Jan-21 01:54:06

Did the same with a curry last night - chucked all the veg at the bottom of the fridge in it. I don’t tell dh as he takes sell by dates very seriously - we have a lot of “words” over him throwing away perfectly good eggs.

SlopesOff Tue 19-Jan-21 02:02:25

They would hate my cooking. I don't waste anything unless it is very furry or turned to liquid, or is trying to force its way out of the fridge under its own steam.

I am a very creative cook. No-one has been ill or even died yet, I don't know why.

katy1213 Tue 19-Jan-21 02:13:51

Bottom-of-the fridge soup here - and if there's any actual mouldy bits, just cut them off. There's two big courgettes need using tomorrow.

Sobeyondthehills Tue 19-Jan-21 02:44:40

I hate to say it, but I am like this its something programmed in me, that if I know the best before date, then I cant eat it.

DP on the other hand, I am fairly sure as an iron cast stomach, so he hides the best before dates from me.

Its something I am working on though, I have a funny relationship with food in general

Sparklfairy Tue 19-Jan-21 03:04:28

I cut the furry bits off too blush I only cook for myself though, and obviously check the rest inside to see if it's still ok.

I hate, hate, hate food waste. I ended up having a midnight snack of a bell pepper with cream cheese last night simply because the stalk of the pepper was furry. Cut it off, cut it up, cream cheese and a bit of seasoning... yummy grin

Also have 'shitsoup', which is everything on the turn bunged in with stock and garlic and blitzed. And then usually frozen by which point I forget what's in it. I don't think your DH/DS would approve of the name grin

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 19-Jan-21 05:07:50

They are a bunch of wusses. It’s a shame you didn’t tell them it was a joke because of how precious they are.

Omg. That’s outrageous! My dd is also like this about dates. Neither dh nor I are. We have noses after all. I’ve told dd eggs can go way past their date if kept in the fridge, which is absolutely true so she’s ok with this. Needs work on yoghurts etc. It’s a if miraculously at midnight food goes off when in reality we should check meat / poultry is ok in date as well as when out of date.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Tue 19-Jan-21 05:11:35

I'm not one to be fussed about best before dates, but is you told me I'd just ate a load of mouldy old veg for 2 days, the thought of that would probably have me boaking.

Sinful8 Tue 19-Jan-21 05:20:31

YANBU- eroding your child's trust in you befor their teenage years is a great idea, saves so many "omg im drunk and can't get home help me" phonecalls.

TheOneLeggedJockey Tue 19-Jan-21 05:23:46


Love this - YANBU, and well you know it.

WitchesBritchesPumpkinPants Tue 19-Jan-21 05:24:41

Rookie Error my friend.

You should have kept Schtum!!🤐

Hopeisnotastrategy Tue 19-Jan-21 05:43:16

Have you considered a career in sales? 😊

PeggyHill Tue 19-Jan-21 05:43:21

Totally fine to make soup out of stuff that's a bit past it - that's the only time I ever make soup lol. So long as it isn't actually mouldy... and even then, you can always hack off the mouldy bits...

But why tell them after they've eaten it? That's the witchy bit!

fullofhope100 Tue 19-Jan-21 06:11:12


Have you considered a career in sales? 😊


nannybeach Tue 19-Jan-21 06:48:06

Good job they dont live with me, I dont waste anything, cannot afford to, I wouldn't eat chicken past it's use before date, but veg, made a crumble yesterday, apples and pears uneaten, cut of the bruised, etc bits, was lovelly, cheese, yeah, cut off the mold.

ByeByeMissAmericanPie Tue 19-Jan-21 06:53:53

I always get rather vague when someone asks me what’s in my vegetable soup.... 🤣

CuriousaboutSamphire Tue 19-Jan-21 06:55:22

Ha! Send them here for pudding. I have a few portions of spotted dick left. The raisins had a use by date somewhen in 2019!

Soaked in OJ (or, as it was Christmas, Cointreau) for a day or so nobody can tell!

DH makes a mean mouldy tomato soup. Nothing nicer than that and some not quite right homemade bread smile

BikeRunSki Tue 19-Jan-21 06:58:28

Do they have no sense of humour? Compost soup is a staple meal in this house, followed by compost crumble.

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