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AIBU that to stay mortgage free this house is fine !

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Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:09:31

I know you can’t see them them in person but help settle a debate !

We have 3 kids between us, 14,7 and a baby we have a 3 bedroom house in a slightly
More expensive area than the one in link but pretty local to each other.
The house I like is a bit further out than ours currently but with lovely outdoor space locally for walk: woodland animals etc but only
0.5 miles away from station.
It is cheaper than our current home and would officially mean I become mortgage free. We were looking at 4 bedrooms due to kids ages but this is a 3 bed but has 2 receptions room so thinking we could use one as a room as my DS is 14 so not a young child.
It also 2 bathrooms so that’s helpful.
DH prefers going for a 4 bed and keeping reception rooms and 2 bathrooms and closer to where we are now ( we both drive and have cars ) this would mean having a mortgage for longer.

This is the house we are looking at I think
It will be suitable he doesn’t 😅 but think he might just hate the house haha

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StripeyDeckchair Mon 18-Jan-21 22:12:31

But you can't use the first floor reception room as a bedroom as you walk through it to get to the other bedrooms.

Terracottasaur Mon 18-Jan-21 22:14:27

If you make the reception room on the first floor a bedroom then the other bedroom has to be accessed through it which is a bit weird. I also think you might all feel on top of one another with just one open plan kitchen / reception space. It doesn’t look totally ideal... I would go back to the drawing board and see if something more suitable is out there!

DrinkRefilled Mon 18-Jan-21 22:14:45

Jeeeeeeeeesus Christ!!! I take it you’re near London? How do you all afford to live down there?
No live in the north (the proper north, not Manchester) and £650k would but you a 10 bed mansion.

milienhaus Mon 18-Jan-21 22:15:24

I think it probably doesn’t work as per the PPs point above but I do love it!

StillCoughingandLaughing Mon 18-Jan-21 22:15:46

But you can't use the first floor reception room as a bedroom as you walk through it to get to the other bedrooms.

Whack up a stud wall to create a corridor.

monkeysox Mon 18-Jan-21 22:16:06

Fucking hell move somewhere else and buy three four bedders .

milienhaus Mon 18-Jan-21 22:16:15

And my first thought was it’s surprisingly cheap for where it is blush

emsyj37 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:18:34

I think it's a really weird house and quite small. The photos have no doubt been taken quite artfully to make the downstairs rooms seem huge. I couldn't stand to be that open plan - all on top of each other! No thanks. I'd rather have a mortgage and better space.

Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:18:38

@milienhaus it’s cheapish for location 😅 cheaper then mine currently.
Yeh I get the point about access from second reception room but I think we could make it so it works and other rooms accessible.

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ShesMadeATwatOfMePam Mon 18-Jan-21 22:18:48

You've got enough to buy a house for that much mortgage free but you can't work out what house you want? Are you being serious?

Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:19:04

@monkeysox if I could I would !! Ha

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Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:19:43

I like another 3 bed which is slightly more expensive but still cheaper with a big loft we could use as 4th bedroom but only 1 bathroom !

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raspberryk Mon 18-Jan-21 22:19:45

That wouldn’t work it’s a bit ridiculous really, I’d really dislike that layout and the master with the en-suite is tiny too!

Atrixie Mon 18-Jan-21 22:19:46

And there was me also thinking what good value it was

Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:20:39

She’s only because I have been paying my mortgage off for years not because I was able to buy my current one outright !
Also I’m hoping this will be my last move so we are ready going a lot over it.

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PickAChew Mon 18-Jan-21 22:21:11

It wouldn't work, though, without slicing a great big corridor off the upstairs reception.

And is that a different house under the bedrooms? If it is, then that would be a flying freehold which comes with its own problems.

Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:22:07

where we move that isn’t a huge amount of money for a house !

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Whattheactual20201 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:23:02


Sorry typing with a newborn on my chest

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LagneyandCasey Mon 18-Jan-21 22:23:42

It could work. However, you would have to put a wall between the bedroom doors and the reception room to make it enclosed, which would make it a rather narrow room only about 2 metres wide. And the newly created 'landing' wouldn't have any natural light.

monkeysox Mon 18-Jan-21 22:23:51

How do normal people actually afford to ever buy a house if this is the norm omg.
Buy two of these and rent one out. Quids in.

LickEmbysmiling Mon 18-Jan-21 22:25:19

Op I have really liked it and like the area.

SimplyRadishing Mon 18-Jan-21 22:28:33

1200 sq ft 😱
No no no

It's not a bad space/price IMO but 5 people
more space would be needed for me....

Chloemol Mon 18-Jan-21 22:29:11

Why can’t he have the small room, and the other two share?

BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 18-Jan-21 22:30:17

I love that and also love the area, I thought it would cost more!

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