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To wonder what all the walkers would usually be doing

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CloseSchoolsProtecttheNHS Sun 17-Jan-21 02:13:47

I live in a small village near a lovely green open space for walks. I walk every single day and have done since I moved here many years ago. It's always been very quiet - many, many times I've been the only person out and have walked for an hour+ and not seen a soul.

Since Covid - and particularly since the summer - it's been mobbed! I'm dodging people constantly when out walking and although the size of the space means I can keep 2 metres away, I now often have groups of people behind, in front and to the sides of me which makes me a bit uncomfortable. Most are considerate but some are arseholes that want to brush past you so you have to be aware and it's a lot less relaxing. I'm pretty sure that they are local people as it's not a 'day out' place or anywhere people would know about let alone go to, and it's nice that more local people are out walking but... why have they all just discovered walking? It's not like it was a closely guarded secret before and we are quite rural. What would they normally be doing (for example today on a Saturday afternoon) that they now can't do that leaves walking as their only option??

(Yes I do kind of wish they'd bugger off and yes IABU for that as I don't own this piece of land! But mostly I'm just really perplexed as to why so many people are now out walking!)

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Sorka Sun 17-Jan-21 02:32:09

Going to the pub. Seeing friends. Being on holiday. Any of the many activities that make life enjoyable that are prohibited right now, meaning that walking is all that’s left.

Also gyms are shut. I mention this separately because it’s not enjoyable.

partyatthepalace Sun 17-Jan-21 02:32:48

Um well they are working from home during the week, and during the weekends they are at home rather than going shopping, going to friends, playing sport etc

Did you really not know the answer Op?

Changechangychange Sun 17-Jan-21 02:35:49

I would be swimming, going to the gym, going to my dance class or my pilates class, cycling over to meet people in the pub, or driving further away to go for a run or walk in the countryside.

Instead I am walking round and round my local park 🤷‍♀️

katy1213 Sun 17-Jan-21 02:36:12

I'd much sooner be sitting in the dark in a cinema than walking - so I'll be happy to vacate open spaces as soon as there's something else to do.

Iminaglasscaseofemotion Sun 17-Jan-21 02:39:30

Going to the pictures, the pub, swimming, kids clubs, visiting family and friends. The list of things they usually would be doing could be endless, but there's absolutely fuck allbto do so people want to get out and do the onmy thing they are allowed to do together as a family that's not confined to their house. Surely you can work that one out for yourself.

MiddleClassMother Sun 17-Jan-21 02:40:15


Going to the pub. Seeing friends. Being on holiday. Any of the many activities that make life enjoyable that are prohibited right now, meaning that walking is all that’s left.

Also gyms are shut. I mention this separately because it’s not enjoyable.

This has made my night! Gyms certainly aren't a nice place to go

Terracottasaur Sun 17-Jan-21 04:13:54

The list of activities Covid has shit down is endless. Visiting people, the cinema, pubs, shopping, restaurants, road trips, gyms, cafes, soft play, toddler groups, museums, etc...

socketpocket Sun 17-Jan-21 04:15:30

I swim every day but haven't been able to so I walk.

BritWifeinUSA Sun 17-Jan-21 04:15:51

These are people who, during the week, would normally have walked to work, or walked to and from a bus stop or train station to get to work, then walk around a bit during the day at work, depending on the job. Perhaps a walk at lunchtime. If they are working from home it’s hard to get as much movement into the day. Plus cabin fever sets in. So over the weekends they are making up for it.

Hueandcry Sun 17-Jan-21 04:26:10

I get you OP. I walk several times a day with my dog, usually never see a soul. Now the world & his wife are out there getting in my way. What annoys me most is none of them have any manners, I am always the one to cross the road or walk in the road to avoid them angry

BarbaraofSeville Sun 17-Jan-21 04:45:28

A lot of people used to wander around retail parks and shopping centres, as well as all the other things mentioned, but they're mostly closed too.

I'm a regular walker who also joked last summer that I wished all the people filling up the quiet open spaces would piss off back to the shopping centres (I was having to queue to get out of the woods FFS), but the reality is that Going For A Walk and Queuing At The Supermarket are pretty much the only things anyone is able to do outside the house right now.

I have noticed it's got busier again after quieting off in the autumn, but that's probably due to the days starting to get a bit longer and new year resolutions but gyms closed factor.

FangsForTheMemory Sun 17-Jan-21 05:00:00

I would be using public transport to go shopping or visit places. Instead I’m restricted to walking about near where I live

leafygarden42 Sun 17-Jan-21 06:14:59


yes yes to what you said.

Norwayreally Sun 17-Jan-21 06:18:29

Pub/coffee shop/restaurant, seeing friends and relatives, cinema, theatre, bowling, swimming, indoor exercise such as gym, outdoor team sports, shopping for ‘non essentials’, softplay.

The list could go on but it’s not difficult to understand why people are out walking more now- it’s literally all we’re permitted to do.

Changemaname1 Sun 17-Jan-21 06:40:26

Gee I just can’t Possibly think what could have happened to mean that people’s only real option for recreation outside of the home is to go for a walk


Nope am as stumped as you op hmm

yearinyearout Sun 17-Jan-21 06:47:39

Well I go walking all the time but my friends who don't would be meeting other friends to go shopping, out for lunch, spending the afternoon watching sport in the pub, visiting family etc. All of which they can't do.

Oysterbabe Sun 17-Jan-21 06:51:58

Quite often on a Saturday we'd dump the kids on MIL, go out for lunch and to the cinema. Can't do any of that now so another fucking walk it is.

MsConstrue Sun 17-Jan-21 06:56:13

You've seriously asked why everyone has just discovered walking? why do you think OP?

I'm so fed up with walking, but there's nothing else to do. My local park is always rammed too - I'm sure everyone would rather be at the pub/cinema/on holiday/at their mum's/shopping etc.

Rover83 Sun 17-Jan-21 06:58:17

What were we doing on weekends before lockdown; kids parties, soft play, dance/swimming/football clubs, shopping, visiting friends, going to the pub, restaurants, visiting family.

We go for a walk every day as it breaks the monotony of being stuck home all the time

InvincibleInvisibility Sun 17-Jan-21 06:58:29

As PP have said, walking replaces:
Other sporting activities
Social meetups
Pretty much anything that gets you out of the house

I used to walk loads for my commute. WFH has stopped that.

Offskki Sun 17-Jan-21 06:58:52

I’m really irritated by your pretend ignorance.

FuckOffBorisYouTwat Sun 17-Jan-21 06:58:57

I walk my dogs for a couple of hours a day and have done for years. People are so pleased that they have discovered all the local routes l am not.
I'm glad people are out and Bout getting exercise. I feel very sorry for everyone who is used to going to gyms and playing sport and it's all stopped (I miss my team so much ). But still cannot wait until they all fuck off back to the shopping centres etc and leave me with my peaceful walk. I've taken to walking in the rain as they are very fair weathered.

JabbyMcJabface Sun 17-Jan-21 07:00:12

There is literally nothing else to do.

As a runner I agree it’s annoying to have so many people around. But I don’t blame them at all.

HercwasanEnemyofEducation Sun 17-Jan-21 07:01:02

I'm just really perplexed as to why so many people are now out walking!

Did you sleep through the last 9 months of pandemic?

Most of the alternative activities are currently closed.

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