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Page 2 | School refuse to print worksheets!

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Chessismygame Wed 13-Jan-21 21:26:27

Ok so I am homeschooling and I can't print off the worksheets as I don't have a printer. The work is put on Microsoft Teams and the children copy the questions and write the answers or print it off and write the answers in.
I have a child with ASD and has hypermobility in his hands so writing takes a lot longer than the average child. Be fair he is in mainstream and has no learning issues just an IEP which ncludes small group handwriting practice.
I am having to write everything down off the screen before it disappears onto the next thing so he can then copy the work and we often go into break and dinner time before he finishes.
Also by doing maths on paper it would lower his screen time which is making him very tired and giving him headaches.
I have asked school if they could print off the maths worksheet (one page a day) so he can just fill in the answers and they said no.
They said they can't do it for everyone and they also don't want people coming to school to collect due to Covid.
Yet they provide iPads for children with no device to use and they collect them, children with free school meals have to collect vouchers each week from school.
Obviously I will buy a printer but I am a bit disappointed in the school!

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Paquerette Wed 13-Jan-21 21:59:13


Can you take a photo of the screen before it disappears then just upload the answers?

This. As long as you know he has worked the questions out properly, that should be fine.

Or, as a PP has suggested, just do the work a day behind.

Taciturn Wed 13-Jan-21 22:02:07

Could you download Kami (free!) and edit the worksheet on the device - an ipad from the school if you need an extra one. You can buy a cheap stylos if necessary.

mineofuselessinformation Wed 13-Jan-21 22:02:08

Surely the lessons are recorded and you can download them?

vanillandhoney Wed 13-Jan-21 22:03:46

Can't you just screenshot the questions and write the answers on a separate sheet of paper?

Chessismygame Wed 13-Jan-21 22:04:08

Thanks for the advice, I will try and screen shot the work. I will seee if it makes things easier tomorrow. It's quite difficult to write the answers when there are circle or tick the correct answers on shapes etc.
It is the only time I have spoke to school during homeschooling for this one request.
I do know it must be difficult for them, just thought that in class he would receive extra help so they would make the exception and print them.

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Ilovenewyear Wed 13-Jan-21 22:04:57

I’ve been taking screenshots on my device, using ‘mark up’ to edit and letting my DC write the answers on that document and then uploading that.

Not because I don’t have a printer but because I’m tighter then a Duck’s arse.

ilhahih Wed 13-Jan-21 22:06:16

They can't be printing off worksheets for every child and having people go in to school to pick them up. It sounds like there are enough people going in and out picking stuff up so they have to draw a line somewhere.
If you can afford a printer, save yourself a load of hassle and just buy one online.

nzborn Wed 13-Jan-21 22:07:57

You may be able to obtain a free printer from various sites such as freecycle or nextdoor.

PamDenick Wed 13-Jan-21 22:08:16

Alternatively, a local business might offer to print things out. That has happened in our area.

Musicaldilemma Wed 13-Jan-21 22:09:51

My son’s state primary are preparing worksheets every week in packs for collection at set time slots on a Monday according to surname. There are about 30 sheets a week! They are also live teaching most lessons and videos for rest and marking the work.

SunshineCake Wed 13-Jan-21 22:11:08


If only there was somewhere that sold printers. Like Ebay or Amazon

Oh hang on

Don't be a thoughtless person.

Wishihadanalgorithm Wed 13-Jan-21 22:13:01

OP, I understand and I am a secondary school teacher. I wanted to post out some photocopies of pages from a text book to a group of pupils but was told I couldn’t do this. Not quite sure why, maybe because of COVID and the paper would have to be isolated for 72 hours before it could be looked at.

Anyway, I’d ask the school for an iPad if possible or, if none available, screen shot the pages.

It is so difficult at the moment and I have a great deal of sympathy for your situation.

blue25 Wed 13-Jan-21 22:13:23

Printers are really cheap!

converseandjeans Wed 13-Jan-21 22:13:25

YANBU I teach secondary & I have sat and handwritten workpacks for students and posted home. I also upload each sheet to Teams and also Classcharts.

There is a Teams App which I have on my phone and use it to monitor chat while my screen is being used. Could you stream the call on one device and use the other device for the sheet?

I think they should put the worksheet online too so those that write slower can access. It's taking me hours to prep simple lessons for this reason.

I think if they're expecting him to keep up then they need to adapt slightly. I doubt he is the only one too.

Chessismygame Wed 13-Jan-21 22:13:41

I wasn't aware I could download or rewatch the teams sessions. It does say it's being recorded so will look tomorrow.
I did try taking a photo on my phone but my son prefers to copy off writing.
The children have ten mins to complete the work and it takes my son 40 mins whereas on a paper copy (like he has at school) where he just puts answers in he does in 10 mins.

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Thelnebriati Wed 13-Jan-21 22:14:43

@Chessismygame I dont want to worry you but printers and ink are mostly imported from Europe, and post Brexit the prices have gone up. Some models and types of ink are very hard to get, and many sellers are gouging.
So before you buy, check you can get affordable ink for that model. If possible look for a model that you can refill yourself.

SisyphusDad Wed 13-Jan-21 22:14:51

Other schools seem to be managing. Why can't yours?

RedToothBrush Wed 13-Jan-21 22:15:21

Oh god. You sound EXACTLY like someone at my son's school. Priviledged. Not 'discriminated against' as she likes to bleet. She can't grasp that the teachers are at breaking point, only putting the work together the day before (as they are so busy) and can't just print off shit for every one. They've told them to just write the answers down on the workbooks they've given out. Trouble is she has a spectularly bad attitude to education in general and doesn't think anything is her responsibility and that teachers should be her child's sole educator.

I wouldn't mind but she hasn't a clue about what being disadvantaged is.

I don't have a high opinion of her. For a lot of reasons.

Kid is a little shit. Like proper little shit. Horrid child.

Its been an eye opener for which parents are just demanding and clueless.

Stovetopespresso Wed 13-Jan-21 22:15:30

yes my dc's school is handing out packs, they're really big on equality to the point that they gave this as a reason for not supplying (much) work in lockdown 1

Logoplanter Wed 13-Jan-21 22:17:38

I'm in the same position as you, but with DC who are younger and using Google classroom which to be honest is rubbish. Asked and got told no, so I'm now having to sit and draw out a load of squares on paper so she can plan out a mosaic. Also, with the stuff they are doing its not always possible to just write the answers i.e match this coin with the amount, label the map etc.

Maybe I'm being unreasonable but I could have sent the kids in under key worker jobs but I'm going out of my way to do my bit, juggling the homeschooling and work and this would really help ease the pressure.

Stovetopespresso Wed 13-Jan-21 22:17:46

@RedToothBrush hope you're not talking about me grin I'm having issues coming to grips with the teaching side of things and tend to focus on the target rather than the process.

Comefromaway Wed 13-Jan-21 22:19:01

We had to wait over a month at work for a new printer to arrive. There is a shortage.

The cheapest printers generally have more expensive ink.

Mumto3thatsme Wed 13-Jan-21 22:20:08

My sons school is the same. Personally I can’t see why they won’t print a weeks worth out and we’ll collect them.
The teachers are surely planning a weeks worth of work in advance, and the schools have had the money for supplies 🤷‍♀️

HidingInTheLight Wed 13-Jan-21 22:21:34

If he has an EHCP that states he writes on worksheets, school have to provide them during remote learning. Have a word with the SENCO.

tttigress Wed 13-Jan-21 22:23:38


yes my dc's school is handing out packs, they're really big on equality to the point that they gave this as a reason for not supplying (much) work in lockdown 1

That's depressing, everyone has an equally bad outcome, not really the sort of equality we want.

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