David Icke

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Legalhelp Tue 15-Dec-20 22:01:03


Mentally ill? Money maker, batshit crazy, insightful?

Do you believe he honestly believes in the things he says? Why did he go down this path

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Whatsthename Tue 15-Dec-20 22:07:11

I think he knows certain things to be true and buries them in bullshit so he can say them without repercussions. Eg he says the Queen is a lizard, he says Jimmy Saville is a pedophile, he says he says climate change is a hoax. No one believes any of them. If JS (when he was alive obviously) had sued DI, everyone would've then believed it because why else sue someone who says such nonsense that no one believed unless it's true.

I also think he's a bit weird, likes being the centre of attention and likes being known as being a bit weird.

Sparklesocks Tue 15-Dec-20 22:08:18

Because the people who believe him pay him a lot of money to do so.

insiwinsi Tue 15-Dec-20 22:10:36

I think he's mentally ill, deluded and loves the attention and the money. Maybe it's a personality disorder whereby the more crazy stuff he says the more attention he gets and the more he believes it. A bit of a messiah complex. Plus the money can't hurt him!

Avoid, and avoid people who take his crap seriously. They are more often than not mentally ill (and often skunk heads) as well. You'd have to be to believe some of the stuff he comes out with.

ArseInTheCoOpWindow Tue 15-Dec-20 22:10:37

I’m a lizard🦎

Echobelly Tue 15-Dec-20 22:12:34

I think he is not a well man. I actually think when he says 'Lizards' he actually means lizards and not 'Jews' (I'm Jewish), but the problem is that plenty of people poorly disposed to Jews will read it that way anyway, which is why giving him a platform is A Bad Thing.

tobedtoMNandfart Tue 15-Dec-20 22:12:46

Saw him live once at Uni. He's a fruit loop. However he has also cashed in on it.


JayAlfredPrufrock Tue 15-Dec-20 22:13:55

Has he said something recently?

user1471565182 Tue 15-Dec-20 22:22:11

He had a breakdown

NonyaBizniz Tue 15-Dec-20 22:23:46


Legalhelp Tue 15-Dec-20 22:26:10

Well he talks a lot about covid and The great reset etc, his stuff apparently disappears really quickly.
I’m never sure if these people believe all they say, could be on to something in some ways (obviously not lizard people!) or are scam artists and know exactly what they’re doing

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Crystalclair Tue 15-Dec-20 22:33:46

If someone told me a year ago, it would be illegal to have people for other households in my home, I'd thing they were mentally ill...

I think some of what Icke has said holds water.

thepeopleversuswork Tue 15-Dec-20 22:50:32


"I think some of what Icke has said holds water."

What, like, that the world would end in 1997? And that the Illuminati were responsible for the Oklahoma bombing and the Dunblane Massacre? Oh, and the holocaust never happened...

tectonicplates Tue 15-Dec-20 22:50:45

I think some of what Icke has said holds water.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day. Just because something he said happened to become true, doesn't make him sane or credible. If you write a long list of ridiculous stuff that might happen, one or two of them could well happen at some point but it doesn't make you any more insightful than anyone else.

donquixotedelamancha Tue 15-Dec-20 23:10:03

If someone told me a year ago, it would be illegal to have people for other households in my home, I'd thing they were mentally ill...

He's been predicting the new world order for about 30 years. The fact that this year there is a pandemic is hardly evidence of his being right.

He's a charismatic nutter who rolls whatever is in the news into his fantasies. Only people who are themselves vulnerable in some way fall prey to him.

Crystalclair Tue 15-Dec-20 23:10:46

Thepeople- sorry, am I not allowed an opinion?

Ifonly86 Tue 15-Dec-20 23:12:12

I used to be a bit gullible and believed him. I do find his stories interesting but as stories not facts. Now I just think he’s crazy and makes things up for more money and attention. If he really knew all of that information, how/why/where/when!? Sure one piece of evidence like catching the queen slithering with her forked tongue out, but every conspiracy on earth?
It’s bob lazar I believe out of all the ‘story tellers’.

Crystalclair Tue 15-Dec-20 23:13:22

A lot of what he says seems ridiculous. I'm certainly not suggesting I believe everything. However, my point is that as crazy as he sounds, if someone had predicted 2020 a year before, we'd all be saying that they were crazy too, right?

This year has taught me that anything is possible!!!

BlueSpruce Tue 15-Dec-20 23:15:04

He’s batshit.

thepeopleversuswork Tue 15-Dec-20 23:15:22


Of course you're allowed an opinion. It being a free country I'm allowed to point out that its been conclusively shown that most of what comes out of David Icke's mouth is abject, delusional bollocks.

But crack on.

VienneseWhirligig Tue 15-Dec-20 23:16:40

Better at football than predicting the future.

Crystalclair Tue 15-Dec-20 23:27:39

Thanks for the go ahead, thepeople' 👌

Sparrowcrane Tue 15-Dec-20 23:31:06

I've watched quite a few videos on YouTube made by him before he got banned. Not once I heard his views backed by a solid fact, his arguments were mostly based on snippets of actual events portrayed from the angle of his agenda . It maybe that he does know something and that something is veiled in his messages but to me his statements contradict too much to be considered credible.

TragedyHands Tue 15-Dec-20 23:32:08

I think some of what he says is true. A bit too far with the lizards though.
There again, not sure of the source but heard that the lizard comment was reported out of context.

AgeLikeWine Tue 15-Dec-20 23:33:46

I’m old enough to remember when he presented the snooker on the BBC...

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