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Family court AGAIN !!!

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dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:27:31

This Man is going to drive me to despair

The lies he has sent in to the family court I can't believe it

Saw the paperwork today and he is saying I have made up information about one of the assaults - he says I told the police something different

Please someone tell me they can see through this ?!!

I told the police about many incidents not all he is now complaining I brought up an incident that I had not told police (there were around 200 incidents so he is being a right bad----) here 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

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DynamoKev Thu 03-Dec-20 17:29:11

Yes they see through it.

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:34:34

I hope so

It's like he is now controlling what I report (many many incidents )

And kicking up a fuss that I'm reporting an additional incident that the police were not informed about

There were so many

Plus my statement states that this is an account of some incidents not all just some and there were many others

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dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:45:36

How they allowed to do it😢😢😢

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ghostyslovesheets Thu 03-Dec-20 17:53:01

honestly I think judges can see through the bullshit - my friends ex defended himself because he is so clever and was going to teach her a lesson - he was laughed out of court - he made so much stuff up it made no sense!

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 17:56:58

It's madness

I have emails were he says he is sorry that he bust my lip
Tried to kill me
Knocked me out etc

But he is now sending photos in to the court to say - look she is fine
Look how happy she is (this was the day of the attack)
I do not want these photos being used as it is utter madness
I wish he would just move countries
Better still maybe he will get jail soon

It is so so hard I just want to go to bed and cry for days

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PyongyangKipperbang Thu 03-Dec-20 17:58:17

I suggest you speak to your solicitor having him declared a vexatious litigant. Abusers often use court as a way to continue the abuse/control and they can be banned from bringing further cases without certain conditions.

I believe (happy to be corrected) that a court can issue a Civil Restraint Order against him so that he cannot keep bringing cases against you.

Some solicitors will not inform you of this as they get income every time you get taken to court so push it if they brush you off.

PyongyangKipperbang Thu 03-Dec-20 17:59:38

I believe that @theformidablemrsc got a CRO against her ex and his new partner and did it without a solicitor. She may have more information for you.

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:00:09

I had no idea

You serious
I could hopefully do this !!!

The trauma and the madness that he is allowed to use all of this against me

What do I need to do to get this taken against him?

Mad man
It has set me back months I just can't take it

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dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:00:35

Ah I see ok !!!!

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dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:02:36

He is filing pages of nonsense way after the time to be sent

And sending them in to the court

I am then asked to respond to each paragraph of absolute nonsense

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MayDayHelp Thu 03-Dec-20 18:05:28

Yes in my case they saw through it. Good luck.

Bunmey Thu 03-Dec-20 18:06:15

Hi I'm new

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:08:24

What this is a thing???

I never knew about This

He is harassing me now through the courts

How can I do something about this??

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Arcadia Thu 03-Dec-20 18:13:43

Family solicitor here.
There is something called a 91(14) order within Children Act proceedings, to prevent someone from making further applications for a set period of time, but they are considered draconian and are used rarely. They can only be imposed at the end of a set of proceedings so not part way through.
Restraining orders can only be imposed by criminal courts at the time of sentencing for a criminal offence.

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:16:30

Ah hello
Many thanks

Ok I understand

So hopefully I will get a restraining order from the criminal case

How is he allowed to keep sending nonsense into the courts
Photos of me that are supposed to make me out to be a lier

Claiming that i can't report incidents that didn't appear on the police statement. Wtf !!!

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Arcadia Thu 03-Dec-20 18:19:29

From what you've said they will see him for what he is however unfortunately there are no short cuts and you do have to go through the process.

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:20:31

Ok many thanks
He is looking like such a fool now

It just is barbaric to be honest

His criminal case is up soon
More lies against me

Praying he is jailed

Thanks so much for your help

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LeaveMyDamnJam Thu 03-Dec-20 18:22:04

Judges spend their lives being lied to. They can smell it a mile off.

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:24:05

Thank you all
At least this is reassuring

He attended and d v programme and told the organisers what he did to me

Know he is saying I made it all up??!!
Utter madnesssss

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dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 18:52:25

It is too common it seems

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AudTheDeepMinded Thu 03-Dec-20 18:58:02

@Bunmey Hello and welcome! Best to stick to commenting on the subject of a particular thread, but nice to meet you. If you want to start a new thread, choose the appropriate topic under 'talk' and then click on the 'start a new thread in this topic'. If you just want to chat then 'chat' is the place for you. AIBU can get a bit boisterous at times.

FatCatThinCat Thu 03-Dec-20 19:04:50

My experience too. His arguement was a completely twisted version of reality. Like he said I was controlling and prevented him from seeing his friends. The reality was I wouldn't let him take every penny we had to spend in the nearest pub, as soon as they opened, on fruit machines and whichever other pissheads were there at the time. He literally wanted to me and his child to go hungry so he could buy pints for the drunks in the park.

Court saw right through him.

Tomorrowistomorrow Thu 03-Dec-20 19:06:38

Ask the courts for a non molestation order and for him to be dismissed from the court process. Mine has this now -life long. And he can't apply to court. PLease I stressed for 6 years -no point. The judges see through him in less than 30 seconds.
Please keep it simple and let your evidence speak for itself (emails etC)

dublingirl66 Thu 03-Dec-20 19:08:01

I'm so sorry to hear all this what a painful process

His nonsense is never ending
But he is allowed to keep it going

I can report the things he did to me how can he dare say otherwise to a court ???!!!

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