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To turn down a 3x salary job?

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Fressia123 Thu 03-Dec-20 11:33:23

I'm really really torn. Earlier in the year I got offered a job that pays £60k. I couldn't take it as it required relocation. They just got back to me to say they're happy to offer same role, different location but within commuting distance (1 hour drive). My current job pays £21k. I love what I'm building with it but I seriously doubt it will ever get beyond £30k. So it's between loving my company/job and the £££s. I'm absolutely torn.

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hadesinahalfahell Thu 03-Dec-20 11:34:40

I wouldn't be torn for 3xsalary.

SquishSquashSqueeze Thu 03-Dec-20 11:34:59

I would do it. If it doesn't work out you can always step back down, but this sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity to step up.

vanillandhoney Thu 03-Dec-20 11:35:48

Do it.

CuriousaboutSamphire Thu 03-Dec-20 11:36:41

Take the job! It will unlock all sorts of other possibilities!

Do not just 'settle' because you are comfortable in your current workplace. They won't be that loyal or comfortable with you!

PizzaForOne Thu 03-Dec-20 11:37:43 will calculate take home pay

Is that a genuine 1 hour journey door to door and considering any usual traffic?

I would say well worth it for the immediate pay bump. What industry is the new job? What do you think the future prospects are? Potential long term career where you could go up quite a bit further, 6 figures one day?

wigglerose Thu 03-Dec-20 11:38:07

I couldn't hand in my notice quickly enough.

Your company would bin you without a second thought if necessary, always remember that.

Like other posters have said, you could take a step back if it doesn't work out in the future.

Also, it might open new doors for you.

VinylDetective Thu 03-Dec-20 11:39:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

PickleSarnie Thu 03-Dec-20 11:40:41

It's not just the money though - it will give you more experience and unlock more opportunity.

Don't burn your bridges with your old company and leave on good terms, handover well - I left a company I was at for years. Worked in a new place for 2years and then went back to my original company on 40% more salary than I'd left on.

Will there be WFH? Or will the commute be every day?

TeddyBeans Thu 03-Dec-20 11:41:02

Definitely take it

PerpendicularVincent Thu 03-Dec-20 11:43:00

21k to 60k in a company that obviously really want you - take it!!! Take the opportunity, you'll regret it if you don't.

unmarkedbythat Thu 03-Dec-20 11:43:50

I would take it, an hour is not a dreadful commute and the salary increase would be life changing.

Serendipity79 Thu 03-Dec-20 11:47:29

I can promise you (because I did it myself) the shift from a £20k salary to a £60k salary will open up so many opportunities for you in terms of lifestyle, housing etc that it will be worth it.

I'd also ask for some homeworking if possible - they must want you to have dropped the whole relocation issue!

Literallynoidea Thu 03-Dec-20 11:48:04

You are not right in the head if you turn it down.

The older you get, the more you realise how money is important.

Take the job, FFS!

crosspelican Thu 03-Dec-20 11:49:19

There is NOTHING to feel torn about. 100% take it.

Put the commute to solid use while you're at it and use it to learn another language or something career-advancing. You're obviously on an upward trajectory here, so lean into it.

mindutopia Thu 03-Dec-20 11:50:59

I would absolutely take it. I took a job that was about twice my previous salary and it requires a 3 hour (each way, yes you read that right) commute 3 times a week, so 18 hours of travel a week. And I'm very glad I did. It's been a wonderful opportunity and the extra financial security is great. I cannot think why on earth you wouldn't.

dontdisturbmenow Thu 03-Dec-20 11:52:01

They seem desperate which no offense is odd for someone on a much lower income. Is it £60k or could be up to £60k with commission?

burritofan Thu 03-Dec-20 11:54:37

I would take it in a heartbeat and plough the extra money into savings; you’ve not had the money before so you won’t miss it. And in a couple of years if you decide it was the wrong move, you’ll have a savings pot even if you decide to downsize your salary again. Or if you want to move on, you have the bargaining chip of “my last salary was £60k, I’m looking for something in that bracket”.

TeachesOfPeaches Thu 03-Dec-20 11:56:23

I think you've posted about your situation a few times OP, is this the Amazon job again? Absolutely take it. You get paid so little for your current responsibilities.

grapewine Thu 03-Dec-20 11:57:06

Is it £60k or could be up to £60k with commission?

Relevant question. But I'd still not feel very torn.

BikeRunSki Thu 03-Dec-20 11:57:34

Apart from the commute, are there any other impacts of the we job? Travel way from home? More/les annual leave? Call out rota? Is it really only an hour?

EmilySpinach Thu 03-Dec-20 12:02:55

I was on your long thread in Property / DIY. Bite their freaking hand off.

Viviennemary Thu 03-Dec-20 12:03:22

Id be a bit suspicupious of being offered such a huge salary jump. Look into it carefully before accepting.

TurkeyTrot Thu 03-Dec-20 12:05:11

£21k to £60k is a really, really big jump and presumably there is a really big difference in job role and responsibility.

Are you confident you can step up and do it well? If so, I wouldn't hesitate.

rainkeepsfallingdown Thu 03-Dec-20 12:05:13

Finding another £60k job when you're on £21k will be hard. Once you're in a £60k job, finding another £60k job will not anywhere near as difficult. Take it.

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