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Is it ever acceptable to use your 8 year old's artwork on a Christmas card?

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HuntedForest Thu 03-Dec-20 10:18:41

Have to send cards to the extended family, parents' friends and I usually send a couple to old school friends. Despite my mum telling me to use a picture of the DC, I'm well aware that they are my DC and therefore not interesting to other people nor do they want to be on a card. So, is it acceptable to use a Christmas themed picture my DC8 drew for me?

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soughsigh Thu 03-Dec-20 16:29:59

I got 2 cards drawn by 8 year olds last year. It's a thing. I definitely didn't compare and judge them for artistic merit 😂

I send pics of my DS, but he's 2. People seem to appreciate it, especially further flung family members that don't get to see him? Mum has the last 2 year's efforts on her fridge.

AcrobaticCardigan Thu 03-Dec-20 16:24:59

Yes, absolutely! I love this idea. Lovely for the recipients & how proud your daughter will be.

FuzzyPuffling Thu 03-Dec-20 16:06:36

I wish people would send me Christmas cards with photos of their cats.

DryRoastPeanut Thu 03-Dec-20 15:15:45

Yeah, why not. Go for it.

My favourite Christmas ‘jumper’ is a long sleeved tee-shirt with a drawing of Rudolph my granddaughter drew for me when she was 5.

VetiverAndLavender Thu 03-Dec-20 15:08:54

It's your Christmas cards, so I'd do whatever you want. Who cares what other people think?! If the grinchy recipient doesn't like it, they can throw it away and never have to look at it again.

texarkana Thu 03-Dec-20 14:48:07

I receive many child artwork cards (generally school fundraisers) and I really like pics of friends’ children. Many people I knew some time ago but don’t see often now so I really like to see it. I do wonder why on mumsnet people feel so strongly and “can’t stand” them. Why the strong feeling? confused I tend just to buy charity or museum cards myself as I’m a bit lazy but I really appreciate those where people have gone to extra effort.

BewareTheBeardedDragon Thu 03-Dec-20 14:44:30

My kids school does it every year - I receive many of them from family with primary aged children. Most of the art isn't the best - but it's personal and it's helping schools who need funds, and it's more interesting than the usual Xmas card fare of snowy scenes and robins. Some of the designs my dc have turned out have not been the most decorative (one memorable one was plain green with two lines on it), but I say it's fine fblushfsmile

ZenNudist Thu 03-Dec-20 14:19:35

If someone sends me a card they have printed up specially I bin it in the same way I bin a standard card. They all float round the house for a couple of weeks then I recycle. My eyes roll slightly at a child drawing one unless it's obvious the school have done them as a fundraiser then you can't blame people for buying them.

My good friend showed me her Christmas pic for cards of 3 dc dressed in Christmas PJs and I thought it was so cute.

ChonkyLamp Thu 03-Dec-20 14:16:57

@HarryIrving you really aren't reading the room here.

You need to start your own thread.

TheDogisBarkingAgain Thu 03-Dec-20 14:14:07

Bit fucking rude @harryirving how would you like it if we interrupted your conversations to ask for a favour.

HarryIrving Thu 03-Dec-20 14:11:21

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

ChonkyLamp Thu 03-Dec-20 14:08:08

It's quite strange, she's a grandma who has absolutely no interest whatsoever in her grandchildren via me until its Christmas when she's adamant that everyone else would like a picture of them...

Ah, a "show grandma."

Maryann1975 Thu 03-Dec-20 14:00:28

I would have no problem sending childs art work cards to close relatives, grandparents, great g.parents, close aunties and uncles, but not to anyone else. Friends and extended family would get a generic card out of a multipack.

Bonsai49 Thu 03-Dec-20 13:51:28

I thought most schools do this as a fund raiser - I send them to close relatives and use them up for the kids to give to their own friends

SlightDrizzle Thu 03-Dec-20 13:48:58


Yes, a friend who has (admittedly rather talented) young children has done that for years and they mean so much more than the run of the mill ones.

See, I think that talent is beside the point when it comes to child-drawn Christmas cards -- it's more about neckless rainbow-farting reindeer and Santas with submachine guns and blingy penguins drawn by young children with more imagination than draughtsmanship, the more badly-drawn the better!

nosswith Thu 03-Dec-20 13:48:20

If your DC consents to it, then yes. Perhaps asking twice with a gap of a few days in between to allow her to be sure.

itisnotqyiteasitseems Thu 03-Dec-20 13:41:50

We send photo ones, and I do feel a bit weird sometimes sending them to friends, but we put a lot of effort into them to make them festive and they cost more than standards xmas cards. I also acknowledge it's quite cheesy but it's something we always do. It's a tricky one if you send one thing to one and one to another, which I have done in the past.

I only send to close friends and relatives now, so just send the photo ones. If they bin my DC so be it, my kids are ok looking not models and most family don't see them much. They are not all on Facebook.

GlowingOrb Thu 03-Dec-20 13:35:01

Our school does this as a fundraiser.

TheDogisBarkingAgain Thu 03-Dec-20 13:31:45


I would only send it to people who are interested in receiving it. Generally, no one but immediate family wants to receive a child's drawing as a card.

I would, neighbours send us cards and I think it'd be quite interesting to see their kids drawings instead of a random Robin or whatever. Judging from the descriptions some people on this thread have given of their kids drawings, they'd be very interesting! I also think it's nice for the kids to see their parents are so proud of their drawings thy send it out on a card (even if secretly their parents think it's a bit crap 😆).

Calmandmeasured1 Thu 03-Dec-20 13:29:52

As long as your DC agrees it can be used, then that is okay.

BestZebbie Thu 03-Dec-20 13:28:29

Yes, drawing the artwork for the family Christmas card is one of the main ways that primary-aged children contribute to all the Christmas prep, especially given that they tend to be too young to be directly involved in gift buying or meal prep at that stage. They might also bake, manufacture presents, hang baubles on the tree and produce various glittery decorations for the house.

ancientgran Thu 03-Dec-20 13:27:43

I think it is nice, much more interesting than a mass produced one.

megletthesecond Thu 03-Dec-20 13:26:43

I like kids artwork and family photo cards.

FuzzyPuffling Thu 03-Dec-20 13:23:47

Well I'd be quite happy if my own grandchildren had drawn it, otherwise no thanks.

nettie434 Thu 03-Dec-20 13:23:25

I fear that if I don't get any cards with a hand drawn Pokemon, mutant penguins or rainbow farting reindeers, I am going to feel very disappointed.

Agree with Perkingfaintly that personal cards are the best.

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