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Vaccine fairness

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MozzchopsThirty Wed 02-Dec-20 13:41:10

AIBU to think we should be vaccinating all those of working age, BAME communities, younger vulnerable and healthcare workers first? Not in order of age

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AlternativePerspective Wed 02-Dec-20 13:42:33


41weekswithno2 Wed 02-Dec-20 13:42:35

I think we should vaccinate in order of clinical need.

MarshaBradyo Wed 02-Dec-20 13:43:42

I disagree
But I thought NHS were going to be first due to practicalities of Pfizer vaccine

ZaraW Wed 02-Dec-20 13:44:19


CMOTDibbler Wed 02-Dec-20 13:44:26

They are vaccinating in order of 'most likely to die', and 'most likely to infect someone most likely to die'. Sounds totally fair to me

Lockheart Wed 02-Dec-20 13:44:29

Think whatever you like, it's not up to you.

RB68 Wed 02-Dec-20 13:44:50

I think it should be by clinical need. Age is a huge contributor to a) catching it and b) dying from it so they are not mutually exclusive

hotchocdrinker Wed 02-Dec-20 13:44:51

A friend has posted this on Facebook, from the Simple Politics Facebook page.

Belladonna12 Wed 02-Dec-20 13:45:25

It's a bit frustrating that the extremely clinical vulnerable of working age are quite far down the list even if they have children at school (or are schoolchildren) but hopefully they won't have to wait too long.

whopooedinthepyrex Wed 02-Dec-20 13:45:29


Think whatever you like, it's not up to you.

Yep -this.

helloxhristmas Wed 02-Dec-20 13:46:19

Whatever they do they won't be able to please everyone. Hopefully they won't make a complete balls up of it.

vodkaredbullgirl Wed 02-Dec-20 13:46:34

I work in a care home, having seeing the residents I look after wondering when they with see their relatives.

I welcome the vaccine coming.

Whatafustercluck Wed 02-Dec-20 13:47:00

Logistically impossible - the group you describe is the vast majority of the UK. Practicalities dictate that they must prioritise according to those most at risk of dying or becoming seriously ill. That is older people and those who are clinically vulnerable. Yabu.

Throckmorton Wed 02-Dec-20 13:47:09

No. It should be according to clinical need. Why should someone at a lower risk of mortality in the event of infection get vaccinated before someone at higher risk?

Parkandride Wed 02-Dec-20 13:48:39

Surely its easier to organise by age than various cofactors like ethnicity and jobs etc. You don't want people missed? Picturing some giant spreadsheet with all the filters on wrong like the one that messed up the track and trace

Sirzy Wed 02-Dec-20 13:50:29

Whatever order the pick then people will complain.

I think getting care homes and NHS staff vaccinated is rightly a key priority as it allows for things to get back to normal for them a bit more.

Personally I would like to see unpaid carers up there in the priority list but it doesn’t look like that will happen

MozzchopsThirty Wed 02-Dec-20 13:50:54

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MozzchopsThirty Wed 02-Dec-20 13:52:04

@Sirzy absolutely with you on unpaid carers

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VettiyaIruken Wed 02-Dec-20 13:52:06

I thought they were going to do exactly that.
Age of course is linked to vulnerability but they're doing ecv along with those in the 70s aren't they?
Who's announced it'll be going strictly by age rather than by vulnerability, which includes age??

flaviaritt Wed 02-Dec-20 13:52:16

Mildred and Bert age 92 in bluebells home are not

Because all human lives have to be valued in the same degree, otherwise we’d end up asking who ‘deserved’ it more, and from there to eugenics and so on. Not somewhere I want to go!

DynamoKev Wed 02-Dec-20 13:53:11

Whatever order the pick then people will complain.
Some people will.
I got over saying "wah it's not fair" some time ago

VaTeLaverLesMains Wed 02-Dec-20 13:53:16

If an 80 year old is judged more vulnerable than me, and I'm newly immunosuppressed in hospital then they should go first. I'll have it when it's my turn.

They don't just make stuff up at that committee. It's serious stuff.

Sirzy Wed 02-Dec-20 13:53:41

Well if your relative doesn’t want it then that is her choice to refuse it.

If Mildred and Bert wish to be vaccinated to allow them to safely see their Grandchildren then I am all for it.

MarshaBradyo Wed 02-Dec-20 13:54:02

Yes that is too harsh. People stuck in isolation for so visits. Hideous

Also the simpler issue of who uses more likely to end up in hospital. And that is by age.

Or are you saying they shouldn’t even get that? But be left without care at all.

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