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Am I supposed to feel bad for saying the truth

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Colourshadez Sun 29-Nov-20 01:39:28

Bf has real bad breath. I’ve plucked courage up and told him about 4 times now. Told him again and he gets upset about it. Starts giving me attitude and saying why haven’t I told him. But I have?! I understand he prob feels embarrassed but I can’t live like this anymore. We don’t kiss, sex is affected. I just can’t get in the mood because I can smell his sour breath. I feel bad for saying but know I shouldn’t?

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Catsup Sun 29-Nov-20 01:43:19

Well from his perspective he's probably just embarrassed that you've brought it up. But realistically why wouldn't you? He needs to make a dentist appointment and see if it's linked to tonsil stones, poor dental hygiene, or a rotten tooth tbh. And frankly if you can smell it, so can others around him.

Aquamarine1029 Sun 29-Nov-20 01:50:12

Get rid of this minger. Fucking gross.

Yetaga Sun 29-Nov-20 01:57:02

Bad oral hygiene is an absolute deal breaker. I wouldn't even have got as far as sex 🤮

Shoxfordian Sun 29-Nov-20 02:05:47

Dump him

Twigletfairy Sun 29-Nov-20 02:09:23

Is it bad oral hygiene or could there be an underlying cause?

allblackalways Sun 29-Nov-20 02:15:43

Could it be gum disease? Bad breath is a symptom. Are his gums inflamed or bleed when he brushes his teeth?

I was dumped many years ago for having bad breath and it turns out I had gum disease. Never knew as I'd always brushed twice a day and flossed, albeit not brilliantly.

It was hurtful because he never even gave me a chance to rectify the issue, however I see you have told your partner multiple times so there isn't a lot more you can do if he isn't even willing to try to sort the problem out.

Dump and move on if it's a deal breaker (I'm not surprised it is)

GurpsAgain Sun 29-Nov-20 02:27:43

This would gross me out in a partner. But it’s certainly interesting to see how different the responses are to the concurrent thread on here where a poster is talking about her husband being unhappy with her becoming obese. The replies are telling her he needs to get counselling as feelings shouldn’t have conditions attached.

Anordinarymum Sun 29-Nov-20 02:30:56

If my breath was bad i would want somebody to tell me, but then I think I would already know it was.

YUK. The thought of kissing someone like that makes me feel queasy and i also would not want them near my bits either.

blubberball Sun 29-Nov-20 04:32:55

He needs to go to the dentist and get the underlying issues sorted. He shouldn't have to live with that and neither should you. If it's affecting your relationship and sex life, why wouldn't you want to resolve it? If he can't be bothered, then you need to ask yourself if you want to put up with that in your life.

stampsurprise Sun 29-Nov-20 06:39:39

I just can’t get in the mood because I can smell his sour breath

If dentist can't find a cause it could be a stomach problem

KatherineJaneway Sun 29-Nov-20 06:43:58

What would piss md off is you've told him four times and he has done nothing about it apparently.

Colourshadez Sun 29-Nov-20 10:47:32

I heard him say the other day that he has a decayed tooth and was prescribed toothpaste. Sounds like an extraction job not toothpaste. He eats an awful lot of sweets. Im really fed up to be honest. He’s a good man but starting to feel like he’s being disrespectful now. Why should I put up with such a smell

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SchrodingersImmigrant Sun 29-Nov-20 10:51:45

Sour smell is often stomach issue like reflux.It can be about diet 5oo rather than just the tooth

Colourshadez Sun 29-Nov-20 10:56:00

Yes could be. It’s not my problem to work out what’s up though. He needs to go to the go or dentist. It’s really putting me off

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SchrodingersImmigrant Sun 29-Nov-20 11:00:47

Can he afford a dentist? My friend had to pay private one couple of months ago because NHS ones weren't doing appointments here.

He obviously has a medical issue, bud depending on the area it can be bloody hard to get non urgent appointments.

Callipygion Sun 29-Nov-20 11:21:54

NHS aren’t doing routine check ups here but if you have a problem they will see you.

MadCatLady71 Sun 29-Nov-20 11:27:36

Yep, GP and/or dentist as soon as that is possible, and in the meantime he can just buy some listerine. If he’s not prepared to take steps to improve things then you are quite within your rights to be pissed off.

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