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Why can't people read properly?!

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FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 00:17:30

Might be a tad unreasonable but why do people bother replying to threads if they haven't read the op properly?

Op hi I have issues with my xx but the yy is having a hard time getting any attention from us and it's my 48th birthday today* and everyone has forgotten it even though I get presents for my families fish, I just don't know what to do about the custard curdling*

Or some other stuff like that

Most posters

hi op I'd try this recipe

But other people are like

have you thought you might have asd? Hi op, I don't know how old you are ITS IN THE OP!!

Read it!! Or even worse is when the thread has moved on from custard recipes to maybe the op has realised that there are bigger issues and they need help with that and people are still commenting custard recipes!!

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PolPotNoodle Thu 26-Nov-20 00:21:31

Have you tried having a sit down with a nice cup of tea?

FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 00:27:36


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AmyandPhilipfan Thu 26-Nov-20 00:29:20

I do worry about people’s comprehension levels sometimes. I used to work for a big company in the Customer Services department. My job was to reply to the repeat emails. I would sometimes get given a long stream of emails where the customer started off perfectly pleasant with a simple problem and then kept getting absolutely useless responses that had nothing to do with their problem! So by the time I got the last email the customer would be furious, and usually rightly so! Sometimes I could not believe how so many people could totally misread a situation!

Hopespring Thu 26-Nov-20 00:29:54

What do you mean, read property? 😄

FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 00:31:40

@Hopespring grin

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FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 00:37:40

@AmyandPhilipfan I know! I am admittedly a bit bored as I got admitted to hospital last night for at least a week with no visitors . So I'm reading a lot of mumsnet but omg! There was a thread where it was a posters birthday and they were upset that they had had no presents but had made a big effort for other peoples birthday and one other posters was like 'is it a big birthday op? Is it today?' ITS HER 40th ITS TODAY AND ITS IN THE OP!
Or another one about the nappy on the train 'is he a newborn op? Were all the loos closed?' she was 2 and no there were other toilets! stop asking questions that could be answered by just reading..

Maybe I should ask for something to sleep 😳😂

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Hopespring Thu 26-Nov-20 00:41:40

Sorry, fmyuterus. You've just got to laugh. My friend has just put an innocent message up on WhatsApp. Somebody has now completely got the wrong end of the stick and taken umbrage. Someone else has misread their response and now it's all kicking off. Hilarious.

AntiHop Thu 26-Nov-20 00:47:37

I agree op. I've noticed a real lack of reading comprehension on many threads. I also believe this is why so many people voted for Brexit. Because they lacked comprehension skills when reading the relevant information about the pros and cons.

Enough4me Thu 26-Nov-20 00:51:12

I haven't RTFT, but I'd return the dog, LTB and happy birthday.

FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 00:54:33

@Hopespring haha!! I've been on WhatsApp chats like that 😂

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FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 00:55:54

@Enough4me but my dog is my's a Dh issue not a dog issue rtft winkgrin and thanks my birthday is tomorrow wink

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CoffeethenCrochet Thu 26-Nov-20 01:02:26

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that gets frustrated with lack of reading. I'd suggest buying ready made custard next time wink

Enough4me Thu 26-Nov-20 01:03:57

Dogs can't eat custard, can't digest milk? even at birthday parties with your ex

BashfulClam Thu 26-Nov-20 01:05:44

‘We have been married for two years and have 2 children (5 and 3), then a lot of responses say are you married? How long have you been married, do you have children? How old are yout children? Aargh!

FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 01:12:17

@CoffeethenCrochet noted wink

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FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 01:13:20

@@BashfulClam Yes!!! Wtf?! Why aren't you reading it? You've clearly opened the thread and have read maybe the title to respond just read the rest!! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 01:15:26

@Enough4me well actually the custard is because it's my neighbours goats birthday and they only eat custard on a Friday and that's when I'm making the custard.. winkgringrin*hashtag drip feed*

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Enough4me Thu 26-Nov-20 01:22:13

WTF, with that drip feed I now think you need to marry the goat.

EineReiseDurchDieZeit Thu 26-Nov-20 01:32:39

My massive pet hate is the Netflix/Sky/Prime bullshit

OP : Can someone recommend me something on Netflix

Poster 1 : Names something

WITHIN 5 posts guaranteed

Poster 5 : Names 2 things on Sky, and 3 on Prime

Poster 7 : Throws pretence away, by acknowledging they are giving useless info I know this is Sky BUT

Say the OP is asking for PRIME recs?

Within 5 posts

This is on Netflix BUT

I challenged this once and someone said "well so many services how should I know?

How about you check before spouting bollocks Billy Bullshit?!

I swear to you all this is EVERY thread about what to watch

They fucking infuriate me grin

FMyUterus Thu 26-Nov-20 01:35:27

@EineReiseDurchDieZeit that is annoying!! If I'm watching netflix because I don't have prime prime recommendations are useless!!

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jessstan1 Thu 26-Nov-20 01:38:20

Thanks, FMyUterus, I needed cheering up and you have achieved that!

Love your name btw.

firsttimemumlou Thu 26-Nov-20 01:38:36

Yes! Sometimes I don’t think it’s from lack of reading the post though, I think it’s because they want to steer the conversation in a different direction and then a load of other people jump on and hijack the thread.
Or when no one will move on from something that the op has chosen not to disclose that is clearly irrelevant to the post!
I also like when there is about ten pages of messages and the OP has given loads of information since the thread started,
Someone will come along and comment an overly simplistic ‘solution’ for them!
The lack of understanding that there are other places in the world where people aren’t under full lockdown also is great.

jessstan1 Thu 26-Nov-20 01:39:38


‘We have been married for two years and have 2 children (5 and 3), then a lot of responses say are you married? How long have you been married, do you have children? How old are yout children? Aargh!

Some posters are dyslexic, though.

GlummyMcGlummerson Thu 26-Nov-20 02:00:55

What I really hate is when people (some purposefully) completely Miss the tone of the thread and get themselves all wound and have a tantrum up about it.

Very recently there was a thread about funny OTT/unlikely show-off moments from other parents. It was things like a school mum saying "There my DD goes again, leader of the pack" because her 6yo was walking 2 steps ahead of her friends coming out of school, and "Little Jessica is only 4 months old and walking already! #blessed".

Very funny thread, but a now and again some drama llama popped up to tell everyone they were vile, bitches, jealous etc and "What exactly is wrong with privatising a child" or "I always tell my daughter how amazing she is now I think I should stop after reading this". FFS you know fine well this thread isn't about that stop being an attention seeking prick.

It took a nasty turn when one poster - and I'm gonna name then as I think they deserved to be named, it was sleeplessinliverpool - said she hoped our husbands "beat the shit of you every night" shockhmm MN deleted the comment sadly but I screenshotted it (the only time I've ever done that) so I could remember the name and never engage with that person again.

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