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Should I have let my 9 year old stay up to watch the bake off final?

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Cheeryminimum Tue 24-Nov-20 21:57:19

Yes - YABU

She’s 9, she’s quite grumpy without sleep, we have to get up at 6.45 for school. Usual bedtime is 8pm (lights out) - bake off finished at 9.30. We usually watch it a day later on catch up.
I’m just going to bed and I can see that one of her friends has stayed up to watch it and now I feel like a meanie!

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MyOtherProfile Tue 24-Nov-20 21:58:59

Wow it's not the next coronation! You definitely did the right thing. She won't look back fondly on the time she was allowed to stay up late to watch bake off. But you would have paid the price if she has a late night.

Ohalrightthen Tue 24-Nov-20 21:59:14

It finishes at 9.15pm, and she's 9 years old. She'll definitely get it spoilt for her at school tomorrow. I think that was pretty mean, sorry!

Pemberleys Tue 24-Nov-20 22:00:35

I let my 8 year old stay up. It's one day, bed early tomorrow.

PiggyPokkyFool Tue 24-Nov-20 22:00:44

They remember treats like this for years - DD1 is 18 and off an Uni and DD2 is 16 and they still talk about the time we took them out in the car to count christmas trees/see the lights and they didn't go to be until 10pm when they were 5&7.
It had to be late because DH used to work crazy hours in the run up to Christmas.

ChristyEpping Tue 24-Nov-20 22:01:28

Lights out at 8pm for a 9 year old seems quite early.

IHaveBrilloHair Tue 24-Nov-20 22:01:34

I would have.

VashtaNerada Tue 24-Nov-20 22:02:24

My 8 yo stayed up but it’s not the end of the world! Just watch it tomorrow.

GallopingGreen Tue 24-Nov-20 22:03:05

Oh I had this dilemma just as it was starting-hate to tell you now but I let both my 6 year old and 9 year old stay up to watch in pj's.
Sorry op!!! (We usually record and watch it next day)

AwFeebs Tue 24-Nov-20 22:03:22

I would of.

It's a one off.

Won't of done any major harm. confused

wincarwoo Tue 24-Nov-20 22:03:26

Surely the OP knows her child and the amount of sleep she needs.

vanillandhoney Tue 24-Nov-20 22:03:58

Of course. It's only one night! YABU, sorry.

Oreservoir Tue 24-Nov-20 22:04:29

I still remember staying up to watch
The Man From Uncle every week.
@MyOtherProfile I definitely look back fondly on my 9 year old self loving David McCallum.

Sometimeswinning Tue 24-Nov-20 22:05:10

I still remember my mum not letting me stay up to watch nightmare on elm street when all my friends did! I would have been about 10. Sorry op, that's probably no help to you.

toomuchfaster Tue 24-Nov-20 22:06:14

I sent my 6yr old to bed after the first part. She did creep out to the loo and try to snuggle in for another, but got sent back to bed!

Faffandahalf Tue 24-Nov-20 22:07:35

My 9 year old stayed up to watch with me in bed. He loved it. Morning will be a bit harder than usual but we talked about it and I said no moaning!

Twistered Tue 24-Nov-20 22:07:40

Ah you did what you thought was best for your daughter. You're not a meanie x

SuperbGorgonzola Tue 24-Nov-20 22:08:15

I would have if she was really into it, on the condition that there was no whinging in the morning!

Cherryup Tue 24-Nov-20 22:10:30

I let my 9 year old stay up to watch it but he can cope with the odd late school night.

40weekswithno2 Tue 24-Nov-20 22:11:25

I probably would have let her stay up and done absolutely everything I could the night before for morning prep so she could stay in bed a little later (appreciate that might not be possible with work hours etc)

Dishwashersaurous Tue 24-Nov-20 22:11:49

My seven year old watched it- special treat

YouCantBeSadHoldingACupcake Tue 24-Nov-20 22:11:58

I sent mine to bed, you are not alone op. We are up early and she can be a right grumpy guts if she doesn't have enough sleep

vanillandhoney Tue 24-Nov-20 22:12:56


Wow it's not the next coronation! You definitely did the right thing. She won't look back fondly on the time she was allowed to stay up late to watch bake off. But you would have paid the price if she has a late night.

Some of my favourite memories as a child were the nights when I was able to stay up late to watch my favourite TV shows with my parents.

One of my most vivid memories is being allowed to stay up past 9pm to watch Fawlty Towers with my dad.

formerbabe Tue 24-Nov-20 22:13:20

I must be a meanie because I'd have sent her to bed...I also have a dc who is grumpy when tired so I don't take risks!

lottiegarbanzo Tue 24-Nov-20 22:13:30

You know how much sleep she needs and how she is without it.

To me, it makes a difference that it's Tuesday, not Thursday. The impact on school and other activities over the next three days could be far more significant than the impact on one Friday.

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