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In asking did your parents go away without you when you were little?

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Stantons Tue 24-Nov-20 10:35:24

I often read on here about parents having holidays or nights away without their kids and a lot about separated parents doing this which I guess is more understandable. My parents never did this when I was a child 35 years ago is it a more recent thing?

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PlanDeRaccordement Tue 24-Nov-20 10:36:30

Mine did. My DM would accompany my DF on exotic business trips and leave us with our GM.

Backtoreality1 Tue 24-Nov-20 10:39:10

Yes, when we were older eg 13/14. They would go for a night away leaving us with grandparents. Didn't bother us and they came back happy and relaxed, so win win smile

Tedpanther Tue 24-Nov-20 10:39:19

All the time. I’m 37

Trips and holidays without us

TeenPlusTwenties Tue 24-Nov-20 10:39:20

Only once when I was about 3. They went to America for an international sailing competition for 2-3 weeks. A child minder person came to stay to look after us and we made a calendar of what the weather was each day they were away.

Otherwise, never.

ifyoulikepinacolada Tue 24-Nov-20 10:39:41

Yes of course! I’m 32

LuckyAmy1986 Tue 24-Nov-20 10:40:53

Mine did a few times.

doctorhamster Tue 24-Nov-20 10:41:06

They had regular weekends away when I was little and we stayed with grandparents. They deny this ever happened though hmm and have always refused to have my dc over night.

Myneighboursnorlax Tue 24-Nov-20 10:42:12

My parents would always do two holidays a year - one with us and one by themselves.

LoveMyKidsAndCats Tue 24-Nov-20 10:42:48

My parents went away to america for a week or 2 when I was in primary school for a distant relatives wedding.i stayed with my grandparents and cannot remember them being gone atall. Sure I had a lovely time.

Horehound Tue 24-Nov-20 10:43:09

I'm 34 and my parents had lots of holidays without us and weekends away too etc.

Beamur Tue 24-Nov-20 10:43:18

Yup. Apart from a handful of camping trips (caravan) and one foreign holiday in my teens my parents always went on holiday without me. I don't think this was my Mum's choice but my Father is a selfish twat.
On the other hand, I have lovely memories of lots of time and holidays with my grandparents.

zigaziga Tue 24-Nov-20 10:43:33

Not really, though I’d go and stay with my grandparents a few times a year.

Calmandmeasured1 Tue 24-Nov-20 10:44:35

The only time they did this was when staying away for a few days for relatives' funerals in a different part of the country. No holidays without us children.

Imapotato Tue 24-Nov-20 10:45:05

I think they went away for one night once. But we would stay at my nans for a week at a time so much could get some peace from us.

Frankly my mother wasn’t all that nice when we were young and I wish she had gone away more. Dad was great though.

plixy Tue 24-Nov-20 10:45:10

My parents never went without me. I did sometimes go with my mum on holiday with my grandparents too. But I was never left with someone else while they went away. Never even thought it was something parents did!

LoveMyKidsAndCats Tue 24-Nov-20 10:45:28

My mum was also unwell when i was young, up until I was about 11, and she spent alot of time in hospital. I had a great time staying with different relatives for weeks on end. I only realised how sick she was when I went home and she was on crutches not able to walk properly. It didn't effect me being away.

Takemetothebar Tue 24-Nov-20 10:45:49

Yes absolutely. Mine would travel for weeks at a time without us kids.

ekidmxcl Tue 24-Nov-20 10:46:24

40 years ago, my dad happily swanned off on a European holiday every year without my mum, me or my siblings. He didn’t care about us, still doesn’t.

Bubbletrouble43 Tue 24-Nov-20 10:46:39

Yes I got sent to a great aunt and my brother got sent to granny for a weekend. We got spoiled rotten. I loved it.

CorianderLord Tue 24-Nov-20 10:46:41

Yes, my parents went to Las Vegas for two weeks and also Scotland and I think New York. We didn't mind as we got brought back loads of presents grin

Also remember nights being babysat my Nana when my mum wore her beautiful scented perfume.

I'm 25

sapnupuas Tue 24-Nov-20 10:46:47

Mine didn't, but that may have been a money issue.

My friends parents travelled America for a month and left two teenagers at home.

We had a great time!

icelollycraving Tue 24-Nov-20 10:47:16

Yes, quite often. I hated it. In fact when I started secondary, my dad’s family came from overseas and my mum went on holiday! I really struggled. New school, and staying at one of my mum’s friends because their dc went to the same school. I remember phoning my dad crying wanting to go home. I’d kind of forgotten about that.

MsVestibule Tue 24-Nov-20 10:47:48

Definitely not a recent thing - my parents went away in the 70s and 80s about once a year, anywhere from a couple of nights to 2 weeks, leaving us with with our grandparents - we loved it!

TheSoapyFrog Tue 24-Nov-20 10:47:50

Not that I recall. It was just me and my mum and later my brother. I did spend most weekends at my nan's house but I don't think my mum had any money to go away on holidays. Similarly I'm a single parent and have only spent 3 nights away from my boys since I had them. I can't afford holidays.
If I had money and someone willing to look after the boys, I would though!

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