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Saying that grate on you... Lighthearted

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CynthiaRothrock Fri 20-Nov-20 11:33:27

Lighthearted subject, What innocent sayings really grate on you? Mine is "grown ass/arse".
My sil says it all the time and it is like nails down a blackboard everytime I hear it! I don't know why. It's usually said after unsolicited advice from mil etc. She will say "I'm a grown arse woman, I don't need her to tell me how to....." or "he is a grown arse man he should....." (usually said about her ex)
I've noticed it pop up on a few threads recently too. It is obviously not affecting my life in anyway, I just cringe when I hear it! So it got me thinking, what saying annoy you?

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AWiseWomanOnceSaidFuckThisShit Fri 20-Nov-20 11:42:00

Everything happens for a reason. No it doesn't. Fuck off.

WellThankyouAJPTaylor Fri 20-Nov-20 11:51:41

Lately, and I'm not sure why, but people saying things are "on their knees" is bugging the hell out of me.

The NHS is on its knees!
Businesses are on their knees!
X industry is on its knees!

Everything is on its bloody knees. God, just say "is struggling" or "is under pressure" or something, pleeeeaase.

CynthiaRothrock Fri 20-Nov-20 11:58:44

I maybe guilty of saying things happen for a reason! I'll try and refrain in future!

Yes on its knees is starting to grate too!

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stackemhigh Fri 20-Nov-20 12:01:27

I hardly use any sayings, so they all annoy me tbh.

Although, I'm starting to see that if you can't beat them, join them (!) so have found myself saying 'literally' when things are not literal and I've also said 'grown ass' to myself on occasion.

Other annoying ones:

per se
fast forward to yesterday

AngelasLastEgg Fri 20-Nov-20 12:02:07

At the end of the day....


SendHelp30 Fri 20-Nov-20 12:03:53

As per - when used by men in the office who think they sound cool.. it’ll be a few beers and a takeaway tonight then, as per

Cheeky - off for a cheeky Nando’s with the missus... your chicken isn’t cheeky, it’s dead

On its knees also grates on me

Needcoffeecoffeecoffee Fri 20-Nov-20 12:05:27

End of
I'll take a punt - usually said on quiz shows and mostly when they know the answer. Not sure why it irritates me but they should just say "I'll guess/my guess is"
If you believe/try hard you will be a success/ meet your dreams
My dream is to be a size 8 ballerina living in a mansion with a pool. All the believing and trying is not going to make it happen and that saying just makes you feel like a failure

romeolovedjulliet Fri 20-Nov-20 12:07:19

wish i was on my knees, they bloody hurt with arthritis !

ChickensMightFly Fri 20-Nov-20 12:08:58

said for the most trivial thing with which you agree. It is just too over-used. But I think most phrases can be over-oft-used to death.

romeolovedjulliet Fri 20-Nov-20 12:11:42

discuss -fuck right off with that
end of - that can fuck off too
oh bless - ugh -
shit on the pot or get off - shove that gem where the sum doesn't shine
living my best life - you should be you only get one
making memories - there is a dent in my office wall where i bang my head against it.
feeling so much better now, thanks for starting the thread op.

MrsMomoa Fri 20-Nov-20 12:12:10

'They weren't wearing a mask!'

'If only people followed the guidelines!'

Notjustanymum Fri 20-Nov-20 12:15:18

“So she turned around and said...”
Gives me visions of people spinning around while talking to me!

SuperbGorgonzola Fri 20-Nov-20 12:17:19

There are lots of covid related ones, my most hated one being "now, more than ever..."

Anyone using the term "Mainstream media" to insinuate that there is a big conspiracy at work.

ChessieFL Fri 20-Nov-20 12:19:08

‘It reached a crescendo’

Crescendo means gradually getting louder, it’s not something that can be reached!

kennelmaid Fri 20-Nov-20 12:20:16

"All I said was ..." my Dh when minimising his hurtful remark to me so it seems like I'm overreacting

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Fri 20-Nov-20 12:23:55

Going forward
Be kind (= be a doormat)

There are others but I blank them from my brain so I can't remember them just now.

stackemhigh Fri 20-Nov-20 12:26:40

Be kind (= be a doormat)

Yes! And the person saying it often turns out to be vile too.

Donkeeey Fri 20-Nov-20 12:36:28

Boils my piss!

Why, just why? If it really did, you'd be dead. I know what it is inferring, but how on earth did it come about? Gross and pointless!

Reclinehard Fri 20-Nov-20 12:36:34

"nowadays"... always followed /preceeded by unsubstantiated nostalgic nonsense

tsmainsqueeze Fri 20-Nov-20 12:42:53

It is what it is - aghhhhhhhhhh i hate this one with a passion .

VaggieMight Fri 20-Nov-20 12:47:09

PMSL - I've never understood why people announce they've pissed themselves.

Someone at my (usually non-wanky) workplace said 'blue sky thinking' recently, I've never heard it used IRL before.

Fizbosshoes Fri 20-Nov-20 12:47:15

*“So she turned around and said...”
Gives me visions of people spinning around while talking to me!*

Lol! I had a work colleague who used to say that all the time.
My absolute hate is
"I literally died"

binkyblinky Fri 20-Nov-20 12:48:36


nitgel Fri 20-Nov-20 12:49:59

Game changer

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