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To remove ALL the black crayons....

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Washersaurus Wed 17-Oct-07 15:05:16

from DS' crayon tin, as he is currently going through an artistic 'black' phase?

lionheart Wed 17-Oct-07 15:19:09

You are being unreasonable. It will pass (but may return in Gothic form some years hence). wink

TwigorTreat Wed 17-Oct-07 15:22:14

this is why nurseries don't have black crayons (or shouldn't) ... its a standard phase .. you're doing the right thing

belgo Wed 17-Oct-07 15:22:55

oh let him! My dd1 is going through a black paint phase - I assure you, that's far worse then black crayon!

belgo Wed 17-Oct-07 15:23:22

I don't understand Twigor - why is it a bad thing?

Washersaurus Wed 17-Oct-07 15:24:28

He is only 2. I've been trying not to read too much into it grin, but when you have a room filled with pictures of cbeebies characters with their faces scribbled out in black, you start to wonder......

I thought I had got away with it, but he soon noticed they were missing and now keeps searching through the tin saying "no black mummy, where black?"

belgo Wed 17-Oct-07 15:25:27

yes you're reading too much into it! It's never worried me!

Washersaurus Wed 17-Oct-07 15:26:30

This is a light hearted discussion honestly!

newgirl Wed 17-Oct-07 15:26:51

montessori take out the black crayons so you are not alone

i like cheerful perky pictures in red and blue myself - not keen on yellow - so i am now off to remove all black crayons also

Bundle Wed 17-Oct-07 15:27:05


belgo Wed 17-Oct-07 15:27:31


TwigorTreat Wed 17-Oct-07 15:28:41

well you can let them if you want to but if they don't have the black crayons then they don't spend ages doing something meticulously then completely destroy it with black

Washersaurus Wed 17-Oct-07 15:29:01

Why bundle? Don't you prefer nice bright colouring in and drawings?

Tommy Wed 17-Oct-07 15:29:03

You've just helped me to remember that DS1 had a black phase. I asked him to do a lovely picture for a friend of ours who was in hospital and he did it all completely black!

Very cheery hmm

belgo Wed 17-Oct-07 15:29:57

my dd1 never does anything meticulously

seeker Wed 17-Oct-07 15:29:59

Steiner don't allow black either - self expression so long as you do it right! Give him the black crayons!

<goes off to make a Bring Back Black banner>

Bundle Wed 17-Oct-07 15:30:16

they are his drawings, not yours

whatever happened to freewill?

GibbonInABloodSoakedRibbon Wed 17-Oct-07 15:30:54

Ah but Twig, how would 'Wine Cucifix' have been created without black?? wink

Let them have black I say!

Bundle Wed 17-Oct-07 15:30:59

I wondered why steiner/montessori never appealed to me - now I realised embodied in the fact that they ban black crayons shock

TwigorTreat Wed 17-Oct-07 15:31:06

oh streuth

tarantula Wed 17-Oct-07 15:31:09

I'm with LH except I feel that if you do remove the black then he WILL hit you with a huge goth/emo phase when odler. With full face makeup and a wardrobe into which no colour AT ALL will be allowed.


GibbonInABloodSoakedRibbon Wed 17-Oct-07 15:32:14

I never knew there is a 'Black crayon conspiracy' shock

seeker Wed 17-Oct-07 15:33:18


Bundle Wed 17-Oct-07 15:33:26

i might write to panorama

GibbonInABloodSoakedRibbon Wed 17-Oct-07 15:33:37

I still only wear black and have never really left my Goth days

<<makes note to ask mother if she removed black crayons from pack>>

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