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To ask what’s the most toe curling OTT boast/showing off you’ve heard from a parent about their child?

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Rainbowb Thu 12-Nov-20 23:28:00

Just seen a FB post from a mum friend boasting about her 9yo daughter doing online dance and gym sessions via zoom and practising for her 11 plus complete with picture of said child sat at her desk and smiling for the camera. Hope the child gets time to chill out now and then! Mum obviously needs us all to believe her daughter is a high achiever! It was so cringy though and I wondered if anyone else out there was biting their lip at stuff like this?!

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LoveMyKidsAndCats Thu 12-Nov-20 23:43:50

I know one of these! Constant boasting posts on Facebook. The last one was a parents evening one. Apparently her daughter is one of the nicest children her teacher has ever had the pleasure to meet.

BluebellsGreenbells Thu 12-Nov-20 23:44:26

I see these all the time.

Worst was a child who won a trophy a due to funds was asked to get her child’s name engraved herself (charity organization) it would’ve been £2/3 ish - and the uproar was real!!

LoveMyKidsAndCats Thu 12-Nov-20 23:46:20

She is also model material, has the kindest soul, is one of the cleverest kids in the class and is an absolute joy to be around. This is told constantly over and over again just worded different along with a mini photoshoot collage.

Stinkywizzleteets Thu 12-Nov-20 23:48:18

What are parents allowed to say on their social media accounts about their kids? Just curious...

MustardMitt Thu 12-Nov-20 23:51:43

The last time I heard one of these was a random woman at a baby group who did a tinkly little laugh and tilted head because HER baby already had a tooth at 4 months and MINE DIDN’T! grin

She was so proud. Utterly, utterly baffling.

GlummyMcGlummerson Thu 12-Nov-20 23:52:50

Last year my DD's school had an after school session where parents could come and see the work their child had done, paintings, projects etc. In the middle of looking at some of DD's art, a dad who I will call PoshWanker (very showy offy type who name drops because he's worked with very minor celebs in the past) said VERY loudly and in an exaggerated accent "Oh Jennifer, just look at this work book. Your hand writing has improved exponentially since last term. absolutely superb, bravo." Then patted her on the head 🤣 my inner cheeks nearly bled with biting, trying not to laugh.

GlummyMcGlummerson Thu 12-Nov-20 23:53:33

His own DD that is, not mine.

His DD looked like this hmm

GabsAlot Fri 13-Nov-20 00:16:22

yes i know of someon lik ethis

shes homeschooling her dd but keeps posting all thr stars shes given er)madeup by her) and how advanced she is and how much praise she gets from her online tutor

actually it got to be so much i stopped following her posts

dayswithaY Fri 13-Nov-20 00:20:02

An ex friend said the teacher ran out of the school gates at home time to tell her that her son was simply the cleverest child she had ever had the pleasure to teach.

Yeah, that happened.

Finfintytint Fri 13-Nov-20 00:29:16

I remember a mum calling out loudly at a local small zoo to her
child “ Well done for recognising it’s a Marmoset not just a monkey”.

nemeton Fri 13-Nov-20 00:31:03

Oh dear @GlummyMcGlummerson - he should have used "Brava"...

YouKnowWhoo Fri 13-Nov-20 00:39:18


I remember a mum calling out loudly at a local small zoo to her
child “ Well done for recognising it’s a Marmoset not just a monkey”.


HunkyPunk Fri 13-Nov-20 00:45:00

There was a mum I used to skirt around in the playground, not always managing to avoid her, who once said to me, of her dd's 'highly strung' nature "Well, of course, it's because she's a high her parents". grin

SuperAlly Fri 13-Nov-20 00:48:06

“Look at ***, leader of the pack again” because her six year old daughter happened to be walking two steps ahead of her pals 😕

CoffeeRunner Fri 13-Nov-20 01:06:18

Years ago now, at a holiday park in the arcade. A girl of maybe about 10 or 11 kicked DS1 repeatedly just above his ankle - I assume to make him move from the machine he was playing on as he wanted it. I told her to stop kicking DS1 immediately or I would need to speak to her parents/responsible adult. Girl walked away & a couple of moments later an irate woman tapped me on the shoulder. I explained what happened & her reply was “that is a clear lie. My daughter is privately educated. This behaviour is impossible.”

Well never mind the fact that I had seen the impossible with my own eyes eh?

WhenDoesTheWashingEnd Fri 13-Nov-20 01:25:43

If I post praise of my Little Darlings on social media it's usually to celebrate that they haven't shoved a pencil up their nose today. blush
Or that they helped with the pizza toppings and the kitchen is only partially scattered with grated cheese and passata.

HallieKnight Fri 13-Nov-20 01:51:23

I'm confused. You think parents should keep their kid a secret and never talk to them in public?

BlueCheckedTeatowel Fri 13-Nov-20 01:58:30

Someone I used to work with constantly posts things on facebook about her eldest son. When he was 3 she was reading the "origin of species" by charles darwin to him and he could tell you the theory of evolution apparently. Also he has a "cutting wit", is incredibly clever for his age. She is always chronicling his adventures of how he stands up to adults that treat him like a child and how he "simpers" and "chortles" at adults that are academically below him and "quips" things to them when it sounds like theyre just being nice. Like on the vein of...once in a restaurant a waitress began telling him what childrens meals they had and he sneered, laughed at her and asked for humus and tofu because causing a demand for nuggets is bad for the planet, which she wouldnt understand as she was a waitress. (not exact story but similar and he was about 4 so it just didnt happen). I think in her head this makes him sound grown up and cool but he just sounds obnoxious if its true.

I would delete her but we see one another at work events occasionally and I wouldnt want to be on her bad side as shes utterly batshit and likes to make stories up about previous colleagues / bosses / everyone she comes into contact with. She has 3 children by 3 fathers (no issue with that, issue coming up...) and has stopped all of them seeing the children as she says they are abusive to her. Yet whenever a new one comes on the scene the children are calling him dad and she refers to them constantly by the new boyfriends surname. its then all "The Jones kids at legoland" and "The Jones's go out for dinner" posts. I have no idea how legal she makes it but she then goes on a rampage about how the school wont change the surname, because its clearly above their intellect and she will change her childrens surnames whenever she likes. every time.

jessstan1 Fri 13-Nov-20 02:01:07

Parents should be seen and not heard, cool and laid back; any gushing should be behind closed doors and definitely not on social media. Children are easily embarrassed.

MustardMitt Fri 13-Nov-20 11:04:55


I'm confused. You think parents should keep their kid a secret and never talk to them in public?

Yes, that’s exactly what’s going on here <eyeroll>

Averyyounggrandmaofsix Fri 13-Nov-20 11:53:35

It's school reports that get me. How has no one noticed the same phrases repeated ad nauseum. I am assuming Teachers are not allowed to put anything negative these days?

FannysSteadiedBuffs Fri 13-Nov-20 11:57:48

Someone I know was boasting about their child taking GCSEs early.

It was actually one GCSE, a year early, in French.

The child had lived in France with her French parents until he was 13.

Unsurprisingly he passed grin

BurningEars Fri 13-Nov-20 12:01:31

At age seven, precious daughter is making all her own clothes. Yeah, sure.

Spied Fri 13-Nov-20 12:02:18

An acquaintance of mine who was forever trying to make out her son was superior to my son started gushing about her son winning the 'Resilience' award one year at school.
I didn't bother trying to explain, simply smiled and patted myself on the back that my DS hadn't won it.

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