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Neighbours party

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ShakinScarecrow Sun 01-Nov-20 00:28:09

My neighbour is having a party. They have a marquee in their garden and people are in and out of the house and garden. It's an adults birthday party and they are playing loud-ish music. There's 15+ people there.
This is in London so under tier 2 restrictions.
I'm in bed BTW.
A) ignore, none of my business
B) report to non emergency police website
C) get out of bed, get dressed and go round and speak to them

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Cookiedough123 Sun 01-Nov-20 00:28:44


MrsEricBana Sun 01-Nov-20 00:30:27


Cabinfever10 Sun 01-Nov-20 00:31:36


Arkestra Sun 01-Nov-20 00:31:50


LibrariesGiveUsPower45321 Sun 01-Nov-20 00:33:09


Thisisnotnormal69 Sun 01-Nov-20 00:33:24

B, usually wouldn’t bother but I’m fucking fed up of this when people can’t follow the bloody rules because they think it doesn’t apply to them

neddle Sun 01-Nov-20 00:33:39


Stayfreshcheesebags Sun 01-Nov-20 00:34:48

A , leave them to it. I also find the idea of reporting our neighbours to the authorities for stuff like this a bit sinister and very 1984-esque

AtrociousCircumstance Sun 01-Nov-20 00:35:23


CuppaZa Sun 01-Nov-20 00:37:15


catchyjem Sun 01-Nov-20 00:37:44


Frazzledme Sun 01-Nov-20 00:38:21

Nothing sinister about it, people shouldn't be arseholes having a party in the middle of a pandemic.

Lolwhat Sun 01-Nov-20 00:39:15

A, you need neighbours who will watch over your house on holiday and not a neighbour war

BlankProfile Sun 01-Nov-20 00:39:28


EdinaMonsoon Sun 01-Nov-20 00:39:33


ThorsMistress Sun 01-Nov-20 00:39:57

B. Myself and my partner both work in the catering industry so as of Thursday will not be working for a month. I’m getting completely fed up of abiding by all these lock down rules whilst others seemingly ignore them.

OldAndWornOut Sun 01-Nov-20 00:42:14

And I'd still ask them to watch over my house.
Fight arseholeness with arseholeness. smile

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sun 01-Nov-20 00:44:52

A- It’s all very well people saying B. However they’re going to be your neighbors long after Covid has gone. It’s terrifying the way they’ve got neighbourhoods turning on each other.

TigerBrite Sun 01-Nov-20 00:46:19

B. They are being dicks and putting us all at risk. Dob them in!

Frazzledme Sun 01-Nov-20 00:46:47

Lol watch over the house on holiday? If your neighbours are selfish enough to keep you up with a party in covid, they're not going to be paying any attention to any goings on that might occur when you're away. A covid party is like a neighborhood announcement that they don't give a crap about anyone else nearby.

littlefireseverywhere Sun 01-Nov-20 00:47:19


GinAtMerlottes Sun 01-Nov-20 00:47:39


Or C if you have babies they are keeping awake/work tomorrow.

B is..... morally wrong. It’s far, far more wrong than your neighbours having friends around their house, and I am frightened that people can’t see it.

Frazzledme Sun 01-Nov-20 00:50:38

@Awwlookatmybabyspider having a party is a bit of an insightment for bad feeling though surely? If you have neighbours you're risking a lot (good feeling, respect, support) for a party. Is it worth it?

cloudylemonade13 Sun 01-Nov-20 00:53:08

B - if they're keeping the street awake. They're being selfish arseholes. If they're not disturbing you, leave them to it.

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