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I live in a Tier 3 zone - and idiots are trick or treating!

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PhlegmyHead Sat 31-Oct-20 17:15:29

What on Earth are people thinking?!
We've got neighbours either answering doors, we've got other neighbours leaving tubs of sweets on doorsteps - huge, HUGE bunches of people (ie. different households) grouping together walking up and down the street and up and down people's drives, absolutely no social distancing at all.

I hate lockdown as much as the next person, but its shit like this that is why we're facing increased deaths and harsher measures.

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Whammyyammy Sat 31-Oct-20 17:22:19

We've got 4 pumpkins 🎃 on the drive as the villagers have organised a spot the pumpkin walks, where the parents give them a sweet for each one spotted. Not had a door knock yet but will ignore if I do.

BrightSunshineDay Sat 31-Oct-20 17:26:23

They're outside, I can't get worked up about it when the NHS are forcing staff to work in offices en masse with no covid secure measures, alongside plenty private businesses. There's been numerous threads about this on here. A few trick or treaters are not going to cause a massive outbreak.

zigzagbetty Sat 31-Oct-20 17:32:21

We're in tier three and have just been round pumpkin spotting, there was no one else around although it was early. Lots of houses decorated this year so think most people having family party's at home.

crankysaurus Sat 31-Oct-20 17:40:15

All quite in our T3.

MushMonster Sat 31-Oct-20 17:43:18

I like the Spot the Pumpkin game! That is a good idea indeed

Lockheart Sat 31-Oct-20 17:48:54

Apart from common sense (which is clearly lacking!) is there anything in Tier 3 restrictions which would actually ban it?

bigchris Sat 31-Oct-20 17:50:59

Opening your door and offering a tub of wrapped sweets is not going to make any difference to the spread

bigchris Sat 31-Oct-20 17:52:12

I imagine loads of bonfire and fireworks in the next few days before lockdown on Thursday, mumsnet is goimg to be a veritable fest of outrage grinthlwink

Saucery Sat 31-Oct-20 17:52:32

No mixing of households in private gardens? That would cover a lot of houses if people were answering the door.
I haven’t put anything out this year as I didn’t want to encourage it. How do you know the sweets are Covid safe etc? Up to the parents to make that decision ultimately, though.
Lots of houses round here decorated the fronts for a Halloween Trail to do with dc while it was light, which is a nice idea.

GeorgieTheGorgeousGoat Sat 31-Oct-20 17:53:12

Tier 1 here- not a peep.

CressidaTheHeathen Sat 31-Oct-20 17:54:14

T3 here too.

Plenty of people out despite only a handful of houses having decorations up.

I’ve switched our doorbell off.

GirlCrush Sat 31-Oct-20 17:55:01

@bigchris how do you know this? How do you know it won’t contribute to the spread??

HaudYerWheeshtBawbag Sat 31-Oct-20 17:55:10

I can’t get worked up about this, no difference to buying in a supermarket than a child being given individually wrapped sweets. No difference to someone buying Items at the supermarket.

They aren’t “idiots” they are trying to bring enjoyment into their children’s lives in an already stressful world.

They are not breaking any rules even if I’m tier 3.

Pumpertrumper Sat 31-Oct-20 17:56:30

Opening your door and offering a tub of wrapped sweets is not going to make any difference to the spread

HAHAHAHA!!! Unless you’re stretch Armstrong you are not 2 meters away from a child you’ve offered the bowl of sweets to. Nowhere near!

Not to mention lots of grubby little hands (yes I’m a parent too) all delving into the same sweet bowl!!

I wish idiots would refrain from posting their idiotic opinions as though they made a scrap of logical sense!

updownroundandround Sat 31-Oct-20 17:56:32

I think they'd better enjoy it tonight, because it could be total lockdown again at 6pm

deeplybaffled Sat 31-Oct-20 17:56:49

We’ve put a pumpkin at the end of our drive with wrapped lollipops stuck in it. I’m not really seeing it as a vast Covid risk to anyone tbh, and nor does it break any rules. Parents are free to quarantine the lollies for as long as they see fit. And it makes the kids happy, both mine and the visitors.

doctorhamster Sat 31-Oct-20 18:00:26

I haven't seen any trick or treaters in our tier 2 area yet. Bloody fireworks going off everywhere though angry

TheTurnOfTheScrew Sat 31-Oct-20 18:02:19

we're tier three, and lots of our street normally decorate for halloween. Some still have, and there's a bit of a thread on the local FB page about doing a pumpkin trail for the DC to look at, but I thought it might be a bit confusing if we don't want people to knock on, and so haven't decorated. No knocks so far.

HaudYerWheeshtBawbag Sat 31-Oct-20 18:02:48


That’s what put neighbours have done, some have even tried treats to trees/ fences etc...

No grubby hands hmm and all safe, majority of our neighbours antibacterial before and after the serving of the treats.

PhlegmyHead Sat 31-Oct-20 18:04:54

I'm glad that there are so many people here who know better than the scientific advisors.

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MissJeanLouise Sat 31-Oct-20 18:05:50

Tier 2 here (though would have been moving to t3 on Monday). I don’t normally decorate for Halloween as we’re not really into it, but local groups have organised a pumpkin trail, and parents can give their own children sweets when they see one, so I put some window stickers up for them. This may possibly encourage some people to knock, so I quarantined a bowl filled with packets of haribo and left them outside next to the door, so anyone who came down the drive wouldn’t need to knock. I used hand sanitiser before and after, so I can’t see that it’s really risky, and I would hope parents will supervise their children’s hand hygiene before they’re allowed to eat any of the sweets anyway.

Bubbletrouble43 Sat 31-Oct-20 18:09:21

I'm in a tier 1 area and barely anyone is out, and noone is knocking on doors in my estate. A few of us have put prepacked bags of sweets outside and a few props, I think ive seen 2 kids help themselves.

TiersTiersTiers Sat 31-Oct-20 18:11:24

Tier 1 here and people aren't trick or treating...
Tier 3 you say you are and they are gathering and trick and treating....

There you go then

TiersTiersTiers Sat 31-Oct-20 18:12:01


I'm in a tier 1 area and barely anyone is out, and noone is knocking on doors in my estate. A few of us have put prepacked bags of sweets outside and a few props, I think ive seen 2 kids help themselves.

Snap.....and they wonder why tier 3 is tier 3.....

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