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Turns out I was absolutely not unreasonable.

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Dopeyduck Fri 30-Oct-20 20:48:40

I posted earlier this week about being furious with GPs not seeing my DS or taking anything seriously because he had a temperature and they didn’t want to see him due to covid.

I don’t know how to paste a link her ... but same user name.

My DS is now in hospital extremely unwell and is having IV antibiotics whilst we await multiple tests. I’m furious, the hospital are furious. He is now on day 7 of having a fever and we still don’t know why he’s not getting better.

I feel shit and I’m so worried about why he’s not getting better.

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JumperooSue Fri 30-Oct-20 20:51:17

I remember your post,

How horrendous for you, I hope your son gets better soon😔

SpeccyLime Fri 30-Oct-20 20:51:52

I’m so sorry OP, how awful for you. Once the dust has settled I would consider complaining. In the meantime I’ll be thinking of you and your son, and wishing him a speedy recovery flowers

Houseworkavoider Fri 30-Oct-20 20:52:17

Oh no! I remember your previous post and hoped your Ds would be better by now.
Poor love I hope your surgery get into trouble for this! thlangry

millymollymoomoo Fri 30-Oct-20 20:52:31

Sorry to hear this
I wish your ds well and a speedy recovery
I hope you get some positive news

Dopeyduck Fri 30-Oct-20 21:01:47

Stilling in hospital watching him suffer is the worst. It’s been a truly horrendous week.I had to call GP 3 more times until they finally took me seriously today. The hospital have already phoned and reprimanded them for their appalling care.
I think they know a serious complaint is coming.

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WelcomeToManderley Fri 30-Oct-20 21:03:19

Oh no, I remember your previous post OP

I’m so sorry that this has happened to your poor son, I hope he makes a recovery soon flowers

FedUpAtHomeTroels Fri 30-Oct-20 21:05:20

I remember your post.
Poor baby hope he's better soon.

WelcomeToManderley Fri 30-Oct-20 21:06:09

Yes definitely make a complaint - perhaps (when the time is right) speak to the hospital consultants about if they can produce a report or similar detailing what they believe the GP’s failings were to support your case?

Travis1 Fri 30-Oct-20 21:07:00

Oh no was this the baby with the ear infections? Wishing your boy a speedy recovery

Littlebluebird123 Fri 30-Oct-20 21:07:35

I remember your post.
I'm sorry it's come to this but glad it's finally being taken seriously. Hope they can figure out what's wrong and lo is on the mend soon. X

Tolleshunt Fri 30-Oct-20 21:09:40

I remember your thread OP. I’m so sorry to hear your poor DS is so ill, and furious on your behalf. If only the GP hadn’t been so neglectful at all the other chances they had to see your little boy. Definitely complain all the way. Keeping everything crossed that he speedily gets better now he finally getting the right care. Bloody appalling he and you are in this situation when it could have been avoided.

LittleOwl153 Fri 30-Oct-20 21:11:16

Original thread.

Alternista Fri 30-Oct-20 21:15:41

Oh no, I’m so sorry to read this update.
Obviously not your priority right now but I hope you escalate this as high as you can, when you’re able to.

planplan Fri 30-Oct-20 21:16:59

Sorry to hear this OP.
Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Porcupineinwaiting Fri 30-Oct-20 21:19:36

I remember your previous thread as well. Very angry on your behalf but pleased that competent doctors are now on the case. Your poor son!

BrutusMcDogface Fri 30-Oct-20 21:20:01

I also remember your previous thread. Your poor little boy. I hope he gets well soon (and yes, your doctors’ surgery needs to be told how ineffectively and downright dangerously they’ve behaved).


NataliaOsipova Fri 30-Oct-20 21:23:40

Oh no - has his ear got worse? What an awful thing to happen. Hoping he makes a speedy recovery. And you absolutely should complain; it may stop someone else being treated like your poor son has been.

Ilikewinter Fri 30-Oct-20 21:27:25

I also remember your thread, its shocking the amount of appaling doctors stories on here......I hope your son starts to to feel better soon and I agree you need to put a complaint in.

TheApprentice Fri 30-Oct-20 21:30:47

I remember your post. I'm so sorry. Be kind to yourself right now and you can deal with your justified anger once your son is better. He is in the best place now. Take care.

BenoneBeauty Fri 30-Oct-20 21:31:09

I haven't read your first thread Op but wanted to say that I hope your son is ok.

Lcats Fri 30-Oct-20 21:31:28

Op I am really sorry your son is unwell. I hope he gets better quickly. I remember your thread.

I think a more important lesson to learn here, for the future is that you are responsible for your and your child’s health, no matter what the GP or another doctor is saying. There is an A&E and he should have been seen.
Forget about the surgery, seriously. I think even if reprimanded etc etc they are not very likely to get better. Concentrate on your son.

Good luck!

sergeilavrov Fri 30-Oct-20 21:33:38

Definitely support the hospital in complaining. We had a situation similar to this in our family, in which a child almost died of blood poisoning because a burst appendix was diagnosed as a 'cold' in need of 'sea air.' Said doctor was struck off so they couldn't do the same to other patients.

I hope your son gets better soon now he is going to receive proper medical attention flowers

Piwlyfbicsly Fri 30-Oct-20 21:39:31

It’s disgusting how people, especially children, are left to suffer like this. Absolutely complain. It’s NOT on and it’s not normal. I wish speedy recovery to your child!

Unsure33 Fri 30-Oct-20 21:40:28

Really hope everything will be ok . Bought back bad memories for me from years ago .I was pregnant and ill . I went to the doctors and midwife about 5 times .The last time I was crying with exhaustion from being sick and fear, and they sent me home again . That night I ended up in hospital and had my baby at 28 weeks . The hospital were Furious as I was so dehydrated they could not get drips in my hands .

The thing is you trust them . I felt guilty afterwards as my son was in hospital for 3 months. Now I can look back on it and know I was not to blame .

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