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To let one teeny covid rule stop me joking this gym?

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Johnmenses Wed 28-Oct-20 15:07:32

I have very very low self esteem.

I'm suffering low mental health at the moment. And I'm not fit. I'm dissatisfied with how I live my lazy life. I'm coming up to 50, I'd like to embark on a programme of self improvement.

I'm very tempted to join a local gym/spa at the local hotel. I could probably go a couple of times a week - it's 72£ pcm so not cheap but I think that'll make me obliged to go.

The covid rule is yiu should arrive/leave for gym sessions in gum gear. But if you're using hydro suite, then obviously you can change out of wet costume. I understand it's to minimise risk in changing room and am completely on board with that.

I was planning on mostly using hydro but wanted to gird my lions abd start classes etc as my confidence grew.

The idea of being out in public in gymwear is really scaring me. There's no way I could do that.

Am I being a wimp for letting this stop me?

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MakingShapes Wed 28-Oct-20 15:09:00

I think you'll be pleasantly surprised - most people look good in gym gear. Or just wear a big coat?

TheSpottedZebra Wed 28-Oct-20 15:09:19

A bit, yes grin
Could you not just bung a big coat over the top?

Hardbackwriter Wed 28-Oct-20 15:11:08

I don't think you're being a wimp - if it scares you it scares you - but I don't think you should let it stop you either. Other people will notice what you're wearing a lot less than you think - no one will stare because you're in gym wear. On a practical note at this time of year can't you put a long coat on top so no one will even know what you're wearing until you get into the gym and take it off?

evilharpy Wed 28-Oct-20 15:11:47

Not a wimp and I get why it puts you off but believe me nobody is looking at you in your gym gear. Nobody will bat an eyelid. And in fact it's even quite flattering as it sort of holds everything in and reduces the wobble!

Seriously don't let it stop you.

Cupoftchaiagain Wed 28-Oct-20 15:13:07

Big coat or nice tunic dress that u throw on over it. Would u be going anywhere else on the way from/to the gym?

smurfmonkey Wed 28-Oct-20 15:13:11

Will you be out in public that much? If you're driving then would it be a quick walk from the car to the gym?

StrawberrySquash Wed 28-Oct-20 15:14:16

I stick jeans over my gym leggings in the dead of winter. Then just take them off when I arrive at the class.
Go, enjoy it, OP!

SicklyToaster Wed 28-Oct-20 15:16:16

Gym clothes are literally whatever you find comfortable to wear whilst you train.
I know there's a bit of a fad for tight-fitting stretchy stuff now, but my preference was always loose shorts and an old t-shirt and I take training a lot more seriously than most.

Johnmenses Wed 28-Oct-20 15:16:55

Big coat is great idea, but a lot of the time I'll be coming from/going there not straight from home, iyswim?

And I definitely wouldn't look good in gym gear sad

too look good in it, I've got to suffer through the not looking good in it.

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gamerchick Wed 28-Oct-20 15:17:35

Why? They're clothes aren't they? It wouldn't occur to me to be bothered. I've always went and left the gym in the clobber.

PurpleDaisies Wed 28-Oct-20 15:19:53

People wear a real mix where I go. I love an old massive shapeless sweatshirt that comes almost to my knees and really ought to go in the bin for going in and out. No one pays any attention, especially since everyone is in a mask outside the actual gym or classes.

Don’t let it stop you. Exercising more does wonders for my mental health.

Saucery Wed 28-Oct-20 15:20:48

Well, if you join up and make the most of it, you’ll be in smaller gym gear soon enough! grin
Not taking the piss, that is how I would talk myself into it. Is it because you have to cross parts of the hotel in your gym gear?
I would go with big coat. Advisable anyway, if you’re walking out after a workout into the cold air.
When I started running a while back I had a slouchy, long jersey hoodie thing I threw on in case I had a car accident or something on my way to the start point for my run with a friend. Could you look for something like that?
Like this?
But realistically, no one is going to be looking at you. The most anyone would think if they did is probably “oh, I should probably join a gym, really....”.

Whoooootaminute Wed 28-Oct-20 15:21:34

You can wear a big winter coat over your gym kit. Or put a looser pair of tracksuit pants over leggings if that is what you're worried about.

No one will look at you and judge. Most people in 2020 are wearing 'leisure wear'. (I spend every day in gym kit whether I am exercising or not - it's comfortable).

Go for it - it won't be forever. I am sure at some point they'll reopen the changing rooms.

stackemhigh Wed 28-Oct-20 15:22:14

I don’t understand why you can’t just wear something on top? It doesn’t have to be a coat, it can be long cardi, a maxi dress, tunic etc.

This is a non-issue. I don’t like going out in gym wear but there are a hundred ways to deal with this.

gamerchick Wed 28-Oct-20 15:23:37

Tbh, I don't think I've even noticed what other people wear to the gym thinking about it and I was there this morning grin

Just chuck on comfy clobber and you'll be grand. Once your confidence increases, it'll stop mattering anyway.

majesticallyawkward Wed 28-Oct-20 15:33:03

Get yourself some really nice gym gear, I'm a fan of 'funky fit' or 'Lucy locket loves' leggings, lovely designs and a great fit. Team them with a top that's practical for workout and a hoody/coat.

No one actually pays attention though, embrace the comfort of gym wear 😃

jessstan1 Wed 28-Oct-20 15:34:58

Put a coat on when you go and leave. Nobody will take any notice, apparently 'gym wear' is the latest thing for everybody in these times.

Good for you joining the gym.

Johnmenses Wed 28-Oct-20 15:36:32

I think I didn't explain myself properly.

It's wearing that kit in public outside of the spa thr hives ne anxieties. Not what I'm wearring there, that doesn't seem to bother me.

Throwing something over is fine if I was then going home, but generally I won't be

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MammaSchwifty Wed 28-Oct-20 15:38:26

just wear a tracksuit over the top of the lycra stuff. Honestly, don't let it put you off. Everyone is so self obsessed, they won't even notice you, believe me!

TheSpottedZebra Wed 28-Oct-20 15:38:55

Do you mean wearing swimming costume from the spa itself within the gym complex?

PurpleDaisies Wed 28-Oct-20 15:39:52

Where will you be going? Just take other clothes in a bag and change in a toilet?

MammaSchwifty Wed 28-Oct-20 15:40:30

if you're not going home after, where will you be going? won't you need to shower after getting sweaty in a class?

EmmaGrundyForPM Wed 28-Oct-20 15:40:55

Buy good quality black leggings and a black t shirt for the gym

Buy a big loose dress and throw it on over the top when you leave the gym.

I hate wearing in other places so that's what I do if I cant go home to change

lljkk Wed 28-Oct-20 15:43:43

Active Wear was huge fashion recently.
You're underestimating how much other people are only preoccupied with their own lives.

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