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AIBU to think this is disgusting

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thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:22:44

Bought a footstool from DFS (not cheap either) just over a year ago. Cushion is same fabric. Look at the state of it! Apparently this isn’t a fault with the fabric angry. What do you think - am I being unreasonable to say that this is a fault with the fabric and it shouldn’t be used on a footstool if it isn’t colour fast? Apparently no one else has complained so it can’t be a fault confused.

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Carishina Mon 26-Oct-20 12:25:44

Has the colour worn off or has the footstool been kept in the sun? I agree it doesn't look good!

PolarBearStrength Mon 26-Oct-20 12:27:23

YABU to say it’s ‘disgusting’ but I’d also be pretty annoyed.

ApolloandDaphne Mon 26-Oct-20 12:27:46

Have you wiped it down or is it sun bleached?

thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:28:03

I’m not sure - it may be walking around it or being in front of bi-folds (but behind a chaise lounges) but the cushions are on the sofa and they haven’t faded as badly. It’s gone all around the sides too. Surely a footstool should be able to withstand brushing past it?

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thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:29:00

Haven’t wiped it or used anything on it at all. It’s not a fault in the fabric though according to the person who came out.

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purplecorkheart Mon 26-Oct-20 12:29:04

Is it kept in direct sunlight?

thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:30:20

We have bifolds - but surely this is ridiculous?

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thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:31:23

Surely the fabric should be more colour fast than this? Chairs from next have been there for years and never faded like this.

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Todaythiscouldbe Mon 26-Oct-20 12:32:55

If you keep it in direct sunlight it will fade. Are the cushions kept in the same place?

DesperatelySeekingSunshine Mon 26-Oct-20 12:34:53

I’d speak to Trading Standards. You have a reasonable expectation that your large purchase would continue to look in good condition for a few years.

BiggerBoat1 Mon 26-Oct-20 12:35:33

It has faded - that's not a fault in the fabric its just what happens!
Look ok to me.

thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:35:43

Why has it faded more on the corners though? And is this expected fading? The cushions are kept on the Ikea sofa that hasn’t faded at all.

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thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:36:14

That fading has happened in one year!

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MatildaTheCat Mon 26-Oct-20 12:37:02

If it’s been in bright sun then the fading is, unfortunately not their fault. The term ‘sun bleached’ exists for a reason. And we’ve had a lot of sunshine this year.

Cabinfever10 Mon 26-Oct-20 12:39:02

Its sun bleached that's what happens when it's sat in front of bifold doors

thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:41:47

I can pay to have it covered in navy velvet rather than this fabric (they will cover reupholstering but I need to pay for the fabric) would velvet be better? Surprised the cheaper furniture from next and Ikea haven’t faded though.

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thepeopleversuswork Mon 26-Oct-20 12:43:30

I don't understand why its disgusting? In fact I can't really see anything wrong with it....

thegreenlight Mon 26-Oct-20 12:44:43

It’s turned purple-pink! It’s completely unrecognisable from the colour I bought it in a year ago!

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Turgha Mon 26-Oct-20 12:47:59

Disappointed? Yes. Disgusted? No.

If you paid a decent amount for it, I would probably contact the shop and see what they say.

MrsOrMiss Mon 26-Oct-20 12:47:59

Looks like sun bleaching to me.
If this were mine, I'd buy a dye and fix it.

Not disgusting though, definitely very disappointing.

savagebaggagemaster Mon 26-Oct-20 12:57:15

We have an Ikea sofa in a conservatory and it hasn't faded in 3 years! I imagine this was pretty expensive and agree that it's not really good enough. Sorry OP, I don't think you're going to get very far with that company or with Trading Standards as there will be small print somewhere warning about the fabric fading if placed in direct sunlight. Having it re-covered but avoid doing this with a velvet as it's particularly sensitive to colour fade in sunlight.

SlopesOff Mon 26-Oct-20 13:00:19

It might be a reaction with the stuff it is stuffed with.

Tissueboxcover Mon 26-Oct-20 13:02:36

Sunlight bleaches anything pretty quickly.

doublehalo Mon 26-Oct-20 13:06:52

I'm not sure why people think it's ok for upholstery fabric to fade.

If it fades it wasn't fit for purpose-end of. You will get a refund if you involve consumer rights. Unless of course it was advertised as sunbleachable in which case you are out of luck.

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