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To ask wtf to do with my hair?

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jennie0412 Thu 22-Oct-20 02:14:02

I straighten it everyday, don't use hair protecter as it makes my hair look really greasy. I use a hair mask about 3 days a week and normally don't blow dry my hair unless I'm going out and my hair is still wet. It's gone like straw overnight! No idea why but I need advice on how to fix it! sad

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OnceUponAFairyTime Thu 22-Oct-20 02:18:05

Pass, but no styling here and ditto gone like straw overnight so following.

DramaAlpaca Thu 22-Oct-20 02:20:45

I can't help, sorry, but try posting this in Style & Beauty in the morning when the site is busy and you'll get lots of advice I'm sure.

throwaway100000 Thu 22-Oct-20 02:28:05

I cringed at the lack of heat protection whilst straightening it daily! This is absolutely the issue. Please do use it, try a different brand perhaps? I have tried the GHD offerings and the Tigi beach one recently, neither leave my fine hair greasy.

Why do you straighten it every day? Do you wash it everyday or does it get kinky overnight etc? I think it’s less damaging to give yourself a great blow dry every time you wash as opposed to straightening it everyday. A decent blow dry straighten should last until you wash it next, and it will look/feel smoother and shinier as the hair is laying correctly.

Which hair mask do you use? I highly recommend the kerastase chroma riche mask. It transformed my damaged hair to the point that my hairdresser can’t even tell it’s damaged - she was shocked at the difference in the condition of my hair between appointments.

throwaway100000 Thu 22-Oct-20 02:30:25

Also buy a clarifying shampoo to use on occasion; hair product build up (including your usual shampoo/conditioner) can cause the dryness and greasiness.

northernstarsoutherncross Thu 22-Oct-20 02:34:56

Consider a keratin treatment and free yourself from daily straightening. I get one twice a year and used to have coarse frizzy hair. It now is smooth and we'll behaved. I rarely blow dry it or straighten it.

Callcat Thu 22-Oct-20 02:37:39

It's likely product buildup! A good fix is wash with a mix bicarb of soda, big splash of apple cider vinegar and a dollop of shampoo. It'll be amazingly clean and super soft after!

Nancydrawn Thu 22-Oct-20 03:39:32

What kind of hair do you have, OP? That will make a difference in the advice (e.g. if you're a 2A who straightens vs a 3B etc.). I'd also recommend a move to style and beauty--super useful!

Doggybiccys Thu 22-Oct-20 04:13:51

I was recommended this when my hair started going straw like and snapping off! I put it in and leave it overnight then wash out in the morning twice a week. I’ve got fine hair , highlighted and quite long and I’ve found it amazing.

EveryDayIsADuvetDay Thu 22-Oct-20 05:06:34

as others have said, sounds like product build up - that's a lot of hair mask use.
A good clarifying shampoo would help; I use pureology clarifying shampoo - you'd probably only need it once or twice to sort your hair out, then only use it when you get a build up of products. It's quite pricey (but because I don't need it often, my current bottle is probably 5 years old).
Once you've got the product build up out, switch to sulfate free products - and either dump the straighteners or use a heat protecting styling product (probably do more good than regular use of a hair mask).
The whole pureology range is sulfate free, but pricey - I used it for a while (got hooked by free samples from a local salon that worked miracles) but now mostly use the cantu range.

If your hair is damaged from the straighteners, it may need cutting to give yourself a new start.

wisdomteethbegone Thu 22-Oct-20 05:41:30

You are using a mask way too often, it will be building up on the hair And potentially burning it when you straighten it

Vello Thu 22-Oct-20 05:44:49

It's heat damage.

Use Olaplex or Innoluxe instead of your hair mask and don't straighten it every day. Take a complete break for 2 weeks and then knock that down to once a week thereafter.

TheHuntingOfTheSarky Thu 22-Oct-20 05:54:56

Another vote for Olaplex. My hair changed dramatically in texture due to surgery and being peri-menopausal and Olaplex is helping. Also would recommend the Kerastase heat protector in the pink bottle.

Onpause Thu 22-Oct-20 06:04:28

Olaplex, Philip Kingsley extreme elasticizer, silk cap at bed, a decent hair oil like the loreal pro miracle one, let it get greasy your natural oils are amazing for your hair. Lay off the heat, no hot tools.

Onpause Thu 22-Oct-20 06:06:07

Oh and Tony and guy clarifying shampoo to rid any build up

SparklesAllOver Thu 22-Oct-20 06:29:53

Olaplex, also get your hairdresser to put the Olaplex treatment in your hair colour - really expensive but a game-changer. Definitely use protector prior to straightening.

Blueberries0112 Thu 22-Oct-20 06:33:42

Probably the hair baltdamaged

maverickallthetime Thu 22-Oct-20 06:37:53

Love how people say don't straighten daily, my hair is hideous and straightening is the only way I can manage to make it look presentable. I tried curly girl method for a while but ended up hating myself, avoiding mirrors and avoiding going out it made me look that ugly!

I use olaplex now and it seems to help a bit.

Beautiful3 Thu 22-Oct-20 07:04:40

Its heat damage. I used to straighten mine until it became weak and started breaking. Try just blow drying it without straighteners. I haven't straightened mine for around six months now. At first it looked hideous, short and frizzy. But now its growing longer and looks thicker already.

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