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AIBU to go to a hotel on my own

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Littleelffriend Wed 21-Oct-20 20:59:12

I have the opportunity to go to a hotel on my own this Saturday. I would only be haa as of an hour from home. I would go shopping then get take away and a bottle of wine and sleep.
I have a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I haven’t been alone since before lockdown. My partner works away but is home. DD2 is bottle fed do no issues there but I have a niggling guilt.
I am an introvert and feel like no one is getting the best of me just now. Thoughts?

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NilesandDaphne Wed 21-Oct-20 21:00:52

Oh do it do it do it! You are more than entitled to recharge your batteries! I mean you could always take me with you if you like grin

Mum2jenny Wed 21-Oct-20 21:02:04

Go and enjoy the break. Your little one is bottle fed so your dp can deal with that. Just enjoy the freedom. Maybe get a bottle of fizz to celebrate the night, even a tiny one before the proper wine!!

Time4change2018 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:02:21

Absolutely go .... Recharge, relax and go home rebived.
Everyone needs some down time

Lolaloveslemonade Wed 21-Oct-20 21:03:40

Do you want to? Will it make you happy?
If so, go! Don’t feel guilty!

I have a friend who has gone away once a year to a hotel on her own for 3 nights (near to where she lives) since her children were small. She loves it!

jellybe Wed 21-Oct-20 21:05:28

If it would make you happy do it. Sounds like bliss to me.

UsernameSpoosername Wed 21-Oct-20 21:05:44

God do it, I bloody would.

greenemerald Wed 21-Oct-20 21:06:07

Do it! I'd love this. I have a 6mo smile

IMNOTSHOUTING Wed 21-Oct-20 21:06:57

OH MY GOD. I don't even have little tiny kids any more (youngest is 6) but I'd jump at that. With a baby at home it would be even more tempting.

Redlocks28 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:07:10

That sounds bloody lovely. As long as your DH thinks it’s a good idea as well-do it’

MamaBearThius Wed 21-Oct-20 21:07:24

I also have a 4 year old and a 4 month old...sending you some solidarity! It is HARD!! Enjoy yourself star

Changedmynameagain1 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:07:31

Oh my word do it, I’ve a 5 year old and 13 month old and I’m so jealous.
Please do it, have a bath, relax, enjoy it and come back all refreshed!!

amymel2016 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:07:44

DO IT OP!!! I’d go in an absolute heartbeat (I’ve got a 3 year old and a 5 month old) if given the option!

Toilenstripes Wed 21-Oct-20 21:08:17

Go and enjoy yourself!

amymel2016 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:08:59

Make sure you report back OP, I want to hear about your food, how you’re relaxing and how good the sleep was!

timothytoeseatenbyaghoul Wed 21-Oct-20 21:12:00

Yes yes yes! Go for it and don't look back.

Crispyturtle Wed 21-Oct-20 21:12:42

Sounds fucking amazing, definitely go, then come back & tell us all about it so we can live vicariously through you, thank you

Pollypockett23 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:14:12

Yes! Do it Op! You go gal!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Honeyandapple Wed 21-Oct-20 21:15:24

Oh sounds lovely. I have 2 young kids and would do this, given the opportunity.
I am an introvert too and need space to be alone sometimes.

Don't feel guilty. Unless there's a real reason to.

HotToCold Wed 21-Oct-20 21:15:43

Do it 100% ... And pay for late checkout, so u can sleep, or take a nice long bath before going home

Sexnotgender Wed 21-Oct-20 21:16:04

God yes go!! Enjoy.

Sparklesocks Wed 21-Oct-20 21:16:10

Sounds heavenly!

Goldduck Wed 21-Oct-20 21:18:02

This sounds like a dream! Go and have the best time, it will mean that you have more energy for your little ones when you come home so enjoy every minute guilt free 😊

QuestionableMouse Wed 21-Oct-20 21:20:16

God go! It'll do you a world of good. Don't forget some nice snacks!

lurkingfromhome Wed 21-Oct-20 21:22:55

I have no children and I STILL would dearly love to do this. A whole night of not having to make any decisions or do any chores and a huge bed all to myself. Bliss. Do it!!!

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