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To not want to live like this?

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Lagirl20 Wed 21-Oct-20 20:27:05


I'll try to keep this short and sweet... I am desperate for a solution!

I am in my late twenties. I have had, since puberty, incredibly oily hair (needs daily washing), incredibly oily skin (complete shiny oil slick two hours after washing), clogged pores and bad hormonal acne.

My body produces an insane amount of oil. I've tried most acne treatments going (creams, antibiotics, etc) and I've tried washing my hair less/not at all but nothing helps. The oily hair and skin must be hormonal. I am desperate to not feel so oily and greasy and disgusting every day. I don't have any other symptoms but this must be a hormonal imbalance. Does anyone have any idea? Is anyone else the same? Has anyone else successfully treated this?

I am thinking of forking out hundreds to see a hormonal specialist. Help! sad

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SchrodingersImmigrant Wed 21-Oct-20 20:30:47

What did dermatologist say? I would ask for a second opinion then if their solutions don't work. Unless you already did

ToughLoveLDN Wed 21-Oct-20 20:32:36

I’m super greasy. Found that actually using oil based products on my skin and more moisturising hair care helped because my skin was actually dehydrated

Lagirl20 Wed 21-Oct-20 20:32:58

NHS dermatologist dismissed my symptoms as I didn't have any other classic symptoms of PCOS or hormonal imbalance - for example irregular periods or weight gain.

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Lagirl20 Wed 21-Oct-20 20:34:45

Thanks @ToughLoveLDN. I'm just so fed up - everyone else seems to wash their hair once every three days and always look clean and fresh. This is taking a big toll on me as silly as that might sound!

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SchrodingersImmigrant Wed 21-Oct-20 20:35:40

God. Yeah. I would ask for second opinion. My mum had very oily hair and nettle shampoo seemed to help. I am not sure if it would do anything for the rest of the body.

Eckhart Wed 21-Oct-20 20:35:54

I didn't have the same problem particularly with my hair but I did have oily skin and adult acne. My partner gave up bread for a diet, and I joined in, in support. Never expected my skin to clear up, but it did, within a fortnight. It was like a miracle. I eat bread again now - not as much as I used to, but not a tiny amount. The oiliness has never come back.

Might be worth a go for you.

Biscusting Wed 21-Oct-20 20:38:27

The contraceptive pill stopped my oily skin, spots and greasy hair when I took it back to back. Probably shouldn’t do that mind you.

FlorenceNightshade Wed 21-Oct-20 20:38:41

L’Oréal do a clay based shampoo for oily roots that dries mine right up. It’s not silly to be upset about this! Definitely go back and ask for second opinions or more referrals

feministfemme Wed 21-Oct-20 20:39:08

I think dairy is supposedly bad for your skin, so maybe consider changing your diet up in case that affects it? My DH had cystic acne and I think he recommends manuka honey as a topical treatment I think.

I'm also pretty sure high testosterone produces the most oil (though correct me if I'm wrong) so might be good to get your hormones checked? My mum had PCOS and she always had very oily skin.

throwaway100000 Wed 21-Oct-20 20:41:42

I have never had oily skin to extent that you do so this may not work for you, but Lush Dark Angels worked wonders to matify my super oily skin. My skin used to get so oily throughout the day that you could see reflectionsconfused this helped to long term shift my skin type to normal.

Hiphopboppertybop99 Wed 21-Oct-20 20:52:38

Hi OP... I have to wash my hair everyday if I'm going out. If I know I'm not going anywhere I will just tie it up but it looks greasy. I've been like this all my life, early 40s now. I just live with it now.
As for my skin I wouldn't say I have oily skin but I have had bad skin for the last 10 years or so. I had a very bad breakout all over face, neck and back and whilst I very rarely get spots on my back or neck now my face has never been the same. I had antibiotics at the time. I seem to have a breakout on the same area, it will take forever to clear up and then just as it is I see another breakout confused
I've tried every brand of skin care products you can think of. I also seem to have sensitive skin as usually I end up with a rash of some sort. So whilst I can't help you I just wanted you to know you're not alone.

ItsBeyondMe Wed 21-Oct-20 20:55:59

I get greasy hair after about 18hrs. My skin is combination oily/dry/scabby with cystic acne. I struggle to get makeup that stays on more than two hours! I just wash my hair daily, take makeup with me to reapply when I feel I have to wear it. Most of the time I don’t bother with makeup.

AbsentmindedWoman Wed 21-Oct-20 20:58:08

Before you cough up £££ to see an endocrinologist or gynaecologist (I'm guessing either of these could be a good bet?) could you consider paying about £100 to get a full set of bloodwork done via Medichecks or Blue Horizon? If your gp won't do it I mean.

That would give you some clues about what your hormones are doing, and perhaps would inform your choice of what doctor would be most helpful for your situation.

Sending unMNetty hugs! Stuff like this is hard to sort. I have thyroid issues so not the same problem but hormonal things are so difficult to unravel.

bananamonkey Wed 21-Oct-20 21:00:51

I had horrific acne as a teen. Taking the combined pill is the only thing that helped, as soon as I came off it for TTC both times my skin and hair were so so greasy I hated it! I’m late 30s ffs. Counting down the days I can take it again post-baby...

Hope you can find a solution op.

PuddyMuddles4 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:05:56

I have a combination skin and I've found cleaning my face with diluted vodka really helps dry out the oily areas.

UsernameSpoosername Wed 21-Oct-20 21:08:05

I have PCOS, no weight gain (that isn’t down to my own greediness) regular periods, had 2 children just fine. But incredibly greasy hair I have to wash daily. Have you tried eating a really healthy diet (I know fun.) I find when I really cut the crap out my hair is much less greasy.

QuiltingFlower Wed 21-Oct-20 21:08:26

This is very left field, but could you try cutting out diary products? Everything. Make sure you have a balanced diet, don’t miss out on calcium etc.

This worked for me.

Good luck.

Choice4567 Wed 21-Oct-20 21:10:11

My skin has cleared up a treat since I gave up all dairy. I was really surprised at the difference. Don’t have the hair issue and of course your issue may be something very different. Just might be worth a try if you can

Plussizejumpsuit Wed 21-Oct-20 21:10:13

Aww this does sound hard. If it's hormonal could you ask your GP to refer you to an endocrinologist? As it sounds like the solutions we could suggest in terms of products aren't going to cut it.

PhoneAddict Wed 21-Oct-20 21:10:35

Did your dermatologist not discuss Roaccutaine with you? Not everyone's cup of tea I know, but it certainly helped my skin and my oil production. Whilst on the medication it was extreme (imagine the luxury of going from every day hair washing to every three days!) Shame that didn't last, but I can go every two days now, so still an improvement.

Fleeflyyflooo Wed 21-Oct-20 21:11:18

I was in a similar position and washed my hair daily, sometimes twice a day for over 16 years. Beginning of lockdown I started using coconut oil before washing my hair, then pantene shampoo and conditioner. I now wash it every other day. Sometimes I use dry shampoo in between but not often. It's the only combination I've found that allows me that extra day. Even using other shampoos etc I need to wash it daily still.

MootingMirror Wed 21-Oct-20 21:11:27

I don't have any advice but oily skin means you'll age less and get fewer wrinkles and it also means you're less likely to get painful dry/cracked skin. I know it's not much consolation to your problem but every cloud and whatnot.

Trut Wed 21-Oct-20 21:12:56

@Lagirl20, you will probably have no wrinkles when you are 50! May not seem much of a consolation now though

Trut Wed 21-Oct-20 21:13:28

Snap Mooting!

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