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To think that if you are a brunette, female Prime Minister you do not

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AFlockOfKnots Wed 21-Oct-20 11:23:27

encourage earthquakes whilst on live TV. First Jacinda Ardern and now Katrín Jakobsdóttir. Just what are these women creating here? Which country is next?

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Hazelnutlatteplease Wed 21-Oct-20 11:24:34

What are you talking about?

Youandmeareluckytobeus Wed 21-Oct-20 11:24:38

No idea what you are talking about.

AFlockOfKnots Wed 21-Oct-20 11:25:50

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Councilworker Wed 21-Oct-20 11:26:21

I think it's a reference to an Iranian minister who blamed an earthquake on women showing cleavages and was known as boobquake. It's a rather dated reference though so who knows...

elQuintoConyo Wed 21-Oct-20 11:26:28

Should they be blonde? Redheaded? Encourage cyclones? Be deputy PM? Be male?

I'm lost grin

NewLevelsOfTiredness Wed 21-Oct-20 11:26:47

I live in Denmark but given the lack of tectonic boundaries here I'd be very impressed if Mette Frederiksen managed to conjure an earthquake up.

If she does you're definitely on to something!

DTIsOnlyForNow Wed 21-Oct-20 11:26:49

They are powerful women but they don't control earthquakes. WTF are you on?

JaJaDingDong Wed 21-Oct-20 11:26:52

I should have thought it was a pretty bad idea for ginger male prime ministers, or just about any one else, to encourage earthquakes too.

What are you talking about? confused

northstars Wed 21-Oct-20 11:27:08

What on earth are you talking about? “Encouraging earthquakes”? confused

elQuintoConyo Wed 21-Oct-20 11:27:09

FFS could you tell us what you're on about rather than just linking something?

Hazelnutlatteplease Wed 21-Oct-20 11:27:13

I dont think you can encourage an earthquake.... they just happen confused

HoneysuckIejasmine Wed 21-Oct-20 11:28:01

YABU for talking utter nonsense.

Aerlig Wed 21-Oct-20 11:28:46

Both Prime Ministers have been live on air in the last half a year when an earthquake struck mid way through.

The OP is putting a lighthearted spin on the coincidence of this.

IhateBoswell Wed 21-Oct-20 11:30:00

Why have you thrown brunette into the mix?

AFlockOfKnots Wed 21-Oct-20 11:30:50

Literally, not metaphorically. Here's another:

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acatcalledjohn Wed 21-Oct-20 11:31:30

I think you are getting correlation and causation mixed up here, OP.

<searches for tinfoil>

CutToChase Wed 21-Oct-20 11:32:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

northstars Wed 21-Oct-20 11:33:01


Nobody gives a shit about your links. Use your words or dont start a thread


IhateBoswell Wed 21-Oct-20 11:33:45

I clicked the second link. Still haven’t got the foggiest what the frig you’re on about.

Juniperandrage Wed 21-Oct-20 11:34:33

...I think this was a joke but everybody carry on getting outraged over nothing.

whatswithtodaytoday Wed 21-Oct-20 11:34:35

Oooh. I'm a brunette, if I became Prime Minister would I have the power to summon earthquakes?

Also, wtf?

SoupDragon Wed 21-Oct-20 11:35:37

Have you been drinking?

IhateBoswell Wed 21-Oct-20 11:36:14

..I think this was a joke but everybody carry on getting outraged over nothing.

No outrage, just confusion.

SoupDragon Wed 21-Oct-20 11:36:21


...I think this was a joke but everybody carry on getting outraged over nothing.

Well, clearly it's not serious but it makes zero sense.

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