to use a white noise machine for my toddler?

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earthtopluto Sun 18-Oct-20 21:00:06

Just that really. Me and my toddler of 2 sleep in the same room. He's likely to be in my room (in a large cot) for another year. It's just the way it is at the moment and I can't do anything about that. Problem is, every time I come in to the room at night, no matter how quiet I am, he wakes. If he wakes and I'm downstairs he self soothes back to sleep, but if he knows I'm in the room he screams the house down. I'm thinking of getting a white noise machine, but am worried he could become dependant on it or there may be health issues associated with it. Can anyone advise or share their experiences?

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CSIblonde Sun 18-Oct-20 21:10:36

You Tube has white noise & soothing rain sounds...I like to fall asleep to the rain ones. There's even a choice of rain with thunder or rain with relaxing jazz ! I think it's great for children, teaches them not to wake at every tiny noise like my neighbours baby used to. She's had success with the rain ones. HTH.

AWryGiraffe Sun 18-Oct-20 21:49:11

Every night and will do until she's 18 if it helps her sleep

orangejuicer Sun 18-Oct-20 21:51:27

We go for 'fishies' from time to time- fish lullaby on youtube. Helps me to sleep too!

AdoptAdaptImprove Sun 18-Oct-20 21:54:58

I’m nearly 50 and I’ve used a white noise app to send me to sleep every night for about 3 years - I can’t see how it’s any different than leaving a radio on low. Just don’t have the volume so high that it could damage hearing - but you wouldn’t need it that high to achieve what you want, anyway.

Lougle Sun 18-Oct-20 21:56:08

My children (14, 13, 11) still go to bed with fans at full blast every night, regardless of temperature.

MindyStClaire Sun 18-Oct-20 21:59:13

We use one with our toddler and have done from when she was a baby. She went off it for a while there and I would've been tempted to ditch it, but DC2 was imminent so we encouraged it back in the hopes of minimising disturbances during night wakings.

Anything that helps with sleep...


Indecisivelurcher Sun 18-Oct-20 22:02:22

My 3yo and 6yo both have a plug in white noise machine in their rooms. Just a little cheap thing from amazon. My sister has one. And my nana. They're good!

scammedmum29 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:02:57

I used white noise with my now 5 year old. They stopped asking for it whereas I now can’t sleep without it!

LadyWithLapdog Sun 18-Oct-20 22:03:13

There was something in the paper today about white noise being pitentially harmful. Let me find it.

LadyWithLapdog Sun 18-Oct-20 22:04:31

lambo88 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:06:00

I would defo use white noise hun for situation ur in...if we go away for the night and our 2yo has to be in the same room we keep it on all night so we don't disturb him if we move in the night etc...we also use it for when our little one is napping as we live on a busy road and the noise disturbs him...we use an app on the iPad xx

riddles26 Sun 18-Oct-20 22:19:34

Have used it for my 2 and 3 year old since they were babies and absolutely no intention to stop. Volume is now much lower than when they were younger but it is loud enough so that things like me entering room, doorbell ringing downstairs etc don't wake them fully. We use cheap machines from amazon and they are a godsend

randomchap Sun 18-Oct-20 22:24:38

I should really read the full thread before going off to find useful articles.

HanPanPeg Sun 18-Oct-20 22:32:44

Our toddler has one (they don’t need it for sleep but our floor boards are so creaky I need it to muffle me walking to the toilet in the early hours!)

titnomatani Mon 19-Oct-20 00:37:43

We've had the fan on every night for the past two years. If it works, do it.

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