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I've just thought. . .

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mbosnz Sat 17-Oct-20 22:07:15

Does the UK need a Mary Poppins?

Or a Nanny Mcphee?

How about a Nanny Ogg?

Or do we go nuclear and need a Grandma Weatherwax?

Politically speaking of course!

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GirlCrush Sat 17-Oct-20 22:08:51

we need a Liam Neeson to resue us!

GirlCrush Sat 17-Oct-20 22:09:11


Sarahlou63 Sat 17-Oct-20 22:11:12

Brigitte Nyborg should be world president!

Di11y Sat 17-Oct-20 22:12:42

Vote for nanny ogg here

mbosnz Sat 17-Oct-20 22:13:03

I'm gunning for Michelle Obama! wine grin

Or Mistress Weather Wax. (Bows respectfully).

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SchrodingersImmigrant Sat 17-Oct-20 22:14:20


we need a Liam Neeson to resue us!

We have Batman and even he isn't helping!

BlackRibboner Sat 17-Oct-20 22:16:04

YABU to call Granny a Grandma grin

I actually think Ridcully, with Lancre's witches keeping a careful eye. Would be a better pairing than Johnson and SAGE!

RoseTintedAtuin Sat 17-Oct-20 22:38:21

Weather wax and her give of bees to sting them all out of the building!

RoseTintedAtuin Sat 17-Oct-20 22:38:29


ShebaShimmyShake Sat 17-Oct-20 22:38:58

Only Paw Patrol can save us now.

Kaiserin Sat 17-Oct-20 22:40:16

I'm fairly sure that's Mistress Weatherwax to you.
And the answer is yes. And it needs to happen yesterday.

mbosnz Sat 17-Oct-20 22:44:54

I am very respectful to the Mistress Weatherwax. . . Tiffany?! Are you around? You could be most useful! Or could we have the cheese please? As our Prime Minister. . .

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LilithTheKitty Sat 17-Oct-20 22:53:23

Not Tiffany! (As much as I love her). We'll be overrun with Feegles. Mistress Weatherwax all the way.

mbosnz Sat 17-Oct-20 22:55:34

Mistress Weatherwax was the bees knees and every other part of the bee's anatomy.

I think feegles could be veerah useful in the current situation, if ye ken'?

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cariadlet Sat 17-Oct-20 23:02:01

Granny Weatherwax in charge of overall strategy and Vimes in charge of day to day logistics would be a pretty unbeatable combination.

UnderperformingSeal Sat 17-Oct-20 23:02:52

Sam Vimes for PM if you ask me. Although sometimes I think we could really do with Havelock Vetinari for a month or two, the virus wouldn't stand a chance.

FraughtwithGin Sat 17-Oct-20 23:03:57

Julie Andrews or HM The Queen, because both of them are sensible and stand no nonsense!

IAintentDead Sat 17-Oct-20 23:04:10

Granny Weatherwax all the way

(and the right spelling had already gone)

StealthPolarBear Sat 17-Oct-20 23:04:44

Tbh even postman pat would be preferable to what we've got

Igmum Sat 17-Oct-20 23:05:13

Yes, the Weatherwax-Vimes-Vetinari triumvirate! Why did no-one think of this before? We are saved grin

MinesAPintOfTea Sat 17-Oct-20 23:05:33

There's a lot to be said for a responsible and intelligent patrician about now. The Low King would also be an improvement.

* Disclaimer: do not actually want to live in a dictatorship

Stellaroses Sat 17-Oct-20 23:05:55

@mbosnz I don’t think you mean “gunning for” Michelle Obama, at least I hope you don’t.

cariadlet Sat 17-Oct-20 23:06:41

The rule breaking would certainly stop pretty sharpish with Vetinari in charge.

HoraceTheCheese Sat 17-Oct-20 23:07:30

<rolls in>

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