what do you make of this strange photo ?

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romeolovedjulliet Mon 05-Oct-20 20:47:49

took me 20 mins to work it out blush

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damnthatanxiety Mon 05-Oct-20 20:48:34


romeolovedjulliet Mon 05-Oct-20 20:48:52

here it is hopefully

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Cinderellashoes Mon 05-Oct-20 20:49:38


SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 05-Oct-20 20:49:45

No it isn't.

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Mon 05-Oct-20 20:50:10

Ah, it's on now.

Iola4 Mon 05-Oct-20 20:50:19

There's a hand on the woman's shoulder on the right of pic but no body attached?

Haggisfish Mon 05-Oct-20 20:50:29

Is it the same face one? It is weird.

FlamingJuly Mon 05-Oct-20 20:50:36

What's strange about it?!

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Mon 05-Oct-20 20:51:09

I think i have it. But if i post it will spoil it for others.

Iola4 Mon 05-Oct-20 20:51:24

It is one of those Photoshop ones like the kids in the black and white pic in creepy pumpkin heads but there's a stupid tinge of orange that gives it away.

MilkOfThePuppy Mon 05-Oct-20 20:51:41

I see the photo, but not sure what we're looking for... Trying to guess who the girls are or why they're being photographed? It's odd that some of them look happy, but at least one definitely isn't.

TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Mon 05-Oct-20 20:51:42

Ah cross posted with someone who's seen the same thing

Cinderellashoes Mon 05-Oct-20 20:52:22

I can’t see anything but I think I’ve looked at this before and there’s an extra hand or something somewhere.

MrsVeryTired Mon 05-Oct-20 20:52:26

What's strange about it? A lot of the faces look male but that often happens in old pics.

itchyfinger Mon 05-Oct-20 20:52:45

Some look the same, but cant work out if they all do.

romeolovedjulliet Mon 05-Oct-20 20:52:53

i came across it while doing my family tree and it was a wtf moment when i realised.

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ferntwist Mon 05-Oct-20 20:54:19

Very intriguing OP. Please tell us!

labellesusage Mon 05-Oct-20 20:54:41

See it but won't spoil it

itchyfinger Mon 05-Oct-20 20:54:52

Oh yea there is a creepy hand coming from nowhere

Rookie93 Mon 05-Oct-20 20:55:16

As Iola4 says there's a hand on one woman's shoulder, but no obvious person whose hand it could be due to the angle - weird and a little unsettling.

MrsVeryTired Mon 05-Oct-20 20:55:33

Yep see it now @Cinderellashoes

Cheesymonster Mon 05-Oct-20 20:56:11

I’ve seen this before somewhere - the strange thing is photo shopped isn’t it? Love stuff like this though.

MilkOfThePuppy Mon 05-Oct-20 20:57:33

Yes, I see the creepy hand now... Wondering if that's it. Several of them are wearing the same skirt or apron. Were they all working at the same place and this was the "uniform"?

caughtalightsneeze Mon 05-Oct-20 20:57:45

Where is the photo said to be from?

I've seen it before (and I know what you're referring to) and it said it was workers from Conway Mill in Belfast but then I saw it somewhere else and it said it was from totally different factory in a different city.

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