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to stockpile cotton buds

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Pansypath Thu 01-Oct-20 23:09:31

Nothing makes me happier than a little rummage in the ear for wax, plus a gazillion other uses (mainly cleaning). Given they are now banned, alongside plastic straws, so me buying them will not lead to the manufacture of more despite creating demand, aibu to stock up on a lifetimes supply if I see any still for sale in corner shops etc. I reckon a life times supply is about 100 pots. I mean the ones that have been made already will still need disposing of even if not bought and used.

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OrigamiOwl Thu 01-Oct-20 23:11:11

You can still buy the eco cotton buds... They have bamboo stems rather than plastic ones.

Vector5 Thu 01-Oct-20 23:13:04

Lidl sell bamboo ones

TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 01-Oct-20 23:13:09

Buy the non plastic ones. And you know you shouldn’t be poking around in your ear.

AuntyPasta Thu 01-Oct-20 23:14:12


You can still buy them with paper stems FFS. It’s about getting rid of single use plastic. You can still buy cotton buds.

EarlLeighIndamornin Thu 01-Oct-20 23:15:48

Paper stemmed cotton buds are useless. Just like paper straws are!

AvoidingRealHumans Thu 01-Oct-20 23:16:21

As others have said.... its the plastic stem ones that are banned. Not cotton buds in general 😆

TheFlis12345 Thu 01-Oct-20 23:16:22

But they’re not banned? And Superdrug have a pack of 200 with paper sticks for a quid?

QuestionableMouse Thu 01-Oct-20 23:17:22

I bought paper ones today

AuntyPasta Thu 01-Oct-20 23:19:15

Paper straws might be crap because you soak them in liquid for a prolonged period. What on earth are you doing with cotton wool buds that requires them to be soaked in liquid for 2+ minutes?

18eggs Thu 01-Oct-20 23:19:18

The paper stick ones are shite!

chipsandgin Thu 01-Oct-20 23:19:55

Yep, the bamboo ones are just as good and won’t be around for the next 500 years. These ones from Amazon are better/as good as the Johnson ones:

Eco-Friendly Shop 200 Bamboo Cotton Buds 100% Natural Biodegradable Wooden

CreamCabbages Thu 01-Oct-20 23:20:09

If they were not being made anymore I would stockpile too!

Thankfully, the paper ones work just as well.

AuntyPasta Thu 01-Oct-20 23:20:26

I’ve been using the paper stem ones for months. They’re no different to the others confused

Pansypath Thu 01-Oct-20 23:20:53

Ooooh bamboo ones. Sold!

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DimidDavilby Thu 01-Oct-20 23:21:22

Nothing smaller than your elbow!

TracyBeakerSoYeah Thu 01-Oct-20 23:21:49

The Johnsons paper stick ones are just as good as the old plastic ones.
Apart from the colour of the stick (it's now white not blue) I can't tell any difference.

Time40 Thu 01-Oct-20 23:22:14

YABVU. We need to stop using so much plastic.

I stopped buying plastic cotton buds years ago, even though I liked them, and they are useful. We have to make sacrifices OP.

JuiceyBetty Thu 01-Oct-20 23:23:33

I want to buy fifty pots of Johnson’s ones

MiddleClassProblem Thu 01-Oct-20 23:23:50

The paper ones can bend in the middle but they are still very useable when bent. I also find the cotton ends don’t l come off like they sometimes would with the plastic ones.

I’m sure it’s been a year or two since I got plastic ones because only paper ones were available.

MiddleClassProblem Thu 01-Oct-20 23:24:41


Nothing smaller than your elbow!

Ear plugs
Hearing aid
Ear pods


WatchoutfortheROUS Thu 01-Oct-20 23:29:38

I've not bought plastic ones for a few years as alternatives have been readily available.

ToD101 Thu 01-Oct-20 23:31:55

Please don't put cotton buds in your ear, it can damage the eardrum / bones in the middle ear.

If you have lots of wax then get it removed properly.

BrummyMum1 Thu 01-Oct-20 23:32:43

Nothing smaller than your elbow

My MIL says this, it’s nuts. What do you do if you have a tickly ear - itch it with your elbow?!

Pansypath Thu 01-Oct-20 23:33:15

Oh I know I know it is a terrible dangerous habit. But I doubt anything will stop me

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