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WARNING FOR THE SQUEAMISH. AIBU to freak out at this worm

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polkadotpjs Thu 01-Oct-20 20:54:41

Just eating oven fish and chips and spotted this horrific sight. I'm now trying not to hurl or Google. It was nice too before this sighting. WTAF is it?? Is it a worm?????

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BubblyBarbara Thu 01-Oct-20 20:56:23

Looks like food, maybe a noodle from a close by production line in the factory

StealthPolarBear Thu 01-Oct-20 20:57:42

Noodle definitely. Keep telling me yourself that op.

BetterEatCheese Thu 01-Oct-20 20:58:47

Cod worm? There is another zombie thread on the same topic

SchrodingersImmigrant Thu 01-Oct-20 20:59:21

I too don't think that's a worm. Was it in a mushy peas? Because it could very well be that string which is in pea pods

StealthPolarBear Thu 01-Oct-20 20:59:32


Sparklfairy Thu 01-Oct-20 20:59:41

hopefully it's a noodle

BetterEatCheese Thu 01-Oct-20 21:00:08

Oh dear, don't google cod worm.

justasking111 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:01:00

Fish worm, will not have hurt you, pretty gross to find though.

psychomath Thu 01-Oct-20 21:01:15

Looks like a long stalk from a piece of cress or something to me. Don't think it's a worm or it would have got mushed up along with the peas envy

Whatsmydoggy Thu 01-Oct-20 21:02:03

I've just finished a plate of oven fish and chips 5 minutes ago. I had haddock. Please say there's no such thing as a haddock worm.

Carrotgirl87 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:02:26

Fishworm. 🤢

StealthPolarBear Thu 01-Oct-20 21:02:57

Doggy I am a haddock expert and can confirm there is definitely not.

1Morewineplease Thu 01-Oct-20 21:03:47

As others ... do not google cod worm.

blueskys72 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:03:53

Nah, that's a pea-string.

Bubbinsmakesthree Thu 01-Oct-20 21:06:58

Cod worms are gross but harmless and very common!

Dillo10 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:10:13

God when will I learn

Do not Google cod worm sad

PasDevantLesElephants Thu 01-Oct-20 21:10:31

It's times like this I rejoice in vegetarianism. Makes up for missing out on bacon sandwiches!

polkadotpjs Thu 01-Oct-20 21:11:15

I'm hoping it was a pea thing as I did have mushy peas with it but it looked so noodle like not stringy! I didn't eat any more fish after but did eat the chips and peas

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Runforyourlifeitsagherkin Thu 01-Oct-20 21:14:40

Cod worm.

Hoglet70 Thu 01-Oct-20 21:15:33

I used to work on a fish counter. Doesn't look like a cod worm to me; more stringy vegetable.

Ukholidaysaregreat Thu 01-Oct-20 21:17:14

It is a cod worm! Noodle my arse!

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee Thu 01-Oct-20 21:17:34

Isn't it a pea shoot?

Screwcorona Thu 01-Oct-20 21:18:42

It's not a worm. I've taken plenty worms out of fish that got straight from harbour, or husband lol.

Whatsmydoggy Thu 01-Oct-20 21:19:06


Doggy I am a haddock expert and can confirm there is definitely not.

Thank Christ for that grin

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