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To miss E?

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CroutonCrab Sun 27-Sep-20 21:01:16

Might be all the stress in the world at the moment but it’s made me think about what I’d give for a couple of doves and the clammy hands that come with them. Don’t think my heart could take it now sad

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GhostCurry Sun 27-Sep-20 21:09:51

YANBU and you’re about to be torn to shreds grin

lifesgoodwithlg Sun 27-Sep-20 21:11:29

Me too! I had an absolute ball partying in my 20s.grin

DorsetBlueMovie Sun 27-Sep-20 21:11:36

I'll be torn to shreds with you.
God I wish I could pop back to my youth for one night of recklessness, freedom and pure joy.

Newfornow Sun 27-Sep-20 21:12:07


TeaAndHobnob Sun 27-Sep-20 21:14:11

Christ yes. A few good mates, a couple of pills and some thumping techno. All my cares would just float away glitterball

BillyMurphy Sun 27-Sep-20 21:14:23

I'd join you. Early 90's, all nighters and sore jaws.

vampirethriller Sun 27-Sep-20 21:14:46


iamtheoneandonlyyy Sun 27-Sep-20 21:17:55

Ah gurning grin

ghostyslovesheets Sun 27-Sep-20 21:18:05

Yes you will be torn to bit

no YANBU but I was more of a coke/speed girl in the early 90's

God I miss parties and sex and being young and thin!

PinkiOcelot Sun 27-Sep-20 21:18:16


FatherTedsBankAccount Sun 27-Sep-20 21:19:51

Coke for me, but yabnu.

ClarencesMum Sun 27-Sep-20 21:21:29


If I could guarantee my mental health and the experience I'd get (had a few dodgy ones which led me to giving them up) I'd take it over wine!

ClarencesMum Sun 27-Sep-20 21:23:48

And coke... and stepped to get the housework done. Ah those were the days.

Dazzband Sun 27-Sep-20 21:24:35

Haha! Yes, I remember it well, having great sex, listening to music, really deep conversations. Then the next day - watching movies, eating drinking red wine

ItsMischerWavy Sun 27-Sep-20 21:25:10

Ooooooh I'm with you on this one..... If I didn't hve that fear that getting old brings 😂

percheron67 Sun 27-Sep-20 21:25:20

I thought you meant ET and had posted too early. I was about to agree with you.

ChelseeDagger Sun 27-Sep-20 21:26:12

Pass me a couple of mitzis while you're back there OP.

I wanna run away to 1999.

Emeraldshamrock Sun 27-Sep-20 21:30:02

No the thought of taking one or doing a line makes me feel ill they served a purpose at the time in my early 20's unfortunately cocaine was in my life for years there was time when I thought the only way I can stop this addiction is death.
Delighted those days are behind me.

BrightYellowDaffodil Sun 27-Sep-20 21:32:05

I’m with you on this.

I was a bit young for raves but I’d totally go to one if I knew I wouldn’t get caught. The idea of dancing like a loon in a field/under a fly-over/wherever and being completely carefree and high is immensely appealing right now.

DueNumberTwo Sun 27-Sep-20 21:33:36


CroutonCrab Sun 27-Sep-20 21:33:59

Ah yes the next day- 20 year old me would not be impressed that I’ve got to the point of mundane that I miss sitting in a dark room with a sore jaw, limbs and a stranger we met on the way home

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ghostyslovesheets Sun 27-Sep-20 21:35:05


Ah yes the next day- 20 year old me would not be impressed that I’ve got to the point of mundane that I miss sitting in a dark room with a sore jaw, limbs and a stranger we met on the way home

then doing it all again that night!

Emeraldshamrock Sun 27-Sep-20 21:36:19

I missed the 90's raving I use to watch my older siblings practice rush moves before they went out. After the 90's every club had an E dealer.
Can you imagine the after effects now I'm nearly 40.

SpringIsSprung1 Sun 27-Sep-20 21:37:30

Loved a dove or 2. The State in Liverpool late 80's, early 90's. Best memories evergrin

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