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Colleagues social media - WWYD

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Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:26:04

Name changed

I saw on Facebook a colleague was suggested as a friend I may know. Not really friends but had a nose on profile. To my disgust, there are retweets of anti BLM posts and also a post saying he had beat up a man that said something to his kid.

This colleague is a senior manager in a public company. I’m not jealous, we are not competitors so that is. It my angle but wibu to report this?

Would he lose his job or get a telling off. I have seen him be unpleasant before and I feel like he should be pulled to task but equally it’s a tough economic time if he were to lose his job. I don’t think that would happen. I could imagine they publically re-educate him, so they save face and he “learns”. The posts are disgusting so that would be false.

Voting yes - ignore, Ainu

No - reports, this is wrong

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Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:26:41

*that is not my angle

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LaurieFairyCake Thu 24-Sep-20 07:27:12

Public company? Former public sector?

Hell yes

OneForMeToo Thu 24-Sep-20 07:29:21

No why would you want to risk someone’s job in such a uncertain time. I’d just privately tell them what you have seen and recommend locking down their profiles.

lagerandblack Thu 24-Sep-20 07:32:26

Keep your nose out.

Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:33:37

This is the least path for me. Just ignores by hiding it?

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DrWAnker Thu 24-Sep-20 07:33:52

So you snooped on someone's profile and you want to report him because he's unpleasant.
He's been foolish to have a profile you can see but how is it your business?
It would also make me raise an eyebrow and think twice about mown interactions with him but report him? No.

Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:34:06

So I guess either report or ignore myself...

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DrWAnker Thu 24-Sep-20 07:34:15

* my own

Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:34:49

Does it make a difference of the level of unpleasantness though? Actively supporting anti BLM?

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OlympicProcrastinator Thu 24-Sep-20 07:35:01

For beating a man up? Yes.

For tweeting against the BLM movement? No. We don’t (yet) live in a fascist state and sacking people for ‘wrong think’ is a slippery slope.

This path of self righteous thinking, deciding that anyone with different views should be sacked / no platformed etc etc is so dangerous.

My hero is Darryl Davies. He turned hundreds of men away from the KKK. By allowing them to talk. Listening. Understanding where they got their world view from. Opening up conversation. Asking questions.

Sorry I know it’s off topic but I find this new stasi like monitoring of views terrifying and it pushes people toward extreme groups.

SoVeryLost Thu 24-Sep-20 07:35:49


No why would you want to risk someone’s job in such a uncertain time. I’d just privately tell them what you have seen and recommend locking down their profiles.

Why is it ok for him to be a racist bully? He isn’t worrying about the toxic environment he creates in the workplace that risk people’s jobs.
I really don’t understand the view of keep your beak out, when you have a fall or accident in public should people keep their beak out then?

DrWAnker Thu 24-Sep-20 07:36:11

What do you hope to achieve by reporting?
If he's like that in real life his workplace likely know already.
Just sounds vindictive and stirring up trouble to me.

iloveruby Thu 24-Sep-20 07:37:03

If you have seen him behave inappropriately at work then address that but we all have the right to different political beliefs no matter how abhorrent.

Does he name were he works in his facebook profile? That would be the only reason to report because if he is a civil servant he needs to remain politically neutral.

GCAcademic Thu 24-Sep-20 07:37:33

What outcome do you want from this? If you want to try to lose him his job, crack on and report. If you think he is going do have a complete personality change following a telling off from HR, you’re deluded.

Newkitty Thu 24-Sep-20 07:39:46

We all have our role to play in anti racism. You cannot take responsibility for what the company seeks to do, but I do think you can take responsibility for your own actions or non actions. Silence is violence. Imagine being a black person who needs to use that company, or work for them.

I think you should report him.

Pollypocket89 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:40:08

It just sounds like you're being vindictive.. You went out of your way to snoop

ErrmWTAF Thu 24-Sep-20 07:40:14

You know all those nazi protestors and bigoted ranters who got caught on camera, identified and thereby bringing their workplaces into disrepute, to the point of not only sacking the culprits but having to go through a costly PR exercise?

Report him to HR with this angle. You're saving them trouble, down the road.

Sorry, don't have vote key on this app. YANBU

Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:40:43

He is unpleasant but I don’t think he would be so stupid as to air these in public. As explained, not vindictive just I hate racists

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Colleaguedilemma99 Thu 24-Sep-20 07:43:30

Am not denying this! I’ve looked at many a Facebook profile, wasn’t purposely hunting down racist posts!

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Newkitty Thu 24-Sep-20 07:43:48

Can you talk to him about his views? Try to understand where he’s coming from and talk him round?

AriettyHomily Thu 24-Sep-20 07:45:50

I would imagine it is massively against the company's Social Media Policy regardless of whether a personal or work account.

Yes I would report.

OlympicProcrastinator Thu 24-Sep-20 07:46:06

Being a nazi protester is quite a world a away from disagreeing with BLM as a political group. When you say ‘anti BLM’ what exactly does that mean in terms of his posts?

lboogy Thu 24-Sep-20 07:47:15

Report him. Who knows if he has denied opportunities to black people, downgraded them in performance evaluations etc and all round been an absolute terror.

Racism isn't something you educate people out of imo. There are far too many resources to help people understand the perspectives of minorities. At this point he is choosing his ignorance.

Yogaroll Thu 24-Sep-20 07:47:25

Do you have a social media policy? I work for the NHS. We have a very strict social media policy and actually that kind of this is reportable. He is representing the company he works for in some capacity at all times. I don't know what action would be likely to happen, maybe he would just be asked to take down the posts and be more mindful in the future. Then they would monitor it. Or they would just ask him to change his security setting potentially. But it's a step in the right direction.
Racism should always be challenged. Him thinking these thoughts isn't a crime, but think them. Don't write them down in a public social post without expecting to be challenged about it. The reaction would be quite different here i think if he had graffitid them across a wall!

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