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How would you feel if your Dh did this?

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Autumnsunshineday Sat 19-Sep-20 15:31:20

So imagine whilst out you go to a sandwich shop with your dc and Dh. Dh agrees to go in and buy the food while you wait outside with the dc.

You ask Dh to get you a cheese sandwich, second option would be a chicken sandwich or any other type of sandwich. The dc choose a sandwich each too. Dh wants a sausage roll.

Instead of sandwiches your Dh comes out with a sausage roll each for everyone. You don't like sausage rolls, you never have. So you tell your Dh you don't like sausage rolls. He then tells you that the shop had no sandwiches, and you're just being fussy. You question the fact that a sandwich shop would have no sandwiches, at all, but your Dh insists they had no sandwiches at all, the shops useless, they've run out of sandwiches, he even asked them to make one but they wouldn't.

So you say you'll nip in yourself and get something else, your Dh then tries to stop you, berating you for not just eating the sausage roll.

When you go into the shop, they are actually fully stocked with every variety sandwiches. Turns out your Dh just couldn't be bothered to pick up the different sandwiches.

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ZoeTurtle Sat 19-Sep-20 15:32:25

I'd think he was a twat.

Kazakaren Sat 19-Sep-20 15:32:52

I'd think he was a lazy selfish turd.

Timestoodstilll Sat 19-Sep-20 15:33:49

Second that.

AintNobodyHereButUsChickens Sat 19-Sep-20 15:33:53

This is the kind of shit my dad would do hmm He was a twat then and he's probably still a twat now.

Cocomarine Sat 19-Sep-20 15:34:03

I’m going out on a limb to suggest this wasn’t a random never before seen act of selfish dickery.

growinggreyer Sat 19-Sep-20 15:34:13

I would feel like I had married a knobhead. What a stupid thing to lie about.

ShebaShimmyShake Sat 19-Sep-20 15:34:24

I don't understand why buying a sandwich is more arduous than buying a sausage roll. I'd be wondering why he didn't just get what I asked for.

Spandang Sat 19-Sep-20 15:34:39

I’d think he was either tight or didn’t give two shits about me or that he didn’t know me very well.

Mama1980 Sat 19-Sep-20 15:34:44

That's ridiculous! Who does that?!
I'd be very cross, I have no time for selfish behaviour.

BigFatLiar Sat 19-Sep-20 15:34:55

Id ask why he couldn't simply get you a sandwich, its no more difficult than getting a sausage roll.

Bargebill19 Sat 19-Sep-20 15:35:14

He was a total w**ker - in fact I would ignore them and actively give him stuff he hates, until he got the message to actually put himself out and think of others for a change.

notapizzaeater Sat 19-Sep-20 15:35:15

He sounds like a selfish dick !

Pelleas Sat 19-Sep-20 15:35:25

Mightily pissed off.

I'd ask him why, if he couldn't be bothered to pick up a selection of sandwiches, he didn't just say so, then I could have gone to get them myself while he stayed outside with the DC.

Wearywithteens Sat 19-Sep-20 15:36:15

Yes I wouldn’t be impressed. What a selfish prick.

AlwaysCheddar Sat 19-Sep-20 15:36:20

I’d be cooking him shit he didn’t like for the next week. Selfish lazy prick.

PlateTectonics Sat 19-Sep-20 15:37:23

Is he the kind of person who thinks he's always right OP?

Wearywithteens Sat 19-Sep-20 15:37:35

AlwaysCheddar - but you’d still take on the burden of cooking for him? What a strange punishment!

Thighdentitycrisis Sat 19-Sep-20 15:39:28

I would feel invisible in the relationship. I would also feel very hurt, disappointed and angry on behalf of my children as well as myself.

I would ask him if he did that deliberately to hurt us or if he genuinely thought it was ok to disregard our choices, and if so, why?

Thepilotlightsgoneout Sat 19-Sep-20 15:39:31

What strange behaviour from a grown man. I’d just be like ‘WTF’?

OhToBeASeahorse Sat 19-Sep-20 15:39:31

What an absolute twat. I'd be so fucked off, not just for the laziness but the lying would have really pissed me off

Bluntness100 Sat 19-Sep-20 15:39:49

Wow. That’s a level of lazy and don’t give a shit seldom seen, and then to lie to your face about it. What a twat

Sally872 Sat 19-Sep-20 15:40:18

I would do what you did and I would be disappointed he couldn't be bothered to get what we had asked for and only suited himself. I would explain this and hope for a decent apology.

unmarkedbythat Sat 19-Sep-20 15:40:26

I'd think he was a wanker.

Mylittlepony374 Sat 19-Sep-20 15:41:02

That's so weird. I'd be wondering what the fuck had happened to my usually-not-a-fuckwit husband. I just don't understand how it's easier to buy a sausage roll than sandwich. This is the oddest thing I've read in ages.

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