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To miss out on this show as I don't want to wear a mask

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Witterywoman Fri 18-Sep-20 07:42:21

DD and I (along with friend & her DD) were due to see a West End show we'd been wanting to see for ages. It was cancelled due to Covid. We then bought tickets for a drive in version of the show which was cancelled last minute. They've now announced a limited run of the show later this year. I was initially excited thinking 3rd time lucky but my heart sank when I read all the inevitable "Covid safe" blurb about masks, sanitising and temp checks. Sent it to my friend anyway who was "urgh no thanks". She then added we'd probably get cancelled again anyway! Although I would love to see the show I too don't think it's worth the hassle. DD & I hate wearing masks for any length of time so to wear for an entire show plus the journey into town would just be uncomfortable & depressing.

I know it's good to support the arts but I just feel sad about the whole thing. We"ve tried to go out and do normal things like go out for meals, to attractions etc but just feel sad at the reality at how far from normal things are and don't feel I can be bothered trying anymore.

No point to this really, I know why these measures are necessary but just feel so sad about it all and long for it all to end. I find seeing masks everywhere so depressing! Unfortunately reality has dawned that we may be living like this for a very very long time hmm

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DipSwimSwoosh Fri 18-Sep-20 07:44:41

I wouldn't go either. I don't do anything that requires a mask. Shopping is now delivered and pwtrol pay at pump. I'm claustrophobic and couldn't wear one for the length of a show. If they bring them in at work I'll have to, but I'll find it very hard.

sakura06 Fri 18-Sep-20 07:44:55

If you really want to see the show, then wear a mask. It's honestly not that bad. They just take some getting used to. If you're happy to miss out on the show, then cancel. It seems a shame to miss out on an experience you'd looked forward to though.

NoSquirrels Fri 18-Sep-20 07:46:59

I won’t vote because you’re right, it’s just sad and not really something that is ‘unreasonable’ - of course if you don’t like wearing a mask then you won’t want to pay money to sit and wear one. It’s terrible for theatre and live arts though if everyone feels this way.

I would say, I guess, that I think wearing a mask whilst sat down watching something absorbing isn’t the same as walking around or commuting - it’s a more passive experience if you know what I mean?

Star81 Fri 18-Sep-20 07:47:50

I’ve used various different types of masks and have found that they are all different feeling on so it’s just trying until you find the one for you. Now I don’t really even notice I’m wearing them that much.

Realistically, going forward this is going to be reality for a while so you either get used to it or miss out on a awful lot. Sad but true.

MiniMaxi Fri 18-Sep-20 07:49:43

Not good for the environment but have you tried the disposable “paper” ones? I find them much easier to wear and breathe through than washable fabric ones (which can make me feel claustrophobic as they “suck in” when I breathe)

CryHavoc Fri 18-Sep-20 07:50:07

Is it Six? I'm in the same position, and was gutted when the Drive In was cancelled, and am absolutely going to book and go. Masks are a way of life at the moment, I think they're worth it to support the arts and make small steps back towards normality.

Witterywoman Fri 18-Sep-20 07:56:56

@50CryHavoc - yes that's the one!

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ChasingRainbows19 Fri 18-Sep-20 08:19:18

Well masks will be around a while wether you want to wear them or not because it’s increasing again throughout Europe.

If you want to support the Arts then you can but you need to at least try and protect the people sat around you. I voted Yanbu because it’s your choice not to go but I’d wear one for a show, I’m in an area with further restrictions and haven’t been to a show/gig since Feb

As for the claustrophobic thing I’ve been wearing them for months in work for my whole shift (13 hours except breaks) and it honestly gets easier and the surgical ones are usually easier than fabric.

Brighterthansunflowers Fri 18-Sep-20 08:28:22

It’s your choice whether you want to go and wear a mask or not go

But I would say go! Six is only about 75 minutes long and has no interval (probably partly why it’s the first show to go back actually), so it’s not like most shows where you’d be wearing it for two or three hours. It’s also a fantastic show so well worth the minor inconvenience of wearing a mask.

I’ve actually cancelled my tickets only because I don’t feel ready to travel long distances on public transport at the moment. If it was at my local theatre I’d be there like a shot!

Florencex Fri 18-Sep-20 08:43:13

I doubt many people like wearing a mask, but it does seem like something we need to try and get used to, otherwise could be missing out on a lot of stuff for the medium term.

Newgirls Fri 18-Sep-20 08:45:57

I had to wear a mask for a long time the other day (train journey) and very quickly forgot I was wearing it. Six is amazing GO!!

Chickenfingers Fri 18-Sep-20 08:45:58

I was due to go to a comedy show in December and had been dreading it incase we had to wear masks, but I was so relieved to get an email to say it's been delayed for a year. I wouldn't go either. Hopefully the drive in might come back for you if they don't get enough interest.

ChaChaCha2012 Fri 18-Sep-20 08:47:25

You can still donate to the arts even if you don't attend, I can't get to my favourite museum at the moment but have sent a donation and bought something from their online shop. We still need these services when this is over.

Pasghetti Fri 18-Sep-20 08:50:55

Wear the mask. Start now, practice building it up. I wear one 8-10 hrs a day when I'm not working from home and I barely notice it. It takes a bit of trial and error to find the right ones for you but it's well worth it because they are not going away anytime soon. And yes if you really hate them the surgical ones are lighter and easier than cloth.

I pretty much do normal life now - just by wearing a mask.

WeeWelshWoman Fri 18-Sep-20 08:54:21

I'm with you. I have sensory issues and struggle to wear a mask. I'm in an exempt group, but find that the prospect of being challenged about not having a mask anxiety inducing - so I avoid places where I have to wear a mask for more than a few minutes and where it where I can manage. I couldn't do a whole show - and would rather just not go.

ameliajoan Fri 18-Sep-20 08:57:21

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IntermittentParps Fri 18-Sep-20 08:59:07

If you want to see it, go. IMO masks, sanitising and temperature checks will be around for some time yet, so if we want any kind of life like we had pre-Covid we all need to get used to it. (I am not talking, obviously, about mask-exempt people).

I've been to a couple of art galleries and don't like wearing a mask for all that time –with the tube journey there as well as in the gallery it adds up to a long time. And while I'm trying to look at paintings my glasses steam up and I have to wait for them to clear a bit before I can see the damn thing grin
BUT I'd hate to see galleries have to close, and I missed it during lockdown.
I'm going to start going back to the cinema and theatre too as I think it would be tragic (I'm not using the word lightly either) if they were to disappear and I want to support them.

CuriousaboutSamphire Fri 18-Sep-20 09:01:11

Whilst I dislike masks, they steam up my glasses, are a pain to put on, take off, are uncomfortable, can make breathing, seeing, hearing, simply being, a bloody nightmare, I wear them because, well, I don't want to stop being me!

Try a few until you find one that is the least bothersome for you! You might find one that is OK enough to see the show!

IwishIwasyoda Fri 18-Sep-20 09:01:51

I wouldn't go. But then I wear glasses and find they steam up. Managed 1.5 hours in the opticians with my son as I had to but for so called leisure purposes - no thanks. Especially as I don't think they are particularly effective

SBTLove Fri 18-Sep-20 09:02:11

You don’t like? good job NHS staff aren’t so precious in full ppe all day.
Honestly grown adults bleating about I don’t like, I feel uncomfortable🙄

Wiredforsound Fri 18-Sep-20 09:04:38

Oh for Gods sake. I’m sick of this whiny ‘I’m too special to wear a mask’ crap. Just wear the fucking mask. You’re not being asked to stick pins in your eyeballs. It’s just a bit of cloth over your nose and mouth. Nobody actually loves wearing a mask but it’s really not a big deal at all once you’re used to it.

Iamtooknackeredtorun Fri 18-Sep-20 09:04:50

We have booked for Six too (and had booked for the drive in which was cancelled). It's only about 70 mins long anyway so it's not too bad. Hamilton would be another story altogether! I've had so much disappointment this year I will wear full PPE if it means I get to go to a theatre.

Oldraver Fri 18-Sep-20 09:04:57

If you want to go try and get a mask that is best for you

I made my own and used DS's old vests as liners they were M+S extra soft (he had sensory issues) and so are very soft on the face and just about right to trap breath condensation

Find an old soft t-shirt or whatever

nevermorelenore Fri 18-Sep-20 09:06:57

I wouldn't fancy wearing a mask for that length of time either. Obviously don't mind wearing them to pop to the shops etc, but I find them itchy and annoying for long periods and wouldn't be able to focus on a show. I'm someone who always feels boiling hot in the theatre as it is.

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