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Is Boris lying again

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Howslifenow Wed 16-Sep-20 18:13:30

Today on one of the select committee meetings Boris said 1% of the schools have got impacted by Covid in UK.
Assuming 35000 schools in UK, this equals 350 schools.
Mayor of Manchester today says 120 schools in Manchester have been impacted.
That leaves 230 schools rest of UK.
Are we being taken as mugs again.
Why are we not given this information.

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ssd Wed 16-Sep-20 18:14:34

Is Boris lying again??

Is the pope a Catholic??

Fallenmadonnawiththebigboobies Wed 16-Sep-20 18:15:06

Is his mouth moving?

thewrongshoes Wed 16-Sep-20 18:15:15

If he’s awake, he’s lying

pussycatinboots Wed 16-Sep-20 18:17:25


Is his mouth moving?

I was going to say that!


Is he breathing?

4cats2kids Wed 16-Sep-20 18:17:52

He probably tells lies in his sleep

BadBanana Wed 16-Sep-20 18:18:48

I’m not even sure his real name is ‘Boris’.

Juanmorebeer Wed 16-Sep-20 18:19:44

In the county I work in there are over 40 impacted now which equates to just over 10%

kimlo Wed 16-Sep-20 18:20:20

of the 4 high schools near me 3 have announced that they have a positive case.

So I would say so. But are you suprised?

thepeopleversuswork Wed 16-Sep-20 18:20:52


Is his mouth moving?

You took the words out of my mouth...

Whatwouldscullydo Wed 16-Sep-20 18:21:07

If hes breathing hes lying.

planplan Wed 16-Sep-20 18:21:14

If he's talking he's lying.

JanetandJohn500 Wed 16-Sep-20 18:22:44

I haven't even read the OP and I know it's a resounding yes. He was born lying. He's a lying little shit all of the time.

FelicityPike Wed 16-Sep-20 18:23:10

Is his mouth moving?

The80sweregreat Wed 16-Sep-20 18:24:18

Answer : yes.
It's his default setting I'm afraid. sad

Gurtcha Wed 16-Sep-20 18:24:44

Just because nobody’s used this one yet but....

Do bears shit in the woods??

Howslifenow Wed 16-Sep-20 18:25:11

Why didn't the committee challenge him.

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cheesecurdsandgravy Wed 16-Sep-20 18:25:29

@BadBanana funnily enough...

“Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson“

littlemsattitude Wed 16-Sep-20 18:25:41

Were his lips moving?

Howslifenow Wed 16-Sep-20 18:25:51

At least there is one fact we all agree and don't argue- Boris is a liar

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The80sweregreat Wed 16-Sep-20 18:25:56

Yes, even his real name isn't Boris but Alexander ! He can't even have his own name , he used his middle name!
Not a lie as such , but just to be a bit more 'quirky! ' ( with the lies)

elephantnose Wed 16-Sep-20 18:26:36

His real name isn't Boris it is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson - but Boris sounds sooo much less posh, and of course he is lying

Howslifenow Wed 16-Sep-20 18:26:46

I wish I had this gift. Waffle, Waffle, puff puff

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NotAKaren Wed 16-Sep-20 18:26:57

Lying is second nature this man. He won an election and delivered Brexit through lies.

SaltyAndFresh Wed 16-Sep-20 18:27:10

Does he still have a pulse?

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