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Employer telling us not to go out to restaurants and bars?

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RootsnAll Mon 14-Sep-20 12:54:36

We’ve been told by the head of our department that we aren’t to go out to restaurants or bars as that’s where Covid is being spread the most. Obviously I understand the reasoning behind but surely they can’t tell us what to do/not do in our spare time? AIBU?

We’ve worked throughout the pandemic in the office as our work is essential but we wear masks constantly (unless eating or drinking away from others) and keep socially distanced at all times. Lots of hand washing and hand sanitising. Not in a job that involves visiting or seeing other people outside of the department.

Not sure if I’m being unreasonable feeling fed up being told what to do? I keep to the gov rules etc but going out for a drink with my husband is such a nice break after a hectic week at work. sad

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Idontgiveagriffindamn Mon 14-Sep-20 12:55:54

They can give you advice but not tell you what to do especially if your following government guidelines.

iwantmyownicecreamvan Mon 14-Sep-20 12:56:01

As long as you are conforming with government regulations I don't see how they can stop you.

Fungster Mon 14-Sep-20 12:57:26

Your employer can't stop you, but it's good advice they're giving you. I'm amazed that people are going to bars and restaurants at the moment.

PurpleDaisies Mon 14-Sep-20 12:58:33

How do they propose to police what you do in your free time?
Are you in a union?

RedRumTheHorse Mon 14-Sep-20 12:58:59

They can give you advice but you can ignore it.

If you get Covid, unless you live on your own, you simply say someone in your household has it as well. You don't need to name them.

Freddiefox Mon 14-Sep-20 13:00:44

They can’t stop you and I wouldn’t ask my staff , however, if my business has to shut again we will be lucky to survive and will certainly make people redundant

BrightYellowDaffodil Mon 14-Sep-20 13:01:06

Quiet tip off to a local paper about how a local company is treating its employees?

LearnedResponse Mon 14-Sep-20 13:08:42

It depends just how essential it is really.

If you’re running a cancer clinic desperately trying to catch up with a backlog of people for whom their appointment might be a matter of life and death then yes strictly speaking he has no right to tell you what to do in your spare time, but I think it would still be reasonable for him to appeal to your sense of duty and appeal for the supererogatory gesture.

PurpleDaisies Mon 14-Sep-20 13:11:53

It depends just how essential it is really.

It really doesn’t, unless employers are paying their staff twenty four hours a day.

Iconical Mon 14-Sep-20 13:13:02

I think I trust the data from Wetherspoons more than the government

32 million visits. 66 positive staff, 40 in isolated cases.

On the bbc news today

That suggests to me that ours are pretty safe places to be.

rookiemere Mon 14-Sep-20 13:13:13

Nope, they can't tell you what to do in your spare time and nor should they.

lojoko Mon 14-Sep-20 13:13:35

They can tell you what to do in the hours they pay for.

Judystilldreamsofhorses Mon 14-Sep-20 13:21:32

Yet it's fine for people on MN threads to tell teachers what they should be doing outside work, to minimise the risk of schools closing...

No, OP, of course they can't tell you not to go for a drink.

GreekYogurtWalnuts Mon 14-Sep-20 13:27:47

They can get to fuck

TheDuchessofMalfy Mon 14-Sep-20 13:30:20

Of course they can’t!

Corono Mon 14-Sep-20 13:31:15

Ignore them, live your life within the guidelines.

SayakaMurata Mon 14-Sep-20 13:32:19

We've been told that at school too, but we're all ignoring it.

Florencex Mon 14-Sep-20 13:32:48

I wouldn’t take any notice of the employer, they have no right to do that. I haven’t heard or read that it is being spread through bars or restaurants anyway, the ones I have been to are being very careful.

InfiniteSheldon Mon 14-Sep-20 13:33:29

Will you lose your job if you ignore their advice and have to isolate?

19lottie82 Mon 14-Sep-20 13:34:02

Have they told you, or advised you?

Aragog Mon 14-Sep-20 13:35:09

So long as you are following the restrictions laid out by the government, and their new laws, then your employer cannot really tell you how to live your life outside of work. I assume they don't pay you for non working hours?

It's not an offence to go for a drink or a meal currently, therefore you can go.

Is the employer also banning people from having a meal with family or friends in their homes too? Or indeed going anywhere at all?

WorraLiberty Mon 14-Sep-20 13:36:50

How exactly was it worded OP?

Batshitbeautycosmeticsltd Mon 14-Sep-20 13:36:59

Fuck them.

Aragog Mon 14-Sep-20 13:37:29

Will you lose your job if you ignore their advice and have to isolate?

This would be an interesting one to take to,court wouldn't it?
Would it be classed as unfair dismissal if you were sacked because had to self isolate due to T&T despite staying within the law, and guidelines, of the government?

It's bad enough you can be put on unpaid leave for it, let alone lose your job.

No,wonder many people lie in T&T for example.

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