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to sometimes regret having DD2???

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sarahtwobratz Thu 04-Oct-07 23:25:53

DD1 was only child til she was 4 1/2. Had another child 'cos we thought we might regret it if we didn't(god, that sounds bad). Sometimes feel that DD1 really misses out cos all the attention is on the 'terrible twos' sister. I love it when DD2 goes to bed and I finally get time with DD1. She is at school all day and I really miss her. Went to visit parents in Spain during the summer, and went to a resteraunt where ther was a couple with 1 DD and they looked just how we used to. Just the three of them, so close and intimate. Don't think it helps when DD1 says she wishes we could send baby to another family.

MissiMoo Thu 04-Oct-07 23:41:30

Hi sarah, I am quite new to mumsnet and I dont claim to be a fountain of knowledge but I can relate to the worry of not spending enough time with the first child. I am always questioning myself, do I do enough with them, do I read enough, do I spend enough quality time with them? I now have the added beat up of not spending enough time with DS1-I think maybe you are feeling a little of the same? I miss him terribly also and so miss having him all to myself all day but on the flip I love now doing all the things with new babe that DS1 loved so much. Do you think It might be that and not necessarilyy that you sometimes regret having the new babe? x

nappyaddict Thu 04-Oct-07 23:47:13

i feel like you but i only have one child. so that makes me much worse!

3littlebats Fri 05-Oct-07 08:07:16

When they grow up and you are no longer around they will be so thankful to have each other.

I would be lost without my sisters. ...and I have lost one sibling.

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