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To call out doctor/ambulance

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Caplin Sat 15-Aug-20 02:15:48

Tonight we had neighbours round, all outdoors etc. At some point H vanishes. Ask kids, they say he is in the loo. He is an introvert so I

assume he has gone to bed as this is normal.

Wave people off. Go inside to discover H unconscious and shivering behind bathroom door. He may have been there 2 hrs. Had to force my way in. Got him into bed, no fever. After some water seems ok, but messed up and confused. I wanted to call 999/111 but he refused.

Kids are petrified. Should I insist he sees a doctor?

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Tavannach Sat 15-Aug-20 02:17:54

Just call 111. Now.

Calphurnia Sat 15-Aug-20 02:18:19

Call 111 & describe his symptoms. They will know best. Good luck OP

melj1213 Sat 15-Aug-20 02:18:28

He was unconscious, that doesnt just happen out of nowhere. Call 111 at the very least

pawpawpawpaw Sat 15-Aug-20 02:18:55

I think I would if this happened to my dh. When you say he's ok but messed up, this sounds like maybe he's not ok. Can you call 111?

BoreOfWhabylon Sat 15-Aug-20 02:18:59

Yes. Unconscious and now confused means he needs medical assessmentnas soon as possible.

emmaluggs Sat 15-Aug-20 02:19:08

Has he been drinking? As long as at not drunk I’d ring 111

Mumdiva99 Sat 15-Aug-20 02:19:39 111. Was he actually unconscious? Or was he asleep? Or was he just very quiet and shivering? Has he taken anything? In fact - don't 111.

flatulencebythebucket Sat 15-Aug-20 02:22:48

Yup, If he has COVID make sure you tell your guests smile

TalkingOutOfMyBottom Sat 15-Aug-20 02:29:24

Call 999.

Caplin Sat 15-Aug-20 02:35:15

He is in bed, doesn’t wasn’t a doctor And seems brighter. But I might force things tomorrow. This is not right for him. Poor kids are petrified 🙁.

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Caplin Sat 15-Aug-20 02:36:35

Not drunk, only 1glass of wine

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nocoolnamesleft Sat 15-Aug-20 02:37:17

I'd be uncomfortable leaving it until morning. At least try 111 tonight.

Gunpowder Sat 15-Aug-20 02:39:02

I’d call 111 too.

ExhaustedFlamingo Sat 15-Aug-20 02:41:45

I really wouldn't wait until tomorrow to speak to 111. Without wanting to be dramatic, you don't know what might happen while you are sleeping. You don't know the cause of him slipping into unconsciousness and you won't be awake to monitor his condition. Just give them a quick call now. Better to be over cautious than to regret not ringing.

Honeybeexo Sat 15-Aug-20 02:42:28

His drink may have been spiked or he may have had a stroke, call an ambulance.

Caplin Sat 15-Aug-20 02:44:03


I feel awful, he is insistent he is ok, but this isn’t right 😞

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Honeybeexo Sat 15-Aug-20 02:46:10

Caplin, he is definitely not all right. No matter what he says. Are you positive he’s not taken any drugs In secret and doesn’t want to go to hospital because they’ll find out? flowers

Gunpowder Sat 15-Aug-20 02:47:29

I think you will probably get a call back quite quickly at this time OP. It sounds scary.

MustShowDH Sat 15-Aug-20 02:47:59

Is he likely to have taken anything? Is that why he doesn't want anyone called?


I'd call 111 as a minimum.
I'm normally in the 'only call 999 for emergencies' camp, but I think you'd be justified in this instance.

loubieloo4 Sat 15-Aug-20 02:48:07

I would call 999 even if he doesn't want you to, as you said he's not right and acting odd. Nobody can even begin to guess what has happened. But I wouldn't listen to anyone who has been unconscious for 2hrs and think they are able to make sound judgment on their own health.

Rebeccasmoonnecklace Sat 15-Aug-20 02:48:07

OP, if he is confused then you really need to take control of the situation and get medical advice from 111 or 999 flowers

Caplin Sat 15-Aug-20 02:48:46

No drugs at all, he has a very stressful job and was on an all day call. He does loads. I’m worried stress is part of this.

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BoreOfWhabylon Sat 15-Aug-20 02:49:46

I'm a very recently retired triage nurse specialist. Please don't leave this until tomorrow.

KoalasandRabbit Sat 15-Aug-20 02:50:58

I'ld call 111 or 999 if 111 is taking forever and get him assessed tonight. I left it once after heart issues and they said bloods wouldn't pick up an issue as too late. Would imagine 111 will send an ambulance.

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