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My in laws just gifted me scales for my birthday

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Lsquiggles Tue 11-Aug-20 10:51:07

It's my birthday and I feel absolutely shit after opening a present from my in laws... Fucking scales.

No matter how hard I've tried with them they've always made it clear they don't like me that much, this is just the lowest blow.

They're meant to come over on Saturday and I don't know how I'm meant to bite my tongue.

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Youngatheart00 Tue 11-Aug-20 10:52:15

Oh wow, I can’t get over how rude that is!!!!

essexmum777 Tue 11-Aug-20 10:52:40

kitchen scales or bathroom scales?

Hopeisnotastrategy Tue 11-Aug-20 10:53:05

Uninvite them?

Lsquiggles Tue 11-Aug-20 10:53:30

I'm actually so embarrassed. I had a baby a year ago and have natural gained weight, I just can't believe someone would do this sad

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Owleyes16 Tue 11-Aug-20 10:53:32

What! That's horrific, I'm so sorry OP! If I were you I wouldn't be biting my tongue anymore, they obviously don't care how rude they are, why should you?

mummyoneboy19 Tue 11-Aug-20 10:53:51

“Thank you so much for the lovely scales! My other ones broke and I needed a new set to weigh out the sugar for my cakes!”

What dicks they are. I hope you’re okay flowers

BrunetteBuns Tue 11-Aug-20 10:54:51

Bloody hell! That’s just one down from an ironing board.

Was your DH there? What was his reaction? Maybe organise a celery banquet for their visit at the weekend. And after they leave, full on meal of your favourite stuff polished off with cake and cocktails for you both

luckylavender Tue 11-Aug-20 10:54:54

Such a horrible thing to do. Give them back? What does your DP say?

BarbaraofSeville Tue 11-Aug-20 10:54:59

Time to stop biting your tongue. If you don't want to say anything, regift them back to the heaviest in law on their next birthday, or at Christmas.

Mingo2010 Tue 11-Aug-20 10:55:35

That's bloody nasty!!! My in-laws have commented on my weight after I had my baby too and it feels horrible doesn't it!! Don't let them bother you nasty bastards !! What has your husband said about it ? Xx

ChangeThePassword Tue 11-Aug-20 10:55:42


Stop trying to get in with them, and let's come up with some creative suggestions for gifts for them. I know some people here will have some great suggestions.

A voucher for facial waxing for mil?
The book 'the squashed man who married a dragon' for fil?

BarbaraofSeville Tue 11-Aug-20 10:55:42

YY to serving boring diet food when they next visit.

Lsquiggles Tue 11-Aug-20 10:55:47

@BrunetteBuns he was as stunned as me but doesn't think they did it in a malicious way hmm

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Shoxfordian Tue 11-Aug-20 10:55:49

Tell them they're not coming on Saturday
Really rude

TeddyIsaHe Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:06

What knobs! I’d get them a burial plot for Christmas.

ZeldaPrincessOfHyrule Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:15

Tell them there's a weight requirement on entering the house. Put the scales in the door way and take their weight as they come in. Tut loudly and talk about how the data says they can have tea but not cake.

Or throw the scales at them from an upstairs window as they wait for you to answer the door.

Seriously, without knowing more about your relationship I'm not sure how you get through seeing them, but I do sympathise!

vegansprinkle Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:17

What did your DH say?

I would get creative for Christmas gifts. A personalized hamper full of things like weight loss tea, medication for creams and special vitamins for older people

KittCat Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:20

Re gift them back for christmas...nasty twats!

TheAquaticDuchess Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:24

That is so unbelievably rude and crass. They’re clearly just shitty people OP - there’s nothing you can do about that, and it only reflects badly on them not you.

Crunchymum Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:45

Cancel their invite and bin the scales!

mrswhiplington Tue 11-Aug-20 10:56:53

Just gift them back and say "your need is greater than mine". The cheeky bastards.

One Christmas some family friends gifted me a bloody cooking pot. My DH got wine and DD got make-up. I tried to shove it under a chair at their house so I could pretend to forget it but they saw it and I had to take it. Never used it on principle.angry

Happy Birthday

Lsquiggles Tue 11-Aug-20 10:57:18

I'd happily never see them again as any time spent with them in painful at best but our daughter is their only grandchild so they crop up every month or so to pretend they care hmm

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Weenurse Tue 11-Aug-20 10:57:40


Lsquiggles Tue 11-Aug-20 10:57:59

@TeddyIsaHe tempting grin

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