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AIBU to expect mindees mother not to be snide when I call to say I am unwell, having only had 2 previous sick days since March?

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tori32 Tue 02-Oct-07 19:52:09

I felt fine yesterday, but started to feel really queasy in the night. Got up at 0655 and spent the next 15 mins going back and forth to the loo. Called all parents of mindees. The mother of my full time under 5 said 'I could really do without being messed about this week', after I had suggested an alternative childminder for her to try and given her the number, to try to help her out. angry at the suggestion that I was 'messing her about'. More so because I do not charge for any sick time I take, so don't take any unnecessary time off. Also, she had all last week off sick, sending her dd to me and then has the gall to be cross when I get sick! AIBU to expect her to say 'i hope you get better soon, don't worry or it can't be helped?'

clapton Tue 02-Oct-07 19:56:25

YANBU!!! My mum is a child minder and she gets the same reaction. Honestly, some parents think it is them doing you the favor! You're running a business at the end of the day yet some parents treat you like you are on their pay roll.

I think that was very good of you to offer an alternative.

MaureenMLove Tue 02-Oct-07 20:00:44

YANBU! Poor you! Hope you're feeling better now. You're not the only CM thats had a rough ride today, best we all meet in the bar later to sound off!

Howdydoody Tue 02-Oct-07 20:01:21

YANBU - sounds like she's treating you like naughty child, what a cheek. It's up to her to have a back up plan surely? Not you, tho that was good of you to give her another number to try

TheDuchess Tue 02-Oct-07 20:02:14

The parent was probably in work mode and thinking about deadlines, projects etc. I was interviewing all day today so a sick CM would be a real headache. The number you supplied may not be that helpful if the alternative person is a stranger.

She didn't react very well but probably frantically thinking how to juggle things.

Katymac Tue 02-Oct-07 20:03:19

Let her child come - let him catch it & let her have 3 days off because OFSTED say we can't have them back for 72hrs after a bug

tori32 Tue 02-Oct-07 20:03:42

Thanks for the backup guys! feeling a bit better, although have only managed half a cheese sandwich and bowl of soup all day sad

tori32 Tue 02-Oct-07 20:06:08

Yes I see what you mean about work mode, however, I explained that the number for the cm was a friend who I work closely with on a daily basis. The child knows her well and has visited her house several times.

Howdydoody Tue 02-Oct-07 20:13:19

So tori the next time you are selfish enough to have sickness and diarhoea please remember other people have work deadlines and commitments. Goodness, these childminders eh?! wink

Ghostashoshabuster Tue 02-Oct-07 20:13:41

Tori are you alive babe? Did I give you a dose grin Your schoolie was fine, came in no probs, good practice for your maternity leave.

And typical stroppy parent and we both know that the Army people can get time off quite easy, so even if it was difficult for mum what about dad?

Dont worry get better and I aint coming near you till your clear I dont want it back thanks grin

tori32 Tue 02-Oct-07 20:19:14

Just about alive, you can tell I was bad because I didn't even go in the staff room today! grin Just feeling wiped out and hot then cold now. Glad schoolie is ok, have you said to bring her tomorrow or shall I phone DP's.

Ghostashoshabuster Tue 02-Oct-07 20:22:02

Know have said will have tomorrow, all aranged just get yourself to bed.

tori32 Tue 02-Oct-07 20:26:47

Cheers love, off for a long soak and then bed. x

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