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To be livid at this hotel stay

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Butternutter01 Sun 02-Aug-20 01:00:19

Staying in hotel in Scotland. Single woman, travelling alone.

It’s gone midnight on a Saturday and I was fast asleep, only to have the door open and two men walk into my hotel room?!

Got dressed and went downstairs to reception as frankly I was concerned for my safety. The night manager is basically blaming this on me, saying he has no record of me being in the room, so apparently not his fault?! Yet they assigned me the key on Thursday night!

Went back up to my room, my key now doesn’t work. Back downstairs, oh it’s because we have no record of you. Yes but that’s not my fault?! Booked online weeks in advance, checked in fine AFAIK.

AIBU to be livid at this?

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JuniperBeer Sun 02-Aug-20 01:02:22

This is why I always lock hotel doors!!

Weenurse Sun 02-Aug-20 01:03:16

Safety chain

VimFuego101 Sun 02-Aug-20 01:03:36

Is it a chain? I would post on their social media to bring it to the attention of head office.

Babymamamama Sun 02-Aug-20 01:03:56

Dreadful. Get them to put you back to your room now and then cause a stink in the morning when a manager is on duty. To coin a mumsnet phrase I’d be fuming at that.

Monty27 Sun 02-Aug-20 01:05:09

OP are you sorted now? And safe? That must have been terrifying.
You must be fuming.
I hope they forget your bill too at the very least

Butternutter01 Sun 02-Aug-20 01:06:00

Yes it is a chain and not a cheap one. Ironically I picked a chain as I generally feel safer this way!

There isn’t a safety lock on the door. I looked for it this morning when I wanted to have a lie in without the cleaner disturbing me (they never came; now I know why!)

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SleepingStandingUp Sun 02-Aug-20 01:06:25

O would be fuming op. What happened to theen and are you in your room again?

Butternutter01 Sun 02-Aug-20 01:08:01

Back in my room now. They said they will look at it in the morning, but as I said I was made to feel it was my fault. I’m not sure if I was originally checked in properly so by this I actually think they mean make sure I haven’t snuck in without paying!!

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SleepingStandingUp Sun 02-Aug-20 01:12:09

I'd wedge something against the door op. Try to get some sleep and am to speak to a manager tomorrow

Aquamarine1029 Sun 02-Aug-20 01:13:44

There isn't a chain on the door??

MustShowDH Sun 02-Aug-20 01:28:20

I would be furious and scared! You poor thing.

Night managers are notoriously crap. I'm sure you will get a more professional response in the morning.

Sparklesocks Sun 02-Aug-20 01:30:32

That’s awful - and such a poor excuse, surely you wouldn’t have been given a room key and checked in if they had no record of you!! Sounds like they ballsed up the reservations somehow and are trying to distance themselves from the error.

nocoolnamesleft Sun 02-Aug-20 02:00:33

Bloody appalling. Name and shame.

SquirtleSquad Sun 02-Aug-20 02:03:03

Is this a small independent hotel or a big chain one?

Smallsteps88 Sun 02-Aug-20 02:07:02

Yes I’d be livid too OP! Full apology in writing required. Assurances they have updated their booking system so that you are recorded as being in the room for the rest of your stay. Totally their fault and do not let them dare try and put it on you.

TorgosPizza Sun 02-Aug-20 02:09:08

I'd be furious. They need to make this up to you somehow. Bad enough that you were put into such a terrifying situation, but then to insinuate that it was somehow your fault!

GlamGiraffe Sun 02-Aug-20 02:15:06

Completely unacceptable. Roll up a towel. Jam an edge underneath the door and put the roll against it as it will stop it opening. (In future always carry a cheap door stop in your travel bits for this use).
I'd go nuts in the morning at the manager both due to the fact people were able to come into your room and that it was implied uou had possibly not booked or paid for your room properly and were then locked out. I'd be executing money back.

IwishIhadaMargarita Sun 02-Aug-20 02:17:09

Oh I’d be right in Twitter and Facebook causing hell for them.

blubellsarebells Sun 02-Aug-20 02:28:09

Completly unacceptable, you poor thing that must have been awful if not terrifying.
They need to take last night off the bill at the very least.
Hope you get it sorted and have a good night's rest from now.

blubellsarebells Sun 02-Aug-20 02:33:22

I dont stay in hotels much but twice ive been shown into uncleaned rooms.
One was a chain, cant remember which by Heathrow airport, dragged all my bags upstairs and there were wet dirty towels all over the place.
Another we were given a choice of two rooms but the nicer one had an overflowing bin and hadnt been cleaned.
Probably crappy software they are using but 100% not your fault.

hammie46i Sun 02-Aug-20 02:41:43

That's awful OP. At the very least you should be refunded for your stay.

VashtaNerada Sun 02-Aug-20 03:04:08

That’s completely unacceptable shock I’d go and speak to someone in the morning and say how scary it was. Hopefully they’ll be as horrified as we are!

managedmis Sun 02-Aug-20 03:05:49

Is it a chain hotel?

vikingwife Sun 02-Aug-20 03:18:31

How did you get your room key if you didn’t check in? This is so not your fault. I would be going full Karen on this & shouting my complaint from the rooftops. This is a serious breach of safety. Name & shame OP!

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