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Is my friend being rude here?

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tillytallys Sat 01-Aug-20 17:00:43

Yesterday I had the day to myself(well with my daughter ) and had zero plans.
My friend text early morning and asked if I wanted to meet up in town,have a look around the shops and grab lunch (with our kids )
I jumped at the chance and told her to text me when she was in town.
I waited
And waited and anyway she didn't text.
I text her 5 mins ago saying "hope your ok,was a little worried when you didn't text back yesterday"
Her reply
"Oh sorry totally forgot to text you back yesterday,I went to the beach instead"
Do you think that's rude ?
I would have met her at the beach instead if she preferred..but to simply just not even bother letting me know she had changed her mind.
I waited 3 hours for a text then gave up and we just went out ourselves.

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CodenameVillanelle Sat 01-Aug-20 17:01:45

Yes it's very rude! Unbelievably rude.

Pelleas Sat 01-Aug-20 17:02:23

Yes, very rude.

Not sure I'd have waited three hours before chasing her up but that doesn't change the fact it was rude.

Mary46 Sat 01-Aug-20 17:04:33

Very rude. Suit yourself next time.

msbevvy Sat 01-Aug-20 17:04:51

She was definitely in the wrong but I would have rung her rather than hanging around half the day for a text.

livefornaps Sat 01-Aug-20 17:06:21

A one word reply here: asshole

billy1966 Sat 01-Aug-20 17:09:31

Unbelievably rude.

I would have been texting after max 15 minutes though.

Unfortunately that type of rudeness would finish me.

I have absolutely no place for it in my life, thankfully.


FindingNeverland1 Sat 01-Aug-20 17:10:41

Oh wow, that is very rude.
Crappy friend.

I would have got a time from her first though to confirm exactly when / where.

How are you going to respond?

tillytallys Sat 01-Aug-20 17:12:03

I replied
"Oh ok,I was waiting for you,I would have happily came to the beach instead,never mind"

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SillyCow6 Sat 01-Aug-20 17:13:14

Incredibly rude

Sparklesocks Sat 01-Aug-20 17:13:53

I think you should tell her you feel let down

VettiyaIruken Sat 01-Aug-20 17:17:18

Oh yes that was very rude of her.

Albern Sat 01-Aug-20 17:19:24

She was really rude and selfish.

PenguinBarnotBird Sat 01-Aug-20 17:22:48


I replied
"Oh ok,I was waiting for you,I would have happily came to the beach instead,never mind"

Perfect response, I would have left off the “never mind” as no need. You do mind. So own it. Up to her now to reply apologising for her thoughtlessness

ElsieBeard Sat 01-Aug-20 17:24:45

So rude of her!

AnnaSW1 Sat 01-Aug-20 17:25:39

Sounds like she didn't want you to come to the beach with her. Otherwise she'd have told you.

MummytoCSJH Sat 01-Aug-20 17:28:57

I would be furious and honestly would no longer be her friend.

EggysMom Sat 01-Aug-20 17:31:45

My cynical brain says that she wanted you either in town, or sat at home waiting to go into town, so that she could go to the beach safe in the knowledge that she wouldn't run into you there ....

Eddielzzard Sat 01-Aug-20 17:32:36

I don't bother with people like that anymore. Anyone incapable of basic consideration isn't someone I want as a friend.

Feralkidsatthecampsite Sat 01-Aug-20 17:35:43

Change her name in your contacts to Shit Friend..

MilaRos Sat 01-Aug-20 17:36:41

Really rude! Why is she your friend? Does she do this type of thing often??

Zaphodsotherhead Sat 01-Aug-20 17:37:54

But if she DIDN'T want you to come to the beach, surely she could have texted 'sorry, decided not to do town today, too hot', or 'not feeling well, staying in,' and made no mention of meeting up.

Not just said nothing at all!

PablosHoney Sat 01-Aug-20 17:38:10

Omg @EggysMom 😂😂

AliceinBunnyland Sat 01-Aug-20 17:39:55

Yes it's rude. She should have told you.

She didn't necessarily have to meet you at the beach but she could have told you so you were not waiting around for her.

heartsonacake Sat 01-Aug-20 17:39:56

Yes it’s rude. Rather than an open invitation in future, make sure you pin down and agree on a time ie. “How about we meet at Costa at 10:00am?” If she doesn’t reply, assume she’s not going.

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