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to be horrified by this?

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MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:38:18

Stayed with PIL this weekend. On Sunday morning, I got up, had a wash and brushed my teeth. I went to the toiletries bag to put my toothbrush away and it was already in the bag

I had used FIL's toothbrush, which is the same electric model as mine [horrified emoticon]


fryalot Mon 01-Oct-07 08:38:46


wildpatch Mon 01-Oct-07 08:39:06


geekgirl Mon 01-Oct-07 08:40:26


I'd gargle with bleach TBH

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:40:46

I did consider it. He's over 70 as well whic somehow makes it worse [gag]

LilRedWG Mon 01-Oct-07 08:41:50


heifer Mon 01-Oct-07 08:42:16

Eck Yucky You...

The only remedy I can think of is to cook a batch of cakes and eat immediately. This will take away any after effects of old person spittle away from your mouth...

Actually might be worth asking if that is the tooth brush that FIL uses for cleaning his teeth or the toilet!...

BN - got and write your name on your tooth brush so it does not happen again.... grin

heifer Mon 01-Oct-07 08:42:52

BN = NB ....

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:43:32


massivebigpantsface Mon 01-Oct-07 08:45:27

that is horrible.

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:51:08

I know

massivebigpantsface Mon 01-Oct-07 08:55:11

the idea of anyone elses toothbrush is disgusting. When dh and I first got together he through it would be ok to use mine if he had forgotten to bring his when he stayed over. I was shock - no way! I don't care what bodily fluids were exchanged last night - you are not using my toothbrush!

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:55:42

I don't mind DH (or even DC) but my farking FIL is another matter shock

heifer Mon 01-Oct-07 08:56:56

I'm sorry Mamag But it made me LOL...

You'll survive, imagine how your FIL would feel if he knew!....

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:57:43

He'd be fine

He has a crush on me

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 08:58:04

(according to DH)

heifer Mon 01-Oct-07 09:00:03

ah yuck - that is even worse than using his tooth brush!..

Hope he never say you BF!... (can't remember who posted that their FIL saw and said yeawho etc)...

heifer Mon 01-Oct-07 09:00:35

say = saw! far too early for me this morning (even though I have been awake since 3.30am!)....

lucyellensmum Mon 01-Oct-07 09:41:44

#Theres nothing else for it, present yourself at A&E for immediate decontamination, yuck yuck yuck yuck. Best not tell him though, whats the point of you both feeling sick - lmao

MamaGotaDyson Mon 01-Oct-07 13:50:56

Oh Heifer I'm sure he did see me BF on many occasions (ugh)

glitterchick Mon 01-Oct-07 13:55:05

LOL - There is nothing to say.

thefunniefarm Mon 01-Oct-07 14:10:06

Oh god! How horriffic pmsl, now about to throw up imagining my fil and toothbrush grin

MaureenMLove Mon 01-Oct-07 14:11:37

PMSL! That's hilarious! grin

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