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Taking shelves when moving house

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legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:31:26

We are due to move in a few months. We have long and quite expensive scaffold board shelving in our kitchen - AIBU to take it with us when we move?

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lukasiak Wed 15-Jul-20 05:35:02

YABU - everything physically attached to the house at the time of sale was sold with the house unless stated otherwise. I would be very pissed off and start making phone calls if I got to my new house to find half the kitchen ripped out.

MissMooMoo Wed 15-Jul-20 05:36:02

So it's built in? Yabu to remove it

WhentheDealGoesDown Wed 15-Jul-20 05:37:06

Can you take it down before the house goes up for sale then it won't be there anyway.

BlusteryLake Wed 15-Jul-20 05:39:26

As long as you make it clear on the fixtures and fittings list that is fine. It isn't automatic that anything fixed to the wall comes with the house, that's why the fixtures and fittings list exists.

lukasiak Wed 15-Jul-20 05:39:37

Presumably the very expensive shelving was factored into the very expensive sale price, no?

legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:41:02

No, they’re some shelves on the wall.

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legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:41:53

So all the pictures and mirrors would be presumed included too? Hmmm. I don’t see your logic. They’re shelves not part of a fitted kitchen.

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lyralalala Wed 15-Jul-20 05:44:11


So all the pictures and mirrors would be presumed included too? Hmmm. I don’t see your logic. They’re shelves not part of a fitted kitchen.

Mirrors and pictures are not permanantly attached to the wall. Shelves are.

If you didn't make clear on the listing that the shelves were going then they need to stay - or you need to speak to the buyer about a reduction in price. Plus you'll likely have to make good the wall after removal.

legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:44:15

@lukasiak it’s not half the kitchen - it’s two shelves that are very much not part of the fully fitted kitchen which we obviously aren’t going to rip out hmm

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Lolalovesmarmite Wed 15-Jul-20 05:44:22

YABU to remove built in shelving from the kitchen. If you are insisting upon taking it you’ll need to ensure that the agents are made aware and you include it in the detail of the F&F form.
Would taking it out make the kitchen look ‘unfinished’? because if that’s the case you’ll probably be shouting yourself in the foot anyway. I wouldn’t buy a house where the vendor intends to remove enough of the kitchen storage to mean that I’d probably have to replace the kitchen.

RedRumTheHorse Wed 15-Jul-20 05:44:24

If it's in your FOR SALE photos and built into the kitchen YABU. You should have removed them, put them in storage and made good the walls before putting the house up for sale. If you take half the kitchen you risk your buyers suing you for the money to replace the parts of the kitchen you took.

I actually know someone who was in the process of suing their vendor as only half the kitchen was there when they arrived. He got the money without going to Court in the end. This is because kitchens cost a few thousand.

WhentheDealGoesDown Wed 15-Jul-20 05:45:22

Just take them down and pack away the stuff on them if they will be coming down anyway

PolPotNoodle Wed 15-Jul-20 05:46:08


Presumably the very expensive shelving was factored into the very expensive sale price, no?

It won't be that expensive, probably expensive compared to the price of other shelves. I can't see an evaluator adding a couple of grand to the ask price based on a shelf and a couple of brackets.

legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:46:50

To clarify - it’s not half the kitchen. It’s two shelves. The kitchen is huge and has plenty of storage. Genuinely interested in views as I have no idea and some googling suggested that wall shelves were fine to take!

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SebandAlice Wed 15-Jul-20 05:47:40

It will cost you more to replace them once the buyer notices. You were wrong not to take them out before putting the house up for sale so chalk it up to experience.

GertiMJN Wed 15-Jul-20 05:47:50

They are fixtures (as opposed to fittings) so would be included in the sale unless specifically excluded

You can't simply unscrew and take them with you anymore than you could unscrew the kitchen cabinets to take with you.

Is your house sold stc?

legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:47:58

And also not ‘part’ of the kitchen - separate shelves that we added mostly for decorative purposes.

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legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:48:59

@SebandAlice thanks. Genuinely not concerned if they stay - just wondered how shelves were classed in the whole removable or not!

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lukasiak Wed 15-Jul-20 05:49:00

Don't be ridiculous, it's not like photo frames. A better analogy is a fancy shower door. If you want to start dismantling the kitchen you need to make that very clear so the buyer very early on so they can decide if they actually want to buy the kitchen they're going to be getting.

PolPotNoodle Wed 15-Jul-20 05:50:43

Christ ignore these people OP they're acting like you're ripping off the skirting boards. No one is buying your home based on 2 standalone floating shelves, and they will not know that they were expensive because usually floating shelves aren't.

SpongebobNoPants Wed 15-Jul-20 05:50:52

What on earth are people on about? They’re shelves! Of course you can take them just make sure it’s clear in the inventory provided to your solicitors and also that the estate agent clarifies with the purchaser that they are not included.
2 shelves will not affect the sale price at all.

legfaced Wed 15-Jul-20 05:52:20

@lukasiak I think you’re missing the point that they’re not part of the kitchen.

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SpongebobNoPants Wed 15-Jul-20 05:52:34

Also repair and patch in the holes that will be left.
If you’re removing them then do it before the sale or subsequent viewings

WhentheDealGoesDown Wed 15-Jul-20 05:52:43

Is your house already for sale and are they in the photos.

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