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To hoover during the night?

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Seashellsally Wed 15-Jul-20 01:16:33

I hoover at all hours, I live in a mid terrace house and I've never had any complaints from the neighbours.

My children are upstairs and it doesn't wake them up so I cannot see the problem with hoovering during the night however my DM said that I shouldn't as the neighbours may wake up.

How? There is a wall in between and I hoover downstairs so I cannot see the issue.


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Peridodo Wed 15-Jul-20 01:18:46

YABVU - If you lived in a detached house fine but in many terraced houses the walls are paper thin.

Aquamarine1029 Wed 15-Jul-20 01:26:40

Unless they have significant hearing problems, your neighbours hate you. They probably haven't complained because anyone who hoovers "at all hours" is most likely unhinged.

GlittercheeksOakleaf Wed 15-Jul-20 01:27:49


Just because your neighbours haven't complained yet doesn't mean they're not disturbed by it.

Peridodo Wed 15-Jul-20 01:28:15

I meant to ask why are you hoovering at night?

Popc0rn Wed 15-Jul-20 01:30:35

Detached house = crack on.

Flat, terraced or semi detached house = not after 8/9pm please.

Thedogscollar Wed 15-Jul-20 01:31:10

Why can't you hoover during the day?

CherryVodkax3 Wed 15-Jul-20 01:31:11

Why on earth are you hoovering at night? Are you manic?

alexdgr8 Wed 15-Jul-20 01:32:56

mother knows best.
on this one at least.
is this even a serious question.
or are you in fact unhinged.

frog22 Wed 15-Jul-20 01:34:04

Just hoover during the day. Problem solved.

JorisBonson Wed 15-Jul-20 01:38:32

I have neighbours like you.

I hate them.

youhave4substitutes Wed 15-Jul-20 01:40:50

YABU why would you even risk disturbing them like that?

Popc0rn Wed 15-Jul-20 01:41:14


I often used to clean late at night, I can't now because we moved from a fairly remote detached house into a flat. If I was switching from day to night shifts, I'd get home from work about 9pm and then try to keep busy and awake until as late as possible to ease into nights the next evening. So hoovering, putting a load of washing on, or clearing out a kitchen cupboard etc at 3 or 4am wasn't too unusual (my boyfriend sleeps like a log).

I miss being able to make noise more than having a garden!

winepls Wed 15-Jul-20 01:43:45

100% reverse

safariboot Wed 15-Jul-20 01:51:15


And it better fucking not be a reverse.

As mentioned, just because your neighbours haven't complained doesn't mean they don't consider you an arsehole, and assume you'll also be an arsehole if confronted. Unless you've got the world's quietest vacuum cleaner, they're probably hearing you.

Babyroobs Wed 15-Jul-20 01:52:56


Mintjulia Wed 15-Jul-20 01:56:05

Have you asked your neighbours if they can hear you? Might be an idea !

I hoover early in the morning, one room a day. But my closest neighbour is 30m away.

Ginkypig Wed 15-Jul-20 01:57:39

When I was in a flat I made no disruptive noise before 8ish and after 8ish pm
Loud music etc

Semi detached
No disruptive noise on the attached side of the house before and after 8ish

Living room and kitchen are on the "detached" side so as long as the doors are closed a bit of noise is ok. Washing machine or dishwasher are ok at night etc

My neighbour on the other hand does occasionally start hammering or hoovering at night as he forgets my bedroom is attached to his living room so he wakes me up sad
He isn't trying to be an annoying arse, he can't sleep and just doesn't think. It's not very often though.

MaggotFatcha Wed 15-Jul-20 02:02:58

I have wooden flooring upstairs and live in a semi. Neighbour cannot hear a thing and I am regularly hoovering late at night, sometimes early hours of a morning. I have asked her, and we are close enough to be honest about that sort of thing. I figured if I can hoover directly next to my sleeping toddler without him flinching the neighbour is fine.

BoomBoomsCousin Wed 15-Jul-20 02:06:55

Hoovering in a semi- or terrace is generally readily heard next door unless there is noise in neighbour’s house to drown it out. If my kids are asleep they rarely wake up if hoover right outside their rooms, kids tend to sleep much more deeply than adults do. And I wouldn’t take the lack of complaint as a sign they don’t hear it unless they complain about every other thing and never mention this.

It’s one of those things most people wouldn’t do anyway so maybe it’s not something you ever considered, but it’s generally pretty anti-social. If you want to be a decent neighbour but would like to try and keep the option open to hoover at night, ask them if it bothers. But otherwise you should really stop.

mrshectic Wed 15-Jul-20 02:06:59

I hoover at night, often quite late. I don’t mean to be inconsiderate, I just honestly don’t get a damn chance throughout the day with 3 kids, work, home schooling and whatever the hell else is going on! Btw, I don’t care how organised everyone else is (I wish I was normal and could have a clean house, but my children seem to be made of crumbs!), I just can’t manage it.
I’m in a semi detached, had several people come and go next door over the last 7 years...and a year or 2 where there were no tenants.
BUT.... I have always mentioned it in passing. For example,
hi, I’m really sorry about the noise, I forget how late it is...hope I don’t disturb u too much.
Never have they complained nor mentioned it... and I have double checked.

So OP, I’m with you on this. It doesn’t wake or disturb my 3 kids, the neighbours don’t complain. Crack on.
If my neighbours have disturbed me, I’d tell them... even if they hadn’t asked. So I would expect the same and I would (firstly apologise) stop.

Bettysprocker Wed 15-Jul-20 02:07:59

I agree with a pp. Your neighbours hate you. This has to be a reverse. No one in a terrace would do this unless they're an inconsiderate arsehole.

Hannah888 Wed 15-Jul-20 02:30:33

I love in a semi and would I've to vacuum at night but if I can hear my neighbour at 11am then she would hear me at 11pm. YABVU

MrsTerryPratchett Wed 15-Jul-20 02:32:34

I hate reverses even more than noisy neighbours.

rosiejaune Wed 15-Jul-20 02:33:32

I do use my washing machine at night sometimes, as I do not have good organisational skills, and sometimes only realise the washing bag is full when it's too late to do it the next day as we need the stuff.

There are two walls between it and one neighbour, but she is never disturbed by anything anyway (health issues and is on drugs that make her sleep heavily), and her upstairs neighbours is far noisier than us anyway, at all hours.

And there is a wall and kitchen units between it and the other side's kitchen.

I can't hear it upstairs in our house with the kitchen door closed (other than in our room above it, and that's only because our mattress is directly on the wooden floor).

So I doubt her son (in the room adjoining our bedroom wall) could hear it at all; certainly wouldn't be loud enough to wake him up (we can hear when he wakes up, as he cries).

And she won't be disturbed while trying to sleep, as her room is the other side of the house.

So the only place in her house it might be possible to hear it would be her open-plan kitchen/living room, and if she's there then she isn't trying to sleep anyway (and is probably watching a programme which will be louder to her anyway).

I also never hear their washing machine, and that's against our joint wall, whereas ours isn't.

But I wouldn't hoover, that's much more intrusive; different pitch and moving around. That would wake my daughter up too (whereas the washing machine doesn't, even right below our bed).

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