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Do I pay my hairdresser double?

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Belowwreck Mon 13-Jul-20 20:00:11

My mum and I have been discussing our first post lockdown haircut. I won't get mine done for a while (shielding) but should we pay double first time back? If not, how much would/do you plan to tip?

For reference a cut costs roughly £20 for mum and £30 for me and this wouldn't break the bank for either of us but equally don't want to seem OTT.

YABU - double?! What you thinking?!
YANBU - of course you should pay double, they haven't been able to work for the last 3 months.

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Nicknacky Mon 13-Jul-20 20:01:38

It hasn’t even crossed my mind to pay double. I will give my usual tip.

icelollycraving Mon 13-Jul-20 20:03:06

A fiver is the usual isn’t it?! Double seems excessive.

DotDotDotty Mon 13-Jul-20 20:03:12

Why would you pay double?

Singlebutmarried Mon 13-Jul-20 20:03:17

I’ve paid my normal amount and took the girls in a bottle of Prosecco each

Cheetahfajita Mon 13-Jul-20 20:04:30

Why would you pay any more than usual?

Belowwreck Mon 13-Jul-20 20:06:26


Why would you pay any more than usual?

They've been shut for 4 months, it's been a pretty shit time so a decent tip seems like a good thing to do.

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Smashtastic Mon 13-Jul-20 20:07:09

Why would you tip? I pay the cost of the service I have received!

Nicknacky Mon 13-Jul-20 20:08:17

Feel free to pay double but that won’t be the norm. It’s lovely of you to do it.

It’s crap that they have been shut so long but it’s not our (the customers) responsibility to boost their income.

Kelsoooo Mon 13-Jul-20 20:08:48

OP you sound kind, and would you have usually been twice by this point?

If so, and you want to minimise chance of offence could you buy (and then not use) gift vouchers perhaps?

Or just leave a good tip!

isabellerossignol Mon 13-Jul-20 20:09:14

I'll be paying my hairdresser exactly what he asks for. He is self employed and sets his own prices and he flat out refuses to take tips. It makes the whole thing stress free.

amijustparanoidorjuststoned Mon 13-Jul-20 20:09:45

I work in the beauty industry. I'm still shut (I carry out facial and aesthetic treatments) and I would never expect anyone to pay double. I am however, stopping student discounts for a bit.

Meandyouandyouandme Mon 13-Jul-20 20:10:02

My hair cost £45 and I gave my hairdresser £60, would usually give her £5 tip, so tripled the tip I suppose.

Smashtastic Mon 13-Jul-20 20:10:44

You do realise hairdressers are fully booked now for months and months?
My hairdresser takes home £2000 a week they are hardly struggling.

MarshaBradyo Mon 13-Jul-20 20:11:15

A haircut costs around £72 I wouldn’t double here

hopeishere Mon 13-Jul-20 20:12:09

Also were they not on furlough so getting paid anyway??

LaPoesieEstDansLaRue Mon 13-Jul-20 20:12:19

I think that would be very thoughtful and generous of you, but not at all expected or necessary. If you usually tip, maybe a slightly larger tip would be enough if it would make you feel better.

cologne4711 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:12:47

I would imagine they've increased their prices at least slightly you don't need to pay more. As for tipping, I've never tipped but didn't really have a choice this time as they'd amended the card reader to ask for one like a restaurant does, so it's obvious if you don't. And I thought they probably do need danger money so tipped 10%. It was a one-off though.

Nicknacky Mon 13-Jul-20 20:13:00

The self employed didn’t get furlough.

Belowwreck Mon 13-Jul-20 20:13:18


OP you sound kind, and would you have usually been twice by this point?

If so, and you want to minimise chance of offence could you buy (and then not use) gift vouchers perhaps?

Or just leave a good tip!

I'd have been at least 2 or 3 times by now. When lockdown started I checked in case my hairdresser did vouchers but she didn't. I'd have happily done that.

I'll normally tip a fiver or so but will probably tip a tenner this time. I imagine mum will do the same. I just feel a bit bad on how much they've lost out on.

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cologne4711 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:13:37

You do realise hairdressers are fully booked now for months and months

According to the Times yesterday a lot of people are booking and not turning up (ditto for restaurants, according to Tom Kerridge).

cologne4711 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:14:20

The self employed didn’t get furlough

Most hairdressers are employed by the salon but if they are chair-renters, they would have received the self-employed grant if they weren't new to hairdressing.

islockdownoveryet Mon 13-Jul-20 20:14:38

If you want and can afford it then fine but I doubt the hairdresser would expect double , a tip is nice but any more than that is just odd .
Would you pay double at a restaurant or anywhere that's been shut a while ? .
I hear your reasons but honestly I think they are just glad to be up and running and they are fully booked for a while .
Tip what you can afford .

Mnhealth202020 Mon 13-Jul-20 20:15:16

Your hair dresser’s prices are relatively cheap. My upcoming hair appointment will cost around £200 so there’s no way I could afford to pay double

NailsNeedDoing Mon 13-Jul-20 20:15:19

If you want to tip more in recognition of the fact that they’ve had a hard time then go for it, it’s kind of you. But don’t imply that everyone should be doing it, plenty of people that need a haircut have also been hard hit by lockdown and shouldn’t feel obliged to tip at all if they don’t want to.

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