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For being sooo scared of taking 3mth DD onto flights?

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KatiePooh Fri 28-Sep-07 13:29:55

I've flown too many times to count, both on my own and with DH, but am getting scared of taking my 13 mnth DD onto her 1st (1hr15min) flight by myself. I'll be going on 3 other flights within 11 days of each other aswell, but its the 1st one I'm getting worked up and worried over, as its venturing into 'unknown territory' for me hehehe!
My DH is telling me to stop thinking too much about it all and just go with the flow once I get to the airport ... AIBU to be dreading it so much?
Yip, bit wussy I know, but I haven't a clue as to what happens when I board the flight and to top it off, I've only just realised that she'll have to sit on my lap for the hole duration.
She's at the age of 'independence' and if I try to get her to sit still, I'll certainly know about it!!
It's not so much handling my DD I'm so terrified about, its the TutTutting old fart of a businessman angry that I'm bound to be seated next to knowing my luck that's making me weary of the flight!
I've looked into how to entertain her and to take some books and toys of the non-noisy type etc, along with drinks and snacks to help her ears on take off and landing (even one suggestion of giving her some Calpol to make her sleepy, which I'm a bit unsure about, as I tend not to give it unless absolutely neccessary, but might be worth a try I s'pose), any other advise as to what happens before I board and once I'm on the plane will be soooo much appreciated PLEASE!

KatiePooh Fri 28-Sep-07 13:31:43

oops title should have read 13mnth not 3 mnth ... what a noob!

belgo Fri 28-Sep-07 13:35:44

You'll be an expert after those three flights!

Of course it is worrying, but it will be finesmile.

I also use a sling/baby carrier rather then a pram - far easier and you may only get the pram back with all the other luggage.

Maybe use a money belt for important items/money.

Calpol won't make her sleepy - it's just paracetamol, not a sedative. I would strongly advise against the use of any drug that may sedate, your baby is still very young.

Calpol is good however if your baby gets ear ache on the flight, so I always have a sachet handy. Flights can also be very hot, so make sure your baby doesn't get too hot.

flowerybeanbag Fri 28-Sep-07 13:38:52

KatieP just took DS 4 months to Ireland on a plane. Before boarding lots of hanging about of course so bring plenty to amuse DD, plus whatever drinks/snacks she may need. But you won't be able to bring these beyond security. You can usually take a buggy free, but you will probably have to get DD out and fold it to go through security. Not easy if you're on your own with bags as well. Might well be a helpful security person who will give you a hand though.
With boarding depending on what airline you are with, you may get to go first. But it's debatable whether it's preferable to get on first or last really, if DD won't want to sit still.

If you have a buggy you can usually take it to the steps of the plane. Although this sometimes involves going downstairs when going through the gate. At the bottom of the steps you'll need to get DD out, fold the buggy and it will go in the hold. So you'll need to hold on to DD and bags while folding. Some nice man will probably fold the buggy for you though if you look helplessly about.

They will give you a special seat belt thing for DD to hold her to you during the flight.

Not sure about the Calpol - that doesn't contain a sedative anyway does it, so won't make her sleepy...?

loolop Fri 28-Sep-07 13:40:02

I started a thread under longhaul topic yesterday entitled why oh why did I think it was a good idea...because i'm flying with my 7mo DD next Friday to Canada by myself. Check it out its got loads of great tips! Good luck x

belgo Fri 28-Sep-07 13:41:19

and ignore any tutting business men. I've never had that problem - but I have had passengers offer to help me who seem ipressed that I'm flying on my own with two small children.

belgo Fri 28-Sep-07 13:42:01

Get her to crawl/walk around whilst waiting at the gate, and show her the planes taking off/landing (if you can)

lornaloo Fri 28-Sep-07 13:42:03

Bring along a few books and some toys to keep her occupied. She only has to be on your lap for landing and take off you can walk around with her a bit during the flight. I always try and make sure ds is ready for a nap when I fly, he generally drifts off when the planes taking off with the sound of the engine.

eleusis Fri 28-Sep-07 14:00:33

I flew to Rome from London with Dd (3.8) and DS (18 months) last December. It was a bit trick when the 3 yeard want to use the loo in the plane (could fit all three of us into the loo and couldn't leave DS and DD couldn't reach lock. But, otherwise it was okay. Might not gly easy jet with cattle style loading onto plane next time.

chickenmama Fri 28-Sep-07 14:22:35

I took my dd to America when she was 10 months and had all the same worries as you... except the flight was 11 hours rather than just over an hour!! During our trip we flew 4 times in a month, 2 across the atlantic and 2 domestic (3 hour) flights.

As it happened my dd was an absolute star, slept or played quietly on all flights. The only comments I had from people were how good she was, although I'd decided before hand to ignore any funny looks or whatever, as I was the one having to deal with a baby on the plane, not them, so tough if they weren't happy.

I was concerned about her ears but she really didn't seem to notice. I made sure I gave her a feed for the first take off, but after that I wasn't too worried as she didnt complain at all (in fact the take off seemed to send her to sleep!)

I think the worst bit was keeping her occupied for 11 hours, but as your flight is much shorter you won't really have that to worry about. I took a few books and toys (not electronic ones so as not to annoy others!), and did lots of walking up and down. She also enjoyed 'talking' to the other passengers. The waiting in airports was ok, I entertained with toys, food, walking about, looking at things.

Really, it isn't nearly as hard as you imagine, and you'll feel so much better once the first flight is over and done with!

Good luck!!

KatiePooh Fri 28-Sep-07 15:00:33

Thanks everyone for your comments grin its put my mind at rest a bit!
One thing though, if I'm not allowed to take drinks/snacks through security, how on earth do i get healthy snacks and drinks for my DD???
I've gone and bought all the 'Baby' cereal bars, along with the Organix crisps and was going to take raisins in the wee tiny boxes ... will they still accept these for going through security if they're still sealed?
I only allow my DD to drink water (she's a monkey when it comes to brushing her teeth, so don't allow anything sugary for her juice).
Do you think it would be accepted if I just finish off the rest of her beaker of water before going through security and only go through with an empty beaker, then I can buy mineral water once I get through???

flowerybeanbag Fri 28-Sep-07 15:03:10

I'm sure that would be fine. In fact thinking about it, the beaker with water might be ok if you test it in front of them.

hanaflower Fri 28-Sep-07 15:05:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KatiePooh Fri 28-Sep-07 15:12:25

Yeah, couldn't go down the sling route anyway, as I dont have one! Already thought the buggy would turn out to be more pro than con, as it's such a comfy one, she tends to go to sleep on all shopping trips in it, so hopefully it'll prove its weight in gold in the waiting lounge hmm. I'll just put her beaker in my bag for going through, if it doesn't work, I'll just flutter my eyelids at security (hoping its male, not female blush !)

Skyler Fri 28-Sep-07 15:27:02

Baby food in jars has to be opened and tested by you. We took water in beakers for the girls and again I had to drink some but they did let that through at Heathrow.
You will be so fine. You will be very organised as you are preparing now and that is the key. Keep your hand luggage to essentials and prob a rucksack style if poss so you can have two free hands as you don't have a sling. Cabin crew will help. You will prob be able to take pushchair to door this end but prob won't be able to collect it until you get your luggage the other end. At least that is my experience. I have flown with dd1 on my own lots from ages of 4mths to 3 yrs as we were living overseas. Collect your buggy at the other end before bothering with your luggage as if you have no sling you will need to put dd somewhere. Raisins and rice cakes were my saviours and Boots sell both and are at most airports incase they are funny with the snacks, but my guess is that will be fine. Change her nappy half an hour before flight and pray for no poos as changing on board is hard work, though not impossible. Good Luck and have fun. It will be fine.

Haylstones Fri 28-Sep-07 15:30:01

You can take child beakers through, they just ask you to taste it in front of them. I've flown loads with my 3yo dd since she was a few months old and it's always been fine. Definitely take the buggy though

Blu Fri 28-Sep-07 15:33:59

They won't let you take a beaker of water through.

Take empty beaker and fill with water once through security.

No amount of eye fluttering will make a difference, it is not discretionary and they are ruthless about removing disallowed items.

alicet Fri 28-Sep-07 15:34:24

OK haven't read whole thread so at the rik of repeating....

Try and prebook your seats so you are at the front of a section. She will then be able to stand up and stuff which will give you a break and her.

Take a baby sling (We had a quinny curbb which I got on ebay for when we flew when ds was 13 months and it was great) so you have your hands free to carry hand luggage and if you are on your own take the absolute bare minimum you can get away with. Ds had loads of fun with the in flight magazine and the vomit bag and wasn't that bothered about his toys!

Check what the airline will let you bring for baby equipment - you will probably be able to take her pushchair to the gate although you won't then get it back until you get the rest of your luggage at the other end.

We found people were fantastically understanding so don't worry about what they think. If they tut tut you they are ignorant anyway - as long as you are making an effort to calm her. And 1 hr 15 mins is hardly anytime - even if she's horrendous it wil be over quickly! Try not to worry too much and good luck!

alicet Fri 28-Sep-07 15:34:56

And they will let you take liquids as long as you taste it in front of them so don't worry!

Blu Fri 28-Sep-07 15:34:59

oh, ok - if they will let you taste it in front of them, as H says - but i have seen them take bottles and beakers off people. I thouhgt they only allowed milk, and then it had to be tasted.

KatiePooh Fri 28-Sep-07 15:37:49

Blu ... eye fluttering was JOKE wink- like they'd give anyone preferential treatment if it's security rules .. I'm well aware.

Skyler Fri 28-Sep-07 15:38:55

I took through two anyway up cups full of water in May and June this year, Gatwick (or Heathrow hmm) to Faro....

KITTENSOCKS Fri 28-Sep-07 15:46:01

Basically, anything that is a liquid, gel, or paste is subject to security checks. It may be better to take a bottle of calpol (no larger than 100mls) than a sachet which you may have to open to taste, but it won't make her sleepy.
So all drinks and wet baby foods will need to be tasted at security, but dry foods like raisins, cereal bars, crisps, biscuits are fine. Once you are through security, any baby foods and drinks are fine to be purchased for the flight.
Security is a pain as some airports require you to remove shoes to be xrayed, a pain while carrying a baby. Some may want to body search you and the baby, even if you set off no alarms.
Some airports need you to carry your buggy down stairs to get to the buses, and remember you can only take ONE
item of hand luggage on the plane, if this is the changing bag, your hand bag will need to fit into it, or dispense with a hand bag for the journey, and put your own purse, passports, phone etc into the changing bag. Don't take a make-up bag in hand luggage as mascaras and lipsticks are still classed as gels and pastes. Baby wipes are O.K. but not nappy cream or baby lotion.
If you can get a seat with extra leg space, your little girl may be able to sit on the floor to play for some of the flight, or if there are spare seats on the flight she may be able to sit next to you, but must be on your lap with restraining belt for take off and landing, cabin crew will advise, and may even move you after boarding.
Allow a lot of time at the airport to clear check in, and go straight to security. These days it takes a ridiculous amount of time with all the restrictions, and searching one in three people, three weeks ago Gatwick took 1 1/2 hrs and no chance of shopping before boarding, and this was for a 6.15am flight!!!!!!
Good luck, and have a good flight.

RuthChan Fri 28-Sep-07 16:03:42

In my experience I have been allowed through security with water if it was my DD.
I flew out of Newcastle this week and was allowed her baby bottle of water as long as I tasted it.
The plastic bottle I was carrying for myself was taken.
I was also allowed to take baby lotion.

I agree with the recommendation for using a sling. It's an excellent way for holding DC while waiting for the security checks etc.

Don't worry too much about the flight. It sounds like you've got lots of entertainment planned and an hour will go in no time. As soon as you've taken off you'll be starting to land.
The safety card can always provide a little entertainment and your DC will probably sleep if you can get her tired enough at the gate.

loolop Fri 28-Sep-07 16:21:26

I have called Gatwick about baby food jars for DD and was told you DO NOT have to open them as they can see from the security seal that they have not been tampered with

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