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To think my body is rotting as I get older? (TMI)

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MrDarcysMa Sat 11-Jul-20 09:56:44

Sorry this is a bit gross. I was just thinking.... not that I'm planning to, but if I ever end up single, I'd be in trouble. Aside from the weight slowly creeping up which I'm ok with really .... everything else just feels a bit gross as I'm getting older !
-I fart more, get constipated more, body hair is spreading and more difficult to manage. I get dry crusty skin on my feet, morning breath is worse and takes a lot of flossing and hygienist visits to keep on top of (o swear it wasn't an issue 20 years ago ! My periods feel messier and (sorry) smellier and I have to shower more regularly during this week.

Has anybody else noticed this type of thing? AIBU to think my body is rotting ? (I'm almost 40) it's taking a lot more effort these days to keep on top of!

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Suzie6789 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:00:21

Oh god that’s an awful thought .... no but now you say it I guess it’s possible 🙈

BeeFarseer Sat 11-Jul-20 10:01:29

I think rotting is an extreme description, but yes, I've had similar thoughts.

Everything takes so much more effort to get to feeling... fresh.

When I was in my twenties I could come home from a festival after a long weekend, still feeling relatively clean after days of a quick swish with a wet wipe.

Now I go out for a nice stroll around the park and come home smelling like a dog that's rolled in something very dead. confused blush grin

2Kidsinatrenchcoat Sat 11-Jul-20 10:03:09

I’m only in my late 20s and I’m feeling this already! I can’t bear to think what I’ll be like in 10-20 years time.

Rosapilosa Sat 11-Jul-20 10:03:14

hmm I'd say it's more hormones than 'rotting'

Bloomburger Sat 11-Jul-20 10:04:59


I'm 45 and I can't say I feel at all like you've described.

Maybe the only thing is the creeping of long dark hairs down onto my inner thigh but that's it.

MrDarcysMa Sat 11-Jul-20 10:07:28



I'm 45 and I can't say I feel at all like you've described.

Maybe the only thing is the creeping of long dark hairs down onto my inner thigh but that's it.

I dunno maybe it's all in my head and I'm being paranoid but I'm sure being presentable and fragrant didn't take this much effort when I was young confused

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justanotherneighinparadise Sat 11-Jul-20 10:07:54

It’s what you’re eating OP. Honestly. I am always much more prone to all those things if my diet is high in sugar and processed foods. Directly I clean my diet up the morning breath disappears, you won’t be prone to so much plague, your constipation will go, the body hair is caused by the sugar increasing your androgens/hormones etc etc.

44PumpLane Sat 11-Jul-20 10:08:05

In some respects I understand what you're referring to but these are also things you don't need to put up with.

Your feet could be related to the increase in weight. Pressure through your feet increases with weigh and for every 1lb of weight gain I believe the pressure on your knees increases by 4lb so I would assume that's the same for your feet... So they are taking a battering and will require some tlc.

As to the body hair, perhaps consider waxing or epilating, or even IPL (you can buy an at home IPL machine for £300, not sure what your financial situation is but this may be an option, it doesn't hurt and can help to permanently remove or reduce hair growth).

For the period, I got a coil fitted as I was finding my periods getting heavier and heavier and like you was finding things a bit icky, so I did some research and have had a coil fitted, problem solved..... Could you talk to your GP?

Needing to shower more..... I hear you!! Though I read on some recent threads that posters do kot recomend dove soap if you are prone to being a bit whiffy and I switched to dove soap form shower gel a while back so I've been on the hunt for a different soap to use (trying to get shield but has been out of stock the last few weeks at asda). So could you perhaps investigate different soaps or deodorants?

In summary... I agree that things are changing as we get older but don't think we just have to accept the bad parts as being life now.

iloveruby Sat 11-Jul-20 10:09:52

Im 40 this year and cant say I notice a big difference between now and in my 20s.

The use of the term 'rotting' is quite extreme though and it sounds like you are quite detached from your body.

MrDarcysMa Sat 11-Jul-20 10:10:31


Im 40 this year and cant say I notice a big difference between now and in my 20s.

The use of the term 'rotting' is quite extreme though and it sounds like you are quite detached from your body.

It was meant to be light hearted. Was the best way I could find to describe what I meant!

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Chillichutney1 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:11:24

I’m the opposite I was much smellier when younger and did have to shower more frequently, pay close attention to which hygiene products I was using etc. I do agree about the creeping hair (hairy chin anyone!) and scaley skin though

I’m in my 40s and worked out a good hygiene routine that works for me though, try ultradex for your morning breath smile

MrDarcysMa Sat 11-Jul-20 10:12:35

@44pumpt I cook from scratch so no processed food here. I'm fond of chocolate though so I do eat sugar!
Re the foot skin I sort of meant around my toenails etc, not on the bottom.
But yes I hear you on the other stuff......
Maybe I'll look at reducing sugar confused

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Craftycorvid Sat 11-Jul-20 10:13:56

I think a lot of it is hormone-related (yes, including the constipation). I went through a phase of feeling very self-conscious about having worse ‘BO’ and my whole system felt out of whack. It was down to hormones!

Suzie6789 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:16:03

Actually considering it, my teens are fairly whiffy if they don’t shower everyday. There’s a bit of a fug in bedrooms if they’re not ventilated properly.
My mum used to complain about my hideously sweaty feet when I was young. So I don’t agree about smelly stuff.
I do agree about body hair though, although it is only visible to me when I’ve got my specs on these days grin

MrDarcysMa Sat 11-Jul-20 10:16:18

Constipation could definitely be hormones as it's so much worse the week before my period. I'm going to buy some prune juice stuff for my next period!

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justanotherneighinparadise Sat 11-Jul-20 10:16:41

Sugar feeds the fungal infection OP.

Immigrantsong Sat 11-Jul-20 10:17:08

OP I completely agree with everything you said. I feel the same.

IdblowJonSnow Sat 11-Jul-20 10:18:10

I can relate to this unfortunately! Morning breath is awful. I brush my teeth 3 or 4 times a day!
And yes to feeling a bit smelly/sweaty not long after a shower and then a stroll.

SerenDippitty Sat 11-Jul-20 10:18:19

I did notice when menopausal that my sweat had a strange smell and antiperspirant did not work as well. All fine now though.

justanotherneighinparadise Sat 11-Jul-20 10:18:50

It doesn’t have to be this way!!! We need to just get accountable for our health and weight. It’s not acceptable to just get fatter as we age. We have to fight it and all the other ailments attributed to it.

GreyGardens88 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:19:20

Rotting lol

ghostyslovesheets Sat 11-Jul-20 10:20:37

I can’t say I recognise much of this and I’m 50 - my feet need more TLC and m a bit heavier but I don’t feel like I’m rotting at all

Elsiebear90 Sat 11-Jul-20 10:20:47

I have noticed this as well! I’m 30 and I shower every day, but don’t feel half as clean as I used to in early twenties. My feet are getting more hard skin, it’s harder to stay on top of my oral hygiene even though I brush my teeth very throughly. I have more and more body hair popping up everywhere. I have aches and pains I never had before. Feel like I’m falling apart.

Featherfriend Sat 11-Jul-20 10:22:26

I hear you sister! Plus the cavernous open pores that appeared in the last few yrs of my 30s. The drooping eye lids & losing tone literally everywhere. It's so depressing.

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